Dallas – Recap & Review – False Confessions

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

False Confessions

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

This hour felt like it had a one speed… breakneck. I can’t recall the last time an hour of television flew by so quickly. And accomplished so much. And set up so much.

To keep track, you almost need a scorecard. I counted four confessions from three people, two major betrayals, one minor betrayal, one minor (kind of) lie, and one shirtless scene. I’m going on record requesting more of the latter please!

The Tommy Sutter Murder: Last season’s self-defense shooting finally came to light tonight, but not in the way expected. We all know that Pamela shot Tommy. We all know that Frank helped dispose of the body. But after being pushed aside by Pamela one too many times, Frank makes a deal with the devil, J.R. and exposes not only the location of Tommy’s body (which he dug up, all the while retching from the surely unpleasant odor) and John Ross’s dalliances with Pamela. J.R. tells John Ross what’s about to unfold, expressing his anger and disappointment over his son’s bed partner as well. But John Ross has his own interests at stake (getting the Ewing Energies shares that she’ll get in the divorce) and uses his mama to get in touch with Cliff Barnes (we missed you!). He reveals J.R.’s plans, so Cliff one-ups his nemesis and has Frank framed for the shooting. At jail, Cliff expresses his sense of betrayal and manages to shame Frank with his sense of family. In court, Frank confesses to Tommy and Becky Sutter’s murders, outraging Christopher, and then takes a cyanide (?) caplet and commits suicide. Farewell Frank, your cool demeanor and clean-up methods for all things Barnes will be missed.

The Harris Ryland Shooting: Judith finds Harris’s bloody body and calls for an ambulance. The police quickly arrive at Southfork, intending to arrest Anne, but Bobby takes the rap for his wife. Bobby’s (shaky) logic is that if he confesses, it won’t drive a further wedge between Anne and Emma. Uh Bobby… I’m pretty sure stepdaddy shooting daddy doesn’t help the relationship either. Bobby’s bond is set at one million dollars for attempted murder, as Harris survived the shooting. I was just surprised, having watched much Law & Order, that nobody made Bobby surrender his passport! Anne keeps up the charade, even with Sue Ellen, that Bobby did the shooting. But Bobby is a little looser lipped, as Christopher knows the truth, and he makes no attempt to hide the truth for J.R., who offers to do a little judge-bribing if necessary. J.R. also proves his family honor, telling John Ross that they won’t use Bobby’s situation to go after the company. J.R. can be a mean old coot, but family really is everything to him at the end of the day. When Anne and Bobby learn that Harris is waking up, Anne confesses the truth to Lou the Lawyer. However, at the same time, Harris fingers Bobby as his shooter. Mostly because Harris’s creepy mama wants to take Bobby away from Anne… the same way Anne took Harris away from her. Please, please let it be revealed that she’s not really his mother, because it’s really twisted if she is!

Elsewhere: John Ross’s plan to bribe the foreman on the Henderson property to mis-drill hits a snag when Drew sees right through the drilling mistakes. The foreman is fired, but still doesn’t sell John Ross out to Christopher. But Drew has some shady dealings going on, as he takes some sort of trucking job that doesn’t look legal, all the while John Ross’s private investigator is keeping tabs on him too.

And the methane drinking game comes to an end, as I do not believe we heard the word uttered once tonight!

And there you have my TwoCents! Be sure to share your comments, feedback, and own TwoCents below!


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Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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One Response to Dallas – Recap & Review – False Confessions

  1. Tonight’s episode had many unexpected twists, including Bobby taking the blame for shooting Ryland, and John Ross’ disloyalty to JR, which makes me sad. Because JR was never disloyal to Jock. Through thick and thin, JR will always stick by his family.

    I can’t wait until next week.

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