Elementary – Recap & Review – Details

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

Happy belated Valentine’s day, everyone! Or if you’re like me, happy eating-clearance-candy day to you. Now let’s get to this week’s new episode without further ado. Grab some leftover candy and let’s get started. While Holmes proves himself to be pretty much the worst friend ever by faking a break-in to ascertain whether Watson can defend herself, Detective Bell gets shot at and is in a car accident. Bell is fine and he thinks the person who attacked him is a drug dealer named Bradshaw, whose car was the one the shooter fired from. Bell made enemies with Bradshaw by arresting his cohorts, but Bradshaw says his car got stolen and doesn’t do anything to help.

Let’s see what else happened other than Holmes showing off his basketball skills after the jump!

Bell checks up on a man with the seriously unfortunate gang moniker “Mr. Cheese” while Holmes discovers that Bradshaw broke his pattern by personally attacking Bell because he has a grudge against him. He then continues testing Watson’s self-defense skills by throwing a tennis ball at her, so she knocks over his stuff to get him back. Bradshaw turns up dead, and at the scene Holmes runs into a policewoman who he wants Watson to spar with so she’ll be able to defend herself. He forgets about that temporarily, too busy chasing evidence that seems to implicate none other than Detective Bell in Bradshaw’s killing.

Elsewhere Watson’s therapist says she is concerned because Watson has not told Holmes that she lives with him without being paid as his sober companion. Her therapist wants her to leave the situation with Holmes because it could be dangerous. She’s sort of right, since in this episode alone Holmes has faked a break in and thrown things at her, but he’s just so darn loveable. Not that Watson would acknowledge Holmes’s inherent adorableness, but I’ll keep hoping. Mr. Cheese gives Bell a tip on who could be involved in all this (the crime, not Holmes being adorable.) Bell goes to Holmes’s apartment and talks to Watson about the possibility he is being framed for Bradshaw’s death; a gun was even planted at Bell’s house and there are boots there that Bell knows he’d given to his brother. His brother hits him when Bell confronts him about it.

Holmes tells Watson he knows she’s no longer being paid to stay with him, and he tells her she should stay on and learn from him because she helps him to focus. Gosh, I sure wish a super cute consulting detective would pay me to hang around looking awesome and being snarky, but no matter how many times I look for that on Career Builder I never turn up anything. It’s very frustrating. Holmes says he’ll eventually figure out why Watson makes him a better investigator, and I sighed because those crazy kids need to just make out already. Anyway, moving on. When Bell goes to apologize to his brother for accusing him, he finds his brother has been attacked and has written a message that says “it was not Marcus.” Holmes can’t believe he didn’t know the brother even existed (“one word: Harriet” ahh, I love noticing little parallels between Elementary and Sherlock) and he knows that Bell and his brother were shot by the same person.

It turns out that the female officer Holmes met earlier was behind it all; she was previously accused of planting drugs to get Bradshaw in trouble and she is Bell’s ex-girlfriend, explaining how she got into his apartment to plant the gun. Bell finally gets to apologize to his brother who knew all along that he did not commit the murder. Watson tells Holmes she’ll stay on with him if he’ll go to meetings with her and then she throws a ball in his face. I liked the ongoing Holmes-testing-Watson part of the episode since like all Holmes adaptations, this show is strongest when we get to see more of them doing stuff together. Even if it’s attacking each other to make a point, it’s still my favorite. I also liked seeing more of Bell who has grown on me. At first he was kind of Elementary’s Anderson, just complaining at or about Holmes, but I like him better now. As always, I’m still wondering where Watson gets those awesome outfits, but that’s a mystery I guess I’ll have to solve on my own. What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments and I’ll see you next week.

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One Response to Elementary – Recap & Review – Details

  1. Sam says:

    I love this review. It was really funny how your added your commentary on it. I think I enjoyed the review as much as the show.

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