90210 – Recap & Review – #realness

photo: cw

photo: cw


Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Naomi & Max decide to divorce and can’t seem to be away from one another. Meanwhile, Teddy and Silver have some surprising people in mind to be a surrogate. Also, Liam is offered a role in another film, but will his PTSD keep him from accepting the role?

Finally, Annie has another unbelievable storyline thrown at her. What is it this week? Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– Max & Naomi finally decide to get a divorce. While they’re packing up their clothes/dividing their assets, Naomi looks on her calendar and sees they have an after-school achievers event they’re scheduled to attend. Max thinks that they need a clean break and decides not to go. Naomi tries to get Max back into the event by getting him to do a mad scientist booth with her at the event. While working on their projects, Naomi & Max kiss and end up having sex. Naomi asks Max if their separation was a mistake, and wonders if it might have been too soon to call it quits. At the event, Max tells Naomi that their hook up the night before was a mistake. During their presentation, Naomi tells Max she’s not okay and leaves. Naomi’s surprised that Max called the night before a mistake. Max tells Naomi that he needs to cut all ties with her for awhile, because he cares too much about her to be just friends. Naomi hoped that they could be friends, and wishes she had some closure. Max grants her closure by having a goodbye tryst. Max tells Naomi that he’ll miss her.

Silver/Teddy– Teddy & Silver meet with a bunch of potential surrogates and (surprise, surprise) Silver doesn’t like any of them. Teddy brings up Shane’s sister, who has everything Silver wants in a surrogate. Teddy asks her to take it into consideration, since she’s going to be there for a week and Teddy has to leave for a 6-month trip to DC soon. After a talk with Adrianna, Silver tells Teddy she wants him to consider her as a surrogate. After Teddy mentions that Ade once switched her medication and almost killed her, Silver says that they talked about it and Ade’s made it up to her (SIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH). After they see Ade flop her performance, Silver tells Teddy that she knows Ade was a bad choice. She says every choice she’s made has been about giving something up, and she’s tired of giving things up. After Teddy reiterates that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Silver to carry their baby, Silver says she can’t bring a person into this world from a place of fear & negativity. Silver finally decides that she’s open to meeting Shane’s sister, but wants to visit her whenever she wants. Teddy says that she’s open to moving to LA. Silver then meets Shane’s sister, Michaela.

Navid/Liam– After Navid tells Liam that the Cronus Society wants another fight from him, Liam tells Navid that the fights served their purpose & he needs to refocus his energy. Liam decides to refocus his energy on acting. He meets with a director who tells him he has a real shot of getting this role. Liam tells the director he needs to think it over. Meanwhile, Navid hangs out with the Cronus Society and tells them the next fight is at one of his dad studios. Campbell gets Navid to hit on a girl at the bar. Navid ends up having a connection with the girl, and the two talk all night long. She even mentions that she has a job interview the next day. Moving over to Liam, Annie tries to get Liam to talk to her, but he puts up a shield and says they lead separate lives. Thinking he sees a paparazzo outside their house, Liam goes up to a guy and almost beats him up. Annie tells Liam he has a problem. Over at the event, Liam takes part in a celeb football game and has Terrell Owens help him score a game winning touchdown. Liam freaks out because of all the cameras & people and decides hide away. The director finds Liam and tells him he got the part, but needs to meet with the execs first. She also tells him this role will make him stratospherically famous. Instead of meeting with the execs, Liam goes over to a studio to fight. Moving back over to Navid, he sees the girl he talked to at a surprising place the next day. When he goes over to Silver‘s, he ends up meeting her surrogate: Michaela, the girl he was talking to last night. #oop

Annie– Annie’s had her share of unbelievable storylines, and this one is most definitely up there. Since the passing of Riley, Annie has spent most of her time writing on her blog, Undressed. When Liam thought there was someone outside stalking the house, he went up to him. The guy, Kent, only said that he was looking for someone. Since Liam almost beat Kent up, Annie felt that the least she could do was get his side of the story. Kent tells Annie that he works at Armitage books and he’s looking for a blogger named Annette (the name Annie goes under on Undressed). His boss liked her blog and tried to contact her multiple times to no avail, so Kent and his team tracked down her IP so they could talk to her. His boss thinks that Annie’s blog could be the next 50 Shades of Grey(LMAO) and wants to have a meeting with her in New York. Later, Annie mentions to Silver that she still hasn’t processed her & Patrick’s breakup, so we know he’s bound to show up pretty soon. Annie decides to take the meeting, and says that she can’t go through with the book deal. The head of the company is not giving up and wants to know what it would take for her to sign. Annie wants anonymity and the publisher agrees to it.

Dixon/Adrianna– Adrianna decides to act out so she can get released from her contract at Unfaithful Records. Her first act of rebellion is shoplifting from a boutique. Dixon talks the store out of pressing charges and tells Ade to give him a chance since he’s working on something. That something that Dixon’s working on is getting Ade switched over to another label for a few artists from another label. The guy Dixon’s talking to, Rand Gunn, tells him that he needs to see her perform before he signs off on the deal. Rand shows up at the event to watch Ade perform and boy does he see her perform. Because Ade didn’t have any knowledge of Rand showing up, she decides to sabotage her performance by singing terribly off key and stripping on stage. After the performance, Dixon tells Ade about Rand and releases her from her contract.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Are you glad Max & Naomi split up? Are you over the Silver baby drama? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Brother From Another Mother

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