Arrow – Recap & Review – Odyssey




Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Whoa! We start the show off with a bang as Ollie goes to question mommy dearest and ends up shot! He disappears and ends up in the back of Felicity’s car and she is now in the small circle of people that know what is going on…finally!! I have been waiting for several episodes for this to happen.

While Ollie is out on the table in the ArrowCave, we learn more about his island experience and training. Let’s get started…

Ollie now:
After Ollie is shot and Felicity takes him to Digs for help, even though she wanted to go to the hospital, we find Digs even more surprised to see Felicity. And isn’t it convenient that Digs has medical training? I mean, just what would they have done if he had no training? And I have to give kudos to Felicity for helping out with the surgery to remove the bullet. Yes, she gagged…and swallowed (yuk) but she hung in there.

I like the way she tells Digs that she had suspicions on just what her boss was up to, but she pieces together everything and is cool with what they do. I loved her quote: I may be blonde, but I’m not that blonde.

After updating all his computers she turns down Ollie’s offer to join the team. She does want to help find Walter, because he was nice to her and she liked him, so she agrees to stick around until he is found. I really hope she changes her mind on that, she would make a great addition to the team.

What drove me crazy is how Ollie is still in denial of his mother’s wrongdoings.

Ollie then
Back on the island, Slade tries to train Ollie to fight like a man and not a girl (scout). We learn that the other masked man (Deathstroke) is Billy Wintergreen. He was Slade’s partner, but he turned his back on him and joined the bad guys.

The title of our episode comes about as Ollie and Slade have to recite a phrase in order for the plane to come and land. Ollie taps into his college days and comes up with a quote from The Odyssey. But when Slade says they are leaving…without Yao Fe…Ollie explains that he has changed and the old Ollie would be more than happy to leave, but the new Ollie is a better man and will not leave the man who saved his life (Yao).

Ollie heads out and finds Yao and tells him to run but we learn Yao is staying because of somebody else. We learn he has a daughter. Slade comes back and fights Billy and ends up killing him. Good riddance!

So will Felicity stick around for long? Is it wrong to hope it takes a long time to find Walter? What will it take for Ollie to see his mother like the rest of us see her? Where is the other hooded man? What will Tommy do when he finds out dad has a hood too? Do you want to see Felicity and Ollie together? Leave me your twocents.

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4 Responses to Arrow – Recap & Review – Odyssey

  1. Tiffany says:

    Deathstroke has been a creepy villian without having to realy do much. Seriously he gives me the creeps. Did they really kill him off.

  2. ttckeithg says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong to hope it takes Felicity a long time to find Walter! I’m loving her. And she actually seemed energized by the news of who Ollie is! I hope she hangs around for a long time! 🙂

    • karen says:

      She is awesome! And she didn’t even flinch when she realized just who he is. It was fun to see her make fun to Digs about the poor excuse of a “sports drink” in last couple eps.

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