Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Hard Bargain

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Hard Bargain

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

In the past, Grey’s Anatomy has had some fairly epic Valentine’s Day episodes. But tonight… it was just Thursday. And more so than that, it was possibly the most rain we’ve ever seen in the rainy Seattle locale. If you were looking for romance tonight, it was not to be found.

In fact, it was an altogether odd episode of the show. After last week’s not-so-bombshell idea of the doctors buying the hospital, almost everything revolved around how it could, would, or should play out from there. We open and close in Derek and Meredith’s massive home, perhaps to remind us that even without multi-million dollar settlement, these are not poor people.

You Want To Buy A Hospital: I personally have never wanted to own a hospital, but after tonight I feel as though I could speak as to what one would need to do. First, you’d need to gather a lot of people with a lot of money (Cristina, Meredith, Derek, Callie, and Arizona). Then you’d have to get them all on board. Which was our first stumbling block, as Cristina doesn’t want to betray Owen and Arizona is afraid of spending Sofia’s nest egg. It’s finally mentioned that Thatcher controls Lexie’s portion of the settlement, but I still want to know why Sloan (Mark’s older daughter) hasn’t been mentioned. The debate over whether or not proceed leads to quite a bit of squabbling and covert meetings in the rain.

Derek is a firsthand witness to the chaos the Pegasus sale is causing, amongst the nurses, but especially Bailey who is turned down for a genome mapping procedure for a young cancer patient. This leads him to reach out to his financial advisor, Stan Grossberg (played by Eddie Jemison), who tells the group that they can’t outright buy the hospital, as doctors can’t legally own the hospital they work for. What they can do is create a non-profit to buy the hospital and hire themselves, also working as a board of directors. What they can’t do is tell Owen, as his non-compete/non-disclosure agreement with the hospital could lead to legal ramifications, including jail time for him. Cristina is torn about keeping the secret, but after Owen confesses his rousing speech to the nurses was just lip service, Cristina is onboard with buying the hospital, more or less just to save Owen’s soul. Arizona has a change of heart after Bailey loses it, talking about leaving the hospital in order to be able to recognize herself.

Once all the doctors are in, they realize they have to come up with more money and need more time to do so. But the Pegasus sale is about to go through, so the only thing they can immediately do is to sabotage it. So our fearless five quit Seattle Grace Mercy West, knowing that their leaving devalues the price of the hospital. Owen and Alana are stunned, and after the deal does fall through, he challenges her to do her thing and save the hospital. He also stands in the rain, outside Cristina’s house, pleading for her. But she’s not there… she’s back at MerDer’s house. The five toss around names for their corporation, but I don’t thinking Blind Leading the Blind Inc, Epic Fail, Death Spiral, or The Bitter Pills are going to cut it.


Alex and Jo: These two are completely removed from the hospital sale plot, as they tend to a newborn with life threatening complications. The parents aren’t a couple though, but coworkers who had a one night stand with a broken condom. The parents don’t particularly like each other, but have agreed to raise the child together. This, of course, triggers the coworker dating discussion between Alex and Jo, which is really code for him testing the waters between the two of them. Alex finally seems to be acknowledging that he is smitten, but then Jo goes and makes a date with a cute OB resident. So just friends for now… how much longer will that last?

April: Matthew, the cute paramedic, stops kissing April long enough to ask her out on a real date. She thinks it will lead to sex, so she asks Avery, of all people, for advice on how to tell Matthew that she’s a “born-again virgin”. Avery initially is a little sarcastic, but eventually just tells April to be honest and, if Matthew is in it for the long haul, he won’t let her get away. During a post-date make-out session, April seems to put the kibosh on putting the kibosh on sex, but then Matthew improbably reveals that he is saving himself for marriage. Leaving out the detail that she’s already done it, April says she is too, missing the opportunity to be honest. This plot is so very 90210-Donna Martin, isn’t it?

Oh, and Derek really didn’t like being the face of SGMW, if it meant having larger than life posters of himself plastered everywhere. So he gets Shane to do a little creative vandalism.

Like I said, this was a very odd hour. It was all business with no real romance and very little direct patient care. I, for one, hope this hospital money business gets wrapped up sooner than later.

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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3 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Hard Bargain

  1. janetbratter says:

    Shonda promised “sexy time” for Callie and Arizona BEFORE Valentine’s Day. Surely we were not supposed to count their “Jr. High makeout session” as real “sexy time” (which was only talked about but not seen) at Bailey’s wedding??!! As per usual the (now) UNmarried couple, Owen and Christina, are shown going at it hot and heavy but not our MARRIED couple….disappointed…

  2. Julia says:

    Personally, I’m glad not every show you tune in on February 14 is about Valentine’s Day, so yeah!

    • janetbratter says:

      You’re right that not every holiday needs to be the focal point of GA episodes. Still it was Shonda Rhimes who made it an issue about the long awaited renewal of a physical relationship between the long-suffering Callie and Arizona occurring BEFORE V-day. She knows the fans are eager for something epic. Maybe she’s having a hard time creating a script to exceed the well-crafted Derek’s trailer episode.

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