Justified – Recap & Review – Foot Chase

photo: fx

photo: fx

Foot Chase

Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to week six of Justified. Last week we finally managed to get some information about what has been going on in the last few episodes with Boyd and Johnny as well as what has been going on with Raylan. There is still a lot of things that are going to need to be explained but we have a chance now to make more sense of everything.

We finally saw Winona for the first time this season, looking fairly pregnant at this point. She and Raylan are in the doctors office but she is still very distant from him and doesn’t seem to actually want him around. Boyd really doesn’t have anyone that he can trust anymore. Lets see what happens this week.

Raylan: He is still hunting down Drew Thompson as well as Boyd. He is trying to get the guy who told him that Drew was in the Hills but he is currently missing. His foot however is still on the front porch. He manages to chase down the girl the broke into Arlo’s a couple weeks ago. She is able to tell them about who took Josiah. They were torturing him first. They believe that he may be or really know where Drew Thompson. He asked Shelby to bring in Boyd to attempt to find out where they would take Josiah.  They manage to figure out where he is at after the lawyer cuts Boyd loose. They are able to find Josiah before he ends up dead. Josiah even admits that he sent them up to the Hills so that they would end up dead and then he could find Drew and use it as a way to get rid of his tether.  

Boyd: He has some man named Dale tied up in a chair. He seems to believe that he may be Drew Thompson so he is attempting to pull it out of him. He is attempting to find Drew through his lawyer it seems. He is brought into the sheriff’s office to talk to Raylan and Shelby. They are talking about what happened to Josiah or what may happen to him shortly. He think that he is going to be dead soon. As they are trying to get more information out of him, the lawyer walks in. Raylan is attempting to ask her about why she is stalling Arlo’s deal so that he can try and find Drew himself and get the payout from Duffy. He proposes to Ava and is even talking to her about having kids and having a real family with her.

Ava: She has turned out to be a real asset for Boyd. She is in love with him and constantly worried that something may happen to him. She is trying to find the best way to find Drew without him having to hold a gun to everyone. She manages to go over to Arnold’s house. He is the one that Ellen Mae shot. She manages to get an invite to a party and then leaves. She comes to Boyd, tells him that she loves him and that she will do anything for him. She goes out to this hill with Boyd and they are looking at lights talking about what he used to be like as a kid. She has no idea where he is going until he proposes.  

Johnny: He is playing Boyd like a cheap piano. Even said that Wynn’s plan is going to be to get Drew and then have him killed so that they do not have to share the heroin business. He was making it pretty obvious to the viewers but obviously Boyd was not able to see. He actually seems to really be caring for one of the girls that work at Audrey’s.

Art: He only had one small scene this week; of course it had to be the comedic relief of the show. Just a bunch of foot puns about the fact that Raylan was not coming into work. Art told Raylan that when he was done playing footsie that he should find his way back to the office. He also told Raylan that his father’s deal is still on hold because his lawyer is not answering their calls.  

Colton: He is still having problems and doing a lot of drugs and cannot trust Boyd enough to tell him what’s going on. He is hunting for heroin as well as trying to find Ellen Mae at the same time. He beats up one of Ava’s girls. She refuses to tell Johnny what really happened and puts it on one of her regulars. Colt then goes with Johnny to beat this guy up and beats him half to death. He seems to be very unstable at this point and really is not very reliable. 

There was not really much that happened this week but it seemed to be one of the best episodes so far. It was by far one of the most emotional episodes that we have had yet. Hopefully next week they will focus more on the story than on the characters individually. What did you think about this week?

Next Week: Money Trap

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