Community – Recap & Review – Paranormal Parentage

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Paranormal Parentage

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

It’s Halloween and everyone’s dressed up to go to a party. Pierce calls Troy because he’s locked in his panic room and needs help getting out. Jeff would love to ignore Pierce because he’s an overgrown toddler who uses them when it’s convenient. Cue the Dean dressed up as a boxing ring girl (Jeff is dressed as a boxer, natch). He wants to tag along to the party, but Jeff says they have to make a stop first. It makes me sad that we should’ve seen all this last year and not on Valentine’s Day 6 months later.

Pierce needs them to find the code in a red notebook. Jeff is sure this is a trap and Pierce needs to cut to the chase. Pierce admits that he got spooked by the ghost of his dad but Jeff isn’t buying it.
The group splits off into pairs. Jeff and Britta check Pierce’s bedroom and Britta gets Jeff to open up about his daddy issues. Annie and Abed check the office. Abed finds a secret door and disappears. Troy and Shirley find Pierce’s S&M boudoir. Troy was never allowed to go into “Pierce’s private gym” when he lived there. And Troy being Troy, he thinks it’s an indoor swing set. Shirley knows exactly what it is.

Abed’s secret room turns out to be the surveillance room. A room full of TVs Abed can control? You know he’s happy. He watches the other study groupers on the cameras and says remembers when this show used to be about community college.  Heh. Abed runs back through the surveillance video and sees a dark shadow hovering over Pierce’s bed while Pierce is sleeping. Is the ghost of old Cornelius?

Jeff finds the room with the red notebook. He’s quite comfy in there until the room starts freaking out and changing shape. Meanwhile, Troy, Shirley, and Annie see someone trying to push through the wall. Everyone’s freaking out when they see Pierce on the floor of the panic room, presumably dead. They get the code and bust into the panic room, which is actually empty. Pierce was faking the haunted house because he was mad he didn’t get invited to the Halloween party. Of course. He really is an overgrown toddler. Abed shows them the video of the creepy figure. Pierce swears he didn’t hire anyone to do that, and he isn’t lying It’ Gilbert, Pierce’s black half brother, the inheritor of Pierce’s father’s estate, skulking around. He’s been living in the house in secret, taking care of Pierce all the while. Pierce asks Gilbert if he’d like stop all that to stay on as a roommate instead. Gilbert agrees.

Jeff bails on the party to call his dad, whose number he located recently. Troy and Britta ditch the party to watch Inspector SpaceTime.

All said, this was a pretty solid episode. Watching Britta running around dressed up like a ham was pretty entertaining in itself. She’s so self-unaware. I’m still kind of sad we didn’t get Fred Willard as Pierce, but what can you do? Let me know what you thought. Leave a comment!


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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