TTC Staff Picks – Dream TV Couples

TWO CENTS PIG VALENTINE Valentine’s Day. The day brings thoughts of love, marriage, and sometimes longing for someone you never got. For some others, it’s a day we’d all just soon ignore.

Here at TheTwoCents we decided to celebrate by playing TV Cupid. Our staff came up with dream pairings, a no holds matchmaking of two characters from different shows that we feel would be great together. These aren’t scientific, but pairings we’d like to see play out on our TV screen. Share your thoughts below on what you think about our matchmaking skills!

First Couple

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5 Responses to TTC Staff Picks – Dream TV Couples

  1. ryanoneil says:

    God and Jan. Wow. That would be hilarious TV 😀

  2. jeffkeyz says:

    Joan Holloway (Mad Men) & Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) HOT

  3. James Gandolfini and Jennifer Beals – I think that would be a match up of witt, and sexuality.

  4. Zarion says:

    Dwight and April…I would pay to see that in The Office finale.
    Prediction: A sly reference will be made to “other documentaries”, aka Parks and Recreation.

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