Modern Family – Recap & Review – Heart Broken

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Heart Broken

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Valentine ’s Day is a day for the world to catch up on their romance. Dinners, gifts, sexy time – all because corporations tell us it’s the day for it. We’re such lemmings. Let’s see what our funny family has planned for the day of love.

Feb 13: Claire and Phil are celebrating early – for the real day, they’re babysitting Lily so Cam/Mitchell can host a party and Fulgencia so Jay/Gloria can finally have alone time since Joe’s birth. The Dunphys, per usual, are in a hotel bar role-playing (Phil = Clive Bixby; Claire = Juliana) as strangers meeting for the first time; cheesy pick-up lines and all. They head to a nicely planned date when Claire collapses. Not romantic but scary.

At the hospital, the doctor diagnoses Claire with Wolf Parkinson White syndrome (WPW) – it’s hereditary, nothing too serious, and the doc is pretty sure Phil isn’t the cause of the heart problem no matter how much sexiness Phil believes he possesses. Claire doesn’t want anyone to worry so she makes Phil promise not to tell. Of course he tells everyone.

Phil tells the kids after disbanding a party. The kids worry, Phil worry but Claire is strong…until Phil tells her she doesn’t need to be strong all the time – the house will stand even if she’s vulnerable. So sweet!!!

Feb 14: Due to Claire’s ER visit, Fulgencio is at home interrupting Gloria/Jay sexy time. The whole day they try to bring sexy back but life intrudes – Manny, Lily, baby proofing the house. When Manny tells Jay of a secret admirer inviting him to a party full of cool kids, Jay cannot get in the mood without worrying it’s all a rouse to humiliate the dreamer.

That’s when the parents realize their fear is not being able to protect their kids from the world…sniff. The two secretly call their kids – Jay calls Claire to volunteer his company at her next doctor’s appointment and Gloria calls Manny to see if he’s okay (Manny is good, it was real and he had a grand time).

Feb 15: Cam and Mitchell are hung over from a night of hard partying. The night before, Cam made the mistake of telling Mitchell he can be boring. What’s an uptight lawyer to do? Drink, drink and drink some more!! They wake up with X-mas deer/lights from a neighbor’s yard in their living room thanks to Mitchell. Memories slowly surface for Mitchell, including dyeing their poor cat pink.

Another memory that was suppressed? Inviting Dylan to live with them – Haley’s Dylan. Cam demands Mitchell disinvite Dylan since it was his mess…except Dylan is a great houseguest – he cleans, he puts back the Christmas decorations (at the wrong house but it’s Dylan, after all) and hurts himself Christmas decorating. Then we find out the truth: Cam was the inviter.

It’s now Cam’s turn to disinvite Dylan but Lily beats him to it. She is a blunt little thing but Dylan gets the gist and is going to reconcile with his mother – he’s moving out. Mitchell and Cam have a great moment setting boundaries of their future wildness.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Only “Modern Family” can make Valentine’s Day about the family. So many sweet moments.

2. Mitchell and Cam throwing a party for their single friends is kinda nice and insulting at the same time. They don’t like to throw their coupledom in the singletons’ faces but the party is all about that – but it turned into a great drunk party so I’ll forgive.

3. Loved the doctor’s reaction to Phil’s insistence he’s the cause of Claire’s heart problem. Also loved Phil thinking she’s a lesbian because she didn’t believe in his sexiness.

4. I would have gagged and screamed bloody murder if my husband had his nosebleed all over me. Ewwww…..

5. Gloria thinking Jay is sexy because of normal things (screaming on the phone, carrying boxes, drilling, worrying about Manny, etc) is sweet. She loves him because he’s Jay.

6. Quote of the episode:
“Enough, turn off the music! Everybody who I did not create, get out of my house right now!! I don’t want to get upset. I’ve been through enough tonight.”
~ Phil, telling partyers to leave in a ‘Phil’ way. Also, Claire was hospitalized but Phil went through a lot – Phil at his narcissistic best.

7. Family moment(s) of the episode:
I don’t know why but, to me, when Gloria and Jay called their children, it was really sweet – if they can’t prevent the outside world from hurting them, they can at least be there to console and assure.

Did you like the Valentine’s Day episode? I loved how it was about the family at the end. Wasn’t Phil’s nosebleed pretty nasty? Phil’s quickness with two Cambodian masseurs was pretty odd, no? The neighbor should really take down the Christmas decorations; it’s the middle of February!!! Do you hate lazy neighbors? Discuss away!!!

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