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photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last time we were in the Hamptons, Conrad and Victoria were warned against helping Daniel by the Initiative. To help his political career, Conrad paid the Ryan brothers to take partial ownership of the Stowaway. Nolan found out that Padma is working for the Initiative to obtain a computer program that he had written years ago – Carrion. When Aiden fails to murder Victoria, the Initiative sends him video of his sister being killed. He leaves Emily, promising to find his sister (if she is actually dead) and take revenge on the Initiative.

This week starts with Emily having a childhood memory of playing “wedding” with Jack. When we return to present day, Emily is holding the wedding ring she made for Jack out of pipe cleaners. She is having mixed feelings about Jack and Amanda’s upcoming wedding.

Nate Ryan meets with Conrad and Ashley to discuss converting the Stowaway and its surrounding area into a new business development. Now that Conrad is partial owner of the Stowaway he is set on developing the area while running for New York Governor.

Emily finds out that Conrad loaned Jack the money to buy back the Stowaway, and gives Amanda a check so that she can pay back Conrad back. She tells Amanda that the Grayson’s always have an ulterior motive for helping out. Amanda talks Jack into taking the money. When Jack meets with Conrad, Conrad refuses to take the money, telling Jack that things have changed and that he is going to develop the land. Jack is furious and vows to fight Conrad every inch of the way.

When Nolan arrives back at NolCorp, he finds Aiden waiting for him. Aiden wants Nolan to review the video of Coleen’s death to determine where and when it came from. After some digging, Nolan finds out the video was created 6 years ago. He is able to determine that it was taken in an abandoned apartment complex in Jersey City. Aiden leaves, presumably to head to the apartment complex. Nolan informs Emily what he has found. She is very worried about Aiden because the Initiative has him questioning everything. Emily tells Nolan about Aiden’s father’s involvement in bringing down flight 197 – that he was bullied by the Initiative into placing the bomb on the plane. This leads Nolan to wonder if the Initiative is holding something over Padma.

Helen Crowley calls Daniel and wants him to move money out of the European market into Middle Eastern banking, against Daniel’s advice. Victoria overhears this conversation. It brings back memories of David Clarke and his declaration of innocence to Victoria. This memory clearly upsets Victoria. I love seeing her display real and raw emotion! When Victoria tells Conrad about the phone call, they come to the realization that the Initiative is planning another evil attack and is setting Daniel up to take the fall.

Emily arrives at the apartment complex to help Aiden. They find the spot where the video of Coleen’s death was taken. Nolan calls Emily to tell her that he may have found Coleen – as a Jane Doe found in Jersey City six years earlier. Aiden and Emily go to the police station to get information on the case. They find out that the body is that of Aiden’s sister. She is dead.

Back at the Stowaway, Jack and Declan are talking about the development. Jack wonders if it is even worth fighting, but doesn’t want to tell Amanda until after the wedding. Amanda overhears the conversation and clearly is coming up with a plan. We later see her sneak into Emily’s house. She finds Emily’s laptop (that contains evidence about the plot to down Flight 197). Amanda takes the laptop to Conrad’s house, and shows him videos proving his involvement in the attack. She blackmails him into taking the money from Jack to buy the Stowaway back. Ashley overhears the entire conversation, standing just outside Conrad’s office. After allowing Jack to buy the Stowaway back, Conrad meets with Nate Ryan and tells him that if Amanda’s leverage is somehow removed, their deal is still on. Nate is definitely planning something evil.

Nolan calls Padma into his office and confronts her about using him. He tells her he knows what she is after, but is unsure why. He has reviewed her NolCorp communications and knows that up until about a month ago, she had been talking with her father every day. When he probes for what happened to her father, she tells him verbally that everything is fine, but writes on a post it note “Not Here”. Later, Padma and Nolan are walking outside. Padma tells Nolan that her father was taken and that she told that if she did what the Initiative told her, he would live. She tells Nolan that her feelings for him are real. He tells her that he wants to believe that.

Victoria tells Daniel that he cannot execute the deal that Helen Crowley wants, providing him with information about how the Initiative is trying to bring him down. She tells Daniel that he must play along and do what the Initiative says while they continue to gather evidence that implicates the Initiative in the downing of Flight 197 while keeping the Grayson’s out of it. Helen Crowley is watching the entire encounter from the camera that they placed in Daniel’s office. Later, because of this added pressure, Daniel tells Emily that he has too much going on to rekindle their romance.

Nolan officiates Jack and Amanda’s wedding on the beach. When Amanda opens the ring box, she sees that Emily has placed the pipe cleaner ring from their play wedding in the ring box. Jack is touched by this and Jack has the bow tie with him that Emily made him wear during their play wedding. As Jack and Amanda take their vows, you can see Emily is having a very hard time staying composed. She is clearly still in love with Jack. She looks off in the distance and is comforted when she sees that Aiden has returned.

Amanda and Jack leave on the Amanda for their honeymoon. When Declan calls Jack later to find out where the baby’s pacifier is, we see Nate cut the phone line. He is on the boat!

Helen arrives at the Grayson’s to threaten Victoria, demanding that Victoria provide her with the evidence she has on the Initiative. Helen threatens to have Daniel killed if Victoria does not provide it to her. When Helen opens the safe (because she does not trust Victoria to do so), Victoria pulls a gun on Helen. Victoria promptly shoots Helen in the chest, killing her. She then calls Daniel with Helen’s phone, telling him to pretend that she is Helen and to come home immediately, not using the normal car service (Helen had alluded that the driver worked for the Initiative). Shortly thereafter, both Daniel and Conrad return home to find Helen dead on the floor.

Aiden apologizes to Emily for leaving. He tells her that she and his sister deserve better than him walking away. They agree that though things have changed, they will continue on the path they were on.

This was a pretty action packed week in the Hamptons! It was great to see both Victoria and Emily displaying real emotion! I’m still not sure how to feel about Padma. She seems sincere when she tells Nolan that her feelings are real, but I still don’t trust her! Don’t mess with our Nolan! I do not like the foreshadowing with Nate being on the Amanda. Does anyone else remember seeing a bow tie floating in the water next to the wreckage of the Amanda at the beginning of the season? Please say it’s not Jack! Please be Nate Ryan and Jack’s tie is just there because of the wedding! I can give or take Amanda, although she sometimes adds some drama to the storyline. But not Jack! What do you all think?

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4 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Union

  1. Julia says:

    I really, really liked this episode! I felt sorry for a lot of characters I don’t usually feel sorry for (Daniel?!), so that probably means the actors all did a very good job. Especially Emily almost broke my heart, and I really hope we’ll get to see more of her nice and vulnerable side.
    Didn’t care for the wedding much, though, because Jack’s speech sounded rehearsed, and Amanda… is she really stupid enough to think she can threaten Conrad Grayson and he won’t send a killer or someone after her?

    • ttckeithg says:

      I really agree, Julia! I also felt sorry for some of the characters that I don’t. I did feel bad for Daniel, which is odd because he usually annoys me. As you said, thought, that’s a testament to the acting! I thought what Amanda did was ballsy, but, as you said, dumb! She should know better. Conrad isn’t one to take a loss easily! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. oirish44 says:

    After last night’s episode… I have to ask the question… one I’ve been thinking for a long time… how do these people get these video cameras installed in everyone else’s offices and homes?? I can understand when Emily or Nolan gets it done, but how on earth do other people do it? It’s really out there, and off the wall in my opinion… so unrealistic!! Like Helen watching Daniel in his office… it’s just mind boggling. That being said… last night was a stunner, because from the previews of the prior episode, they alluded to Jack being dead on the boat, in the hull, under water… as they showed the hand with a blue shirt sleeve, WITH a wedding ring on. So it was definitely a shock last night to see the final outcome, Jack being shot, and Amanda dying. I have wished all along that she would go away (because I really want Jack and Emily together), but have to admit last night I felt a little guilty :o( Amanda had turned out to be quite self-less, after all. At any rate, we now have to wait for the next episode 3 week from now. What goes on with the producers of this great series? One episode here, another there. Anyway, will be interesting now to see how everything rolls out… Helen the dragonlady of the Initiative, dead now. Jack critical… geez, if he ends up dying… Emily will have to take the baby because she promised Amanda as she was taking her last breath. I can’t even imagine where this is going to go now, or if they’ll wind this one up as the final season?? Some of the main nemises are now dead and gone, including the bad Ryan dude. Can’t think that Conrad’s “political aspirations” are going to be enough to hold the interest of viewers. No more questions about Jack and Amanda… she’s gone. I’m afraid the writers are going to have to come up with some super plots now, or this may be the final season? What say you?? Heck, the boat is even history! Previews show Jack in the hospital, appears still unconscious after his surgery. Hmmm… maybe Declin and Charlotte will get married and raise the baby. But certainly not a suspenseful plot.

    • ttckeithg says:

      I completely agree about the camera thing! I also felt a bit guilty last night, too, because I’ve never been a huge fan of Amanda, but she was very self-less. I didn’t see the preview for the next episode. That will be interesting. I don’t think Jack will die now. At least he better not. I want him and Emily together too! I agree about the writing. Unless they try to pull more Ryan stuff on us and/or make more with the Initiative. I’m interested to see what happens now.

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