The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – The Suicide King

photo: amc / tina rowden

photo: amc / tina rowden

The Walking Dead
The Suicide King

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Picking up right where we left off in the zombie-heavy Woodbury Thunderdome, brothers Daryl and Merle come face-to-face for the first time in the history of the show (if you don’t count hallucinations). Too bad it’s a fight to the death. Andrea is shocked at the gladiator-ness of it all, and some of the Governor’s henchmen have to hold her back from stopping the evening’s entertainment. The people have spoken.

Let me take a moment here to clarify something: At this point in the series, I’m used to beloved (and not-so beloved) characters getting killed off in the blink of an eye. But so help me, if they kill off Daryl, I’m going to write a very angry letter.

Luckily for those AMC interns who open the mail, Merle believes that blood is thicker than the filtered water they have in Woodbury. Instructing Daryl to follow his lead, the brothers band together to take out the leashed Walkers the Governor added to the mix. When Rick and Maggie swoop in, they all (well, except Andrea who presence is still unknown to Rick, et al) escape through one of the back walls of the blockade. And they just so happen to leave the exit open for any unsuspecting Walkers wandering around looking for a meal.

At the rendezvous point, Glenn is none too happy to see Merle. Really, the guy almost beat him to death. Plus, Merle has a way of aiming every disgusting word he says right to the gut. Every. Word. They’ve got to decide whether or not the allow Merle to rejoin the group, and after some heated discussion, the whole blood-is-thicker-than-water thing comes into play once more. Daryl decides to leave the group himself and make his own way with his big brother.

There are two major things wrong with this turn of events: First, the group needs Daryl. Oh, man! They need him big time. Second, the group really needs Daryl. Yes, I know both reasons are the same, but it should count as two. He’s that important.

Back at the prison, Hershel tends to the wounds of the newcomers, warning them that others in his group may be less accepting. But they seem like good people. Hershel himself took Rick and his group in (not with totally open arms, but he helped them nonetheless). But as the group gets smaller and smaller, they seem more leery of outsiders. Humans are scarier than the Walkers if you ask me.

It must have been so frustrating for Tyreese’s group; finally finding a secure place, only to be told that they probably can’t stay. When they go out to bury Donna (who died getting into the prison), Ben and Allen suggest ambushing Carl and Carol who are standing guard nearby. It’d be easy… a boy and a woman (they don’t know that Carl is crazypants and would try to kill them in a second). Tyreese and his sister Sasha act as a united front, vetoing the idea. Tyreese recognizes that this prison group is ‘good people.’

On the road, Rick and the others have to clear a truck out of the middle of the road to pass. A surprise lunge of a Walker sends Glenn into a rage, stomping the brains right out of that rotten zombie head. Glenn has some issues he needs to work out, what with his captivity and not being able to protect Maggie and all that. He turns on Rick, livid that he wasn’t able to kill the Governor and end it all.

Back in Woodbury, the residents want out. Andrea tries to calm everyone down with absolutely no help from the barricade guards who seem more inclined to shoot the humans rather than open the gates. And remember how the back door got left open? A handful of Walkers start shuffling down Main, taking out an innocent bystander before Andrea and the guards jump to action. The poor guy that was mauled lays suffering in the street. The heretofore absent Governor emerges from his apartment, shoots the man the head, and goes back inside without saying a word.

Andrea follows him back to his home, trying to talk sense into him. The town needs him to act like the leader. But he’s over it. He doesn’t care if the people stay or go. He’s got a personal vendetta to settle, and he could care less about anything other than that. Andrea wants to know where he found Daryl. He lets her in on the big secret: he had Glenn and Maggie and was torturing them for information. Clunk. And by the way, Andrea, according to the Governor, you’re just a visitor, too.

Back at the prison, Rick and the others return, letting a very sad Carol know that Daryl choose Merle. Rick refuses to talk Tyreese’s group and heads in to bond with his daughter. But as soon as he gets to hold Judith, she starts crying and he starts looking guilty. Is it that she doesn’t trust him? Is it that she reminds him of all he has lost? Either way, things are not good and Rick still has a bit of the crazy. It’s only been a few days since he went all Kurtz in the prison, remember.

While Rick turns over what to do with the newcomers, Hershel dresses Glenn’s wounds. You don’t have to be an astute farmer to figure out that something (besides to whole kidnapping thing) is majorly wrong between Glenn and Maggie. Separately, he urges them to share their feelings with one another. Then he goes off to fix up Michonne, who Rick wants out of the prison the moment she can walk again.

When Rick finally meets with Tyreese, two things are clear: he does not trust any single person outside of his own group, and the Governor will surely retaliate. Others in the group recognize that the addition of Tyreese and his people will help in the war that is to come. As it stands, they will be outnumbers and outgunned when the Governor comes knocking. Tyreese agrees to help defend the prison, but Rick still isn’t sure. I don’t believe it is because Rick thinks they are bad people, I think it is because he can’t be responsible (mentally) for any more lives lost.

Just when he is about to agree, Rick sees Lori standing on the catwalk in her wedding dress. He starts screaming at her to get out as the others watch in horror. Not sure who or what he is talking to, Tyreese and his group leave to protect themselves from gun-swinging Rick. Yep, Rick’s brain is broken.

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