The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Tangible Affection Proof

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Tangilble Affection Proof

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Kym Caffrey – Senior Reviewer

Okay – so we don’t get to find out how Leonard and Sheldon fixed things with Penny and Amy after last weeks blowup? Really? Nope. Things seem to be back to normal this week with Leonard and Amy making a big deal out of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Penny being less than enthusiastic and Sheldon, of course, trying to avoid it altogether. I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of continuity here. Exactly how much time has passed in the storyline since the last episode? It’s almost like it didn’t even happen.

But I am curious about the Romance Ninja…

But first, Sheldon is pushing his obligations for the holiday off on Alex, giving her $2000 and some vague instructions to go buy a gift for Amy. This could either work out really well, or go really badly – depending on what Alex buys. Her talents are definitely wasted here since Sheldon’s never going to let her do any real scientific work. She shows good research skills though, checking out Amy’s Facebook page for her interests before going shopping and has brought Sheldon several choices. First up, a music box in the shape of a harp that plays one of her favorite songs – a winner in my book, but not Sheldon’s – she has a real harp that can play anything. He’s missing the point as usual. Next up, a fancy map of the path the pilgrims in Canterbury Tails took through England to put in a nice frame – Sheldon misses the point again stating that she doesn’t need that – she has Google maps on her phone. Her final option – a signed print of a famous neuroscientists cell drawing. That’s good enough to impress Sheldon, but he wants to keep it for himself. He’s so clueless. Ultimately Amy arrives for her planned night of dinner, romance and gifts that Sheldon had planned to pretend to enjoy, but she’s decided she was being selfish. She’s canceled their dinner reservation and come up with the plan instead to do none of it – no romance – no gifts – just ordering pizza and watching one of his “Star Wars Trek” things. He finds it the most thoughtful gift anyone’s ever given him and decides to give her his gift anyway – he put her as his emergency contact at the University. She’s equally happy with his gift. They have the strangest relationship. But it works for them. She unfortunately doesn’t realize that means nearly daily trips to the University for his latest perceived ailment – like that ice cream headache he thought could be a brain tumor. She’s right – a brain tumor would explain a lot.

So far, Leonard’s not being all that “ninjaish” – dinner at a romantic restaurant isn’t actually that impressive – especially after he invites Howard to bring Bernadette along. Granted Howard needed saving. He’d done an amazingly romantic thing – spending 12 hours engraving their initials in a heart one-one thousandth the size of a grain of sand. A “micro-valentine for a micro-biologist”. Unfortunately – he dropped the slide after showing it to Leonard – so as cool as it is, Bernadette’s not going to see it. In any case – dinner starts out nicely – Penny’s impressed by the restaurant and Howard and Bernadette don’t seem to have arrived yet. When they do, it’s clear they’ve been arguing about something. Apparently she’s hidden his XBox because he didn’t do the things she asked him to do around the house since she’s been working 17 hour days. All he was doing was sitting around playing Assassin’s Creed. Boy he could have used that uber-romantic gift right about now. As if things weren’t going bad enough already, Penny spots an ex-boyfriend out with the ex-friend he cheated on her with. Ouch. Even worse, the girl’s lost a lot of weight and the ex is proposing to her. Double Ouch. Leonard starts to get down on one knee to propose to Penny but she cuts him off before he gets a chance. Penny keeps obsessing over their happiness, completely dismissing the fact that she’s supposed to be so happy with Leonard and celebrating Valentine’s Day with him. As the argument between Leonard and Penny escalates, Bernadette and Howard realize that their argument is actually pretty trivial and decide to skip dessert and go home early. He’ll even do that laundry – of course, he’ll have to take his XBox out of the washer. As for Leonard and Penny – they’re barely speaking when they get home and go their separate ways without even a kiss good night – until Leonard decides to follow her into her apartment and have it out with her. He’s right – it was a pretty crappy thing to do. She agrees and admits it was a bit of self-sabotage. Things have been going too well and she’s worried that he’s going to keep asking her to marry him and eventually she’ll say yes, and she’s got those “glaringly obvious” commitment issues. Leonard offers a solution – he’ll stop proposing to her and when she’s ready to get married she has to propose to him. It’s very sweet and just the trick – so they’re okay now too.

Finally, Raj and Stuart have decided to keep the comic book store open late and have a party for everyone that doesn’t have a date. This could turn out to be a lot of fun – or really sad and depressing – whether they take the “self-love” angle or not. During setup Raj has already made things awkward by telling Stuart how perfect their relationship would be if he was a woman. They either need to take this “friendship” there or not – the homosexual jokes are getting old. The party seems to have a good turnout – mostly geeky guys – and instead of being sad and alone – they’re just sad. Raj’s speech is quite moving and one of the few geeky girls is impressed and agrees to go have coffee with him. He ruins it on his way out – but do we finally have a real love interest for him? We’ll have to wait and see.

I had almost dreaded watching this weeks episode. Being rather geeky myself I spent many years hating Valentine’s Day and the smarmy romantic drivel that usually comes with it. Even when I’m with someone, like now, I find it ridiculous that couples should “need” a holiday to be romantic with each other. Spontaneous romance is far more powerful and amazing than forced romance just because the calendar or the media says your supposed to. That said, I’m glad I did watch. The romance was there – but it was imperfect and sweet and not overdone – and Raj managed to express those very things I’ve thought for all these years.

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