Suits – Recap & Review – Normandy

photo: usa

photo: usa


Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Folks, it’s Valentine’s Day and my friends Adele, Ben & Jerry are waiting for me – this is going to be a quick recap and review. There’s no love in this episode, just like my singleton status. At least I have Adele singing to me and Ben & Jerry’s fine creation to keep me company. Poor Harvey is feeling betrayed and judging from his svelte figure; he hasn’t met Ben or Jerry (his lost).

Harvey’s old flame Dana “Scottie” Scott is back. She wants some of the five million lawsuits against Folsom Foods – her firm has the $$ to sustain the attacks from Daniel Hardman. Considering Pearson Hardman’s financial limitations, Harvey decides to use Dana’s firm – they’ll do this together. Since Scottie’s firm is based in London, they’ll bankroll the whole shebang and Pearson Hardman will try the cases – win/win for all. Winning and splitting the $$ is better than losing to Hardman – true.

Harvey decides to use WWII as his inspiration for his war plan – there were many fronts America could have fought but they channeled their energy on Normandy. Basically, 100k troops split 19 ways = lose but 100k troops channeled into one battle = win. At first Harvey was going after Bakersfield but Mike realizes they’ll lose the war; Hardman will know and route his forces there to meet Harvey head-on. The new battle target: Parkville.

Parkville is an unlikely target because it’s the hardest to win – they have a female executive. Harvey and Scottie book flights and hotels in all 45 cities to confuse Hardman and they travel to Parkville – via private jet courtesy of Dana’s firm. Of course, if you’re alone on a private jet with Harvey Specter, you jump his bones – it’s reflex, duh.

At Parkville, Herpes shows up – taking a private jet means the FAA has your records (big brother is always watching). Before the deposition, Harvey gets a call from Mike – he knows why there is a female executive at that branch. The female supervisor was passed over for promotions four times, had reviews riddled with code words for “female, do not promote” but that all changed when she had a hysterectomy due to a medical condition. Folsom Foods only promote non-family barren females – how F-ing rude!!

Back at Pearson Hardman, fifth year associate Katrina is ruffling feathers again; this time Mike’s Puffin quill (he’d be a Puffin, no?). Considering Mike isn’t too fond of how Katrina got into the firm, she really should lay low but it seems she’s an ambitious woman. Mike wanted to use Folsom Food’s top dog Hanley Folsom’s personal emails against him – he first needed to gain access.

Mike asks Rachel for help but reeling from being rejected by Harvard, she misses some boxes of paperwork. When Katrina asks Rachel to make copies, the paralegal lets it slip that she’s helping Mike find a way to legally gain access to Hanley’s personal email – a more important matter than making copies. Of course, Katrina doesn’t take too kindly to “no” and power-trips – fifth year associate trumps paralegal. What a bitch.

While Rachel is making copies, Katrina uses Mike’s idea, finds the smoking gun and gets a subpoena for the personal emails. (Katrina: 1; Mike: 0) Mike is livid but gets his revenge. Katrina found the email that will win them the Parkville case except the copies have not been made. Rachel helps in attaining the copies and Mike presents it to Harvey. (Katrina: 1; Mike: 1)

Katrina isn’t happy but she has no ground to stand on – she started it and Mike just ended it. (Revised point count…Katrina: 1; Mike: 2 because he produced the winning document) With the email at hand, Dana shows the female executive she was hired due to her barren status (so sad). I’m thinking Daniel Hardman is starting to shake a little.

In other Pearson (no longer) Hardman news, Dana’s boss, Edward Darby, makes an unannounced visit to see where his $$ is going. He seems friendly enough and appears to like Jessica and Harvey – even joking about Harvey’s gorgeous mug. At episode end, we see the real reason for his visit – Pearson (no longer) Hardman is merging with Darby’s firm.

In order for the merge to happen, Pearson (no longer) Hardman discloses five years of financials – smoothly disclosing Hardman’s embezzling. Jessica didn’t break her confidentiality agreement. Ha!! Jessica and Edward go to Hardman to let him know that Folsom Foods will either sign a settlement or Hardman will no longer represent Folsom Foods. Edward is willing to disclose Hardman’s illegal past to Hanley, who will surely fire Hardman. Um, I think Daniel Hardman is shaking like a Chihuahua in Antarctica!!

Harvey sees Jessica and Edward and knows it’s a merger. He asks Dana and deduces she knew the plan. Scottie says her name will be on the wall and Harvey’s will be next to Pearson after the merger. Harvey is having none of it – he’s going to find a way to stop it from happening.
He’s feeling mighty betrayed and pissed.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The mile high club is overrated. I understand a private jet can be cozy and fun but a public plane? The bathrooms are NASTY and there’s no room!! I never got the fascination – all I can think about are the germs, not sexy time!!!

2. Pearson Hardman is now just Pearson but what a shoddy job!! At least cover up the holes – are they THAT broke?!!!

3. Edward Darby is a soft spoken British man – why are British men stereotyped as such? They’re all stoic, quiet, gentlemen with an agenda and Americans are loud cocky SOBs (ie Harvey). Where do these images come from?

4. Just when I thought I cannot love Louis more – he tries to fight for Rachel’s spot in Harvard Law. When Rachel cries about being rejected, she tells Louis all seemed well; even her interviewer, Sheila, liked her. Louis thinks Sheila, his ex-lover, was being spiteful. He goes to Sheila to “right” the “wrong” and end up shagging Female Louis. Post coital, Sheila makes Louis read some applications – Yale graduate with honors; Georgetown graduate with honors…all are from the reject pile. Rachel is good but sometimes good isn’t enough. Instead of telling Rachel she’s not good enough, he tells her it’s because of Louis’ past relationship with Sheila – sparing Rachel’s feelings. He’s sooo nice!! I think my Louis crush has increased!!!

5. They worked Pussy Galore into this episode. They referred to Dana as Pussy Galore – enough said. Love!!

6. Pussy Galore knows how important Donna’s opinion is to Harvey – don’t mess with Donna. Also, Donna fixing Harvey’s hair before his meeting with Scottie was cute.

7. I understand Katrina is on the show as an antagonist but would someone so savvy with office politics belittle the best paralegal in the firm? Really? If a paralegal wants to mess with your work, Katrina just realized how easy it is for Rachel to create chaos for her. Child, please.

8. I guess we’ll be seeing more of Rachel. Watch, she’s going to apply to Columbia or NYU. I am taking bets: her final destination will be NYU. That’s the crunchy hippie school all non-New Yorkers idealize. I have to admit, they have the best dorm locations.

9. This episode is setting up for the impending Jessica/Harvey blowup. Cannot wait!! I enjoyed this episode; there were light moments and scenes that set up for next week.

What kind of bird is Mike? (Puffin, no?) What about Harvey? (Peacock?) Do you think the merger will happen? Will this put a rift between Harvey and Jessica? How revolting is Folsom Foods? Did you love Louis even more? Have we seen the last of Daniel Hardman? Which sex scene was better: Harvey/Dana or Louis/Sheila? (I can’t believe I’m saying this but Louis/Sheila = funny magic!!!) Happy Valentine’s Day and for all the singletons out there: Chunky Monkey and Adele are the best combination!! Discuss away!!!!

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