The Office – Recap & Review – Moving On

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Office
Moving On

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

David Wallace gives Andy a dressing down for lying about being gone for three months. David tells Andy he’s not going to fire him, because he owes him for helping him acquire Dunder Mifflin. Andy recites some Bon Jovi, awkwardly. David looks like he thinks he might be making a mistake. Of course he is. Andy should be fired.

Andy can’t deal with the break up with Erin. He moans like a wounded animal in his office and it’s making everyone uncomfortable.

Erin and Pete are keeping their new relationship on the downlow. Andy wants hang out in “the brozone layer” with Clark and Pete, because he’s upset Erin gave away the sweater he gave her. Andy is afraid Erin is moving on too fast so he steals her phone to see who she’s been texting. Everyone advises him not to snoop but he finds out she’s been texting Pete. Of course, Andy has been calling Pete “Plop” for so long he doesn’t remember his real name. Which is Pete. Andy fires Pete when he figures it out but Toby tells him he can’t do that. Erin and Pete tell Andy he needs to move on, so he takes revenge by hiring Pete’s ex girlfriend as a temp and Gabe as a consultant. Oh Andy, why? He gets perverse pleasure out of making Andy and Pete miserable. He’s like Loki, feeding on the chaos.

Jim got Pam a job interview at a real estate agency in Philly. Pam knows nothing about real estate and that coupled with the fact that things are moving fast makes her very nervous. When she shows up for her interview, the boss there is basically a Michael Scott 2.0. He’s really that awful. It gets worse when he plays guitar and sings her resume. She’s not impressed that the job she’s being offered is a receptionist position. Jim whips up a celebratory dinner in the Athlead lobby because he’s sure Pam got the job. She turned it down, but they have a great time anyway, that is, until Pam drops the bomb that she’s not happy with the way things are going. She was happy with their life in Scranton. They’re at an impasse and it’s hurting them both.

Dwight enlists Angela to help him with his drunk Aunt Shirley who’s on her last legs. He wants her to hose his aunt down like an animal but Angela takes charge of the situation and starts ordering everyone about. Dwight likes it and so does Aunt Shirley. Later, Angela serves dinner and it’s a pretty picture. Those two belong together. As she’s leaving, Dwight kisses her but she says she can’t be with him because of the Senator. Dwight says he wants to spend the next 80 or so years of his life with her, but Angela says she made vows. Dwight says she should stand by them because that’s what he’d want her to do if she was his. This was sweet in a weird way.

At the end of the episode, Oscar is watching videos online and a popup advertises “The Office: An American Workplace. Ten years in the making, a look at the lives and loves of an average American small business office”. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

Other than the awkwardness at the top of the episode, I have to say this is one of the better ones this season. Michael Scott 2.0 was worth watching anyway. I really need to see how Jim and Pam are going to work out their issues. I do think Andy’s trying to drive Erin and Pete apart is going to backfire next week. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment!


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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3 Responses to The Office – Recap & Review – Moving On

  1. vinchi2c says:

    Not as harsh on the Nard-dog as others have been. He did take a little too much pleasure in ruining Erin and Plop’s day, but I feel like that’s a human reaction from a dumpee. I also agree that the stunt may backfire, but also have faith in Andy Bernard that in the end, he’ll want Erin to be happy. I remember the one episode during a Secretary’s day when he had to beg Michael Scott to take Erin out to lunch because that’s what Erin really wanted. It backfired on Andy and Erin broke up with him. But at the end of the episode, Andy caught a glimpse of Michael making Erin laugh and Andy was semi-consoled that at least one person was able to make Erin laugh on Secretary’s Day.

    In addition, Plop and Erin (Plerin?) have themselves partially, if not almost completely, to blame for Andy’s Loki-like chaos. Andy can be quick on his feet sometimes, but let’s admit it, he’s a bit of a doofus. He’s no brilliant mastermind. The stunt with Alice and Gabe wouldn’t have happened if Pete and Erin didn’t both walk into his office to tell him to “move on and get over it.” Of course, Pete tells Andy that he sees his ex-girlfriend all the time and Erin excitedly tells Andy they can all be friends!! I think Andy’s actions reflect a normal heartbroken dumpee’s. A lot of normal people would have done something similar to what he did. Maybe he’ll move on and find happiness. I hope he does. The initial days after a breakup are extremely hard to deal with and it makes it harder when people tell you to get over it.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m sorry, but I could not disagree more. I don’t think “most normal people” would call the exes and create that much chaos. I certainly wouldn’t and I don’t think I know anyone that would. Obviously, this is television so it doesn’t have to be very realistic. I agree that it was kind of jerky for them to tell him to get over it but I don’t think that is an excuse for what he did.

    Maybe Andy will eventually be happy for Erin, I don’t know. I hope so.

    Thanks for reading!

    • vinchi2c says:

      I dunno. I would like to think I wouldn’t do such a thing, but the fact is, I’ve never been dumped while simultaneously in a position to actually “return the favor” and hire ex-girlfriends as payback.

      And… you would be very surprised at how some plots in sitcoms come from real-life. Granted, they are exaggerated, but there are nuggets of reality in them. Dumpees try to “return the favor” all the time. Office co-worker break-up drama gets incredibly petty and ridiculous. I’ve witnessed a few of them.

      And episodes of the Office have, on occasion, surprisingly reminded lots of people about real life. My revelation came when at work one time, there was a floor below my office that was empty. Some of my co-workers suggested we bring a boombox down there and throw a dance party and maybe bring some snacks. A short while later, Michael Scott attempted the “cafe disco” at the Dunder Mifflin complex. From that point on, there were several hilarious instances that we noticed that shadowed real life. I think a lot of people don’t realize how tv sitcoms are inspired by real life until they get a “eureka!” moment. (and then arguably they see *too many* coincidences). Sure, a lot of writers conjure up situations from their own imagination. But many of the situations are inspired by actual occurrences. I’ve heard some other friends in other offices joke “I wonder if there are hidden cameras in here and they just film us for episodes of the office.” Ha!

      Thanks for the recap!

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