CSI: NY – Recap & Review – Blood Actually

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Blood Actually
Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2013
Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Valentine’s: a holiday where passion runs high but the body count is higher. 3 bodies, 3 cases. Love For Sale has a dead felon in a hotel room; Love is Blind is the case of a dead, overweight diabetic husband and In the Name of Love is the story of rich CEO murdered on his way to meet his soon to be ex-wife.

With so much work, when will our detectives find time to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Love For Sale investigates the death of Theodore Hart, found dead in a hotel room. Hart was not the one who ordered the hotel room though, Wayne Brown did. CSIs track Brown down, and he confesses that he killed the guy in self-defense. His story doesn’t add up though, there was a woman in that hotel room, and the autopsy indicates that the weapon being in her hands.

Fingerprints on the champagne bottle used to knock Hart out for good come back to a Laura Palmer, a prostitute, and Hart was her pimp. Laura and Brown got talking, and she lost track of time. When she didn’t check in, Hart stormed the room. It was self-defense, and Brown is genuinely concerned about what will happen to Laura now.

Love Is Blind investigates the death of Bernard Chandler, a man with type 1 diabetes. Over two pounds of chocolate is found in his stomach. His beautiful widow was overcome with jealousy when Chandler became secretive. She tricked him into thinking he was eating sugar free chocolates, and filled his insulin shot with sugar and water. She killed him because she thought he was cheating on her. He was actually arranging a secret holiday for her.

Danny didn’t believe that a beautiful woman could love an obese man. I’m not sure murder proves love, but Sheldon believes that love conquers all. He shows Danny a photograph of himself when he was twenty years old. After all these years it’s only now revealed that Sheldon was obese when he was younger. Am I the only person who found this random?

In The Name of Love investigates the death of Jeremy Howser, shot dead whilst at an outdoors farmer’s market. He was very rich, and in the middle of a divorce, so the ex-wife would appear to be a suspect but the bullet traces back to an ex-cop, who now runs a security firm and was actually employed by the deceased to trail his soon to be ex-wife. The ex-cop learned that Mr. Howser was planning to kill his wife so she wouldn’t get his money, and the ex-cop killed him to protect her.

What a very emotional day, filled with jealousy, misguided honor and the desire to protect. After a day like that, how will our CSIs unwind?

Love must be making Mac soft because he let Adam go in the middle of a case so Adam could be with his girlfriend. Mac’s girlfriend Christine has seemingly recovered from being kidnapped last week and is looking forward to spending some time with Mac out of the house. She’s very happy with their date, a civilized Josh Groben concert with a Valentine’s card from Mac that has a personal and handwritten message from the heart.

Flack and Lovato are relatively new in their relationship and she insists she doesn’t need that “sentimental crap”. Flack does though, and he provides a romantic meal for two on the rooftop, bless him.

From the new couple to the old couple, the married Messers have finally got a moment together that isn’t to do with work or parenthood. It’s going to be a lot more hectic with a second baby on the way, but for now their daughter is asleep. Just as the Messers are getting “romantic” Lucy screams that there’s a vampire under her bed. Typical.

Finally, on to my favorite Valentine, 15 year old Ellie Danville was supposed to be going out on a date, but she blew it off to spend some time with her mom Jo. Chick flicks, ice cream sundaes and family bonding. That’s my kind of Valentine’s Day.

Did you enjoy the pace of the three cases or did it move too quick for you to get into the case? If you could spend Valentine’s Day with one CSI, who would you spend it with? Which case did you find most intriguing? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents on the show.


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