American Idol – Recap & Review – Hollywood Week – Women, Part II

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Hollywood Week – Women, Part II

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Boy, do Idol producers want a woman to win this year. How can we tell? They reminded us at the top of the show that it’s been six years since Jordan Sparks was the last female to take the title.

And in case you forgot the opener, Ryan told us over and over, “Prepare to be blown away by the talent.” I really wasn’t. I thought the men were more impressive. Want proof? The judges whittled the female contestants down to 23, while the men were a group of 28.

This show of final solo performances started with 47 women. Like the men last week, we didn’t get to see many of the performances, which is a shame. But of those, we saw several contestants who chose to sing original songs (a new rule this year). The evening started with three standouts and current frontrunners.

Contestant: Angela Miller
Song: original “You Set Me Free”
Impression: She accompanies herself on piano. She does a beautiful job and the song is not only good, but shows off her voice well.
Verdict: Judges go wild, give her a standing ovation. Easy yes.

Contestant: Candice Glover
Backstory: A major frontrunner.
Song: “Girl on Fire”
Impression: A very solid performance with such a power voice. Not her best, but much better than most of the others.
Verdict: Yes.

Contestant: Janelle Arthur
Backstory: Another favorite, a country singer. This is her third Hollywood Week.
Song: “I Told You So”
Impression: Beautiful. Her voice is so emotional.
Verdict: Yes.

Contestant: Zoanette Johnson
Backstory: National Anthem girl.
Song: Original with no title (she made it up on the stage). It’s fun, but all over the place.
Impression: She’s playing the drums. Loses a stick while playing. I don’t see what they see in her.
Verdict: Judges go wild (?).Yes.

Contestant: Shuba Vedula
Backstory: Singer from Israel.
Song: “When You Believe”
Impression: Not a huge fan of her strained over singing.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Juliana Chahayed
Song: “Landslide”
Impression: Only 15. Very sweet voice, but I wonder if the more showy voices will overshadow her.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Kez Ban
Song: original song
Impression: Her voice is still shot from shouting all week. She plays the guitar. It’s not anywhere as good as the one she auditioned with. It’s too bad that she trashed her voice in Hollywood, because she sounded great in her first audition. The judges must have thought so too because they let her get this far on a shot voice.
Verdict: No.

Contestant: Ashlee Feliciano
Song: “Tin Man”
Backstory: She’s not feeling well.
Impression: Ended on a falsetto.
Verdict: No.

Contestant: Melinda Ademi
Song: “Price Tag”
Impression: She has a nice pop voice, but she wasn’t the best. Judges liked that she did an up tempo song.
Verdict: yes

Contestant: Kree Harrison
Song: “Stars”
Impression: Keith gets goosebumps. She gives an impassioned performance. Judges were blown away.
Verdict: Yes

No to Brianna Oakley and Sarina-joi Crowe. But there are 24 remaining. So the judges cut three more (Lauren Mink, Holly Marie Miller, Ariel Sprague) and ask Stephanie Schimel and Rachel Hale have a sing-off. Despite Rachel’s pitchy performance, Stephanie is sent packing.

Now it’s time to get the men down to 20. The selection process begins with a sing off between Adam Sanders (off pitch) and Josh Holiday (who blows it away and splits his pants in the process). So the following are let go: Peter Garrett, Marvin Calderon, Devin Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers, Jr. (was cut at same spot last year) and Adam Sanders.

So here are the remaining contestants:

Top 20 Women
Adriana Latonio
Amber Holcomb
Angela Miller
Aubrey Cleland
Brandy Hotard
Breanna Steer
Candice Glover
Cristabel Clack
Isabelle Pasqualone
Janelle Arthur
Jenny Beth Willis
Jett Hermano
Juliana Chahayed
Kamaria Ousley
Kree Harrison
Melinlda Ademi
Rachel Hale
Shubha Vedula
Tenna Torres
Zoanette Johnson

Top 20 Men
Bryant Tadeo
Burnell Taylor
Charlie Askew
Chris Watson
Cortez Shaw
Curtis Finch, Jr.
David Willis
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu
Gurpreet Singh Sarin
Jimmy Smith
Johnny Keyser
Josh Holiday
Kevin Harris
Lazaro Arbos
Mathenee Treco
Nick Boddington
Paul Jolley
Vincent Powell

Next stop: Las Vegas.

Did your favorites go through? Did anyone you loved get cut? Do you really think a woman has a shot at winning this year? Give us your TwoCents…

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