The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Hardly Kirk-ing

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Simpsons
Hardly Kirk-ing

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Everything’s coming up Milhouse! Tonight’s episode revolving around Milhouse “The House always wins” Van Houten was quite amusing.

We start out with Maggie watching educational DVDs. It turns out, Bart and Lisa also watched those educational programs. Except, Bart actually watched the programs while Lisa was distracted and used her imagination to play with the packaging instead. After flipping through various cable reality shows supposedly with educational elements, Marge bans tv for the next 24 hours. Instead, they take Maggie to a children’s bookstore. Lisa also goes to the bookstore with her parents while Bart hangs out with Milhouse.

A bored Bart accidentally sprays epoxy onto the top of Milhouse’s head. To get rid of the epoxy, Bart shaves Milhouse’s hair. It turns out Milhouse looks just like his dad! Milhouse dresses up in his dad Kirk’s suit and his voice turns into Kirk’s when Bart tightens his necktie.

Milhouse (as Kirk) skypes with Homer to ask for permission for Bart to stay over at the van Houtens. Milhouse also convinces Homer to “order” Lisa to go to the prom with Milhouse 10 years into the future. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

Bart engineers stilts for Milhouse. The stilts are made out of 2 paintcans stacked on each leg. Bart may not be book smart, but he’s clearly a creative kid. Although Milhouse has a tiny bit of trouble walking, he makes a convincing Kirk. Milhouse rents, drives, and crashes a couple of trucks. He also votes in an off-cycle municipal election.

Milhouse is able to make his mother happy by paying her a compliment (as Kirk) about how she buys shirts that aren’t too scratchy.

Lisa wants to go to a jazz club, but Marge won’t take her since the U.S. Embassy has issued a travel warning to downtown Springfield. Bart comes up with the idea that Milhouse can take Lisa. Lisa instantly recognizes Milhouse. “Who’s Milhouse?” says Milhouse. “Oh, I mean, he’s my son.” Ha.

In order to get money to go to the jazz club, Bart and Lisa are going to the corporate offices of “Lazy Parent DVD” which is offering a settlement for their educational DVDs not working. Milhouse pretends to be their father. However, the settlement turns out to be only $19.99. That’s only enough money for their train tickets.

Bart, Lisa, and “Kirk” stumble into a free breakfast offer at a condo sales seminar.

Marge is alarmed after speaking with Luann Van Houten. Bart and Lisa said they were at the Van Houtens’, but Milhouse said he was at the Simpsons’. Homer and Marge drive to downtown Springfield to find the kids, thinking they went to the jazz club. On the way, Homer is distracted by the free breakfast offer and they accidentally find the kids. Marge instantly recognizes Milhouse, saying his balding head already has a five o’clock shadow.

At first, Kirk is mad. But Milhouse says he was happy living his life as Kirk and would like to grow up to be just like his dad. Father and son are back on good terms.

Homer Simpson subplot: he gets addicted to Highlights (for Children) and soon can spot “out of place” objects including in the real world.

What did you guys think? I enjoyed the kids’ adventures in the adult world. The Highlights also brought back fun memories!


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One Response to The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Hardly Kirk-ing

  1. vinchi2c says:

    Additional Note:

    This episode “Hardly Kirk-ing” ended a few minutes earlier than usual to allow FOX to air an animated short called “The Longest Daycare.” The short is a little over 4 minutes long and stars Maggie Simpson in an adventure at the Ayn Rand School for Tots. (The school was first shown in the episode “A Streetcar Named Marge”). It is nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The plot involves Maggie protecting a caterpillar turned butterfly from her archnemesis, the unibrowed baby. Since Maggie doesn’t talk, it is basically a silent film. It had a fun feel to it.

    The television debut of “The Longest Daycare” was timed for one week before the Oscars, which airs this coming Sunday. Good luck Maggie!!

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