Bones – Recap & Review – The Shot In The Dark



The Shot in the Dark

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

To be practical or not to be practical, that is the question. Booth and Bones argue over just such a thing which in turn sets the pace of the episode and how it will play out. After a few heated words, Bones storms out of the house and heads to work on the latest bones. You know this episode is going to be different when it starts out with the bones already at the Jeffersonian.

While working, someone shoots her with a quiet sounding gun, and leaves her bleeding on the floor. Of all people, Booth finds her lying on the floor, when he arrives with Christine because he feels bad about the argument.

Temperance flat-lines a couple of times in the episode and in doing so, she sees and talks to her mother. Tempy tries to figure out what is happening by being practical. Mom just wants to know how she is. After telling mom about baby Christine and Booth, she realizes she wants to get back to them, but as she struggles the door just won’t let her get back. Her mom tells her it’s not her decision to go back, but Tempy refuses to believe in God. Mom explains that not everything is understandable.

As Tempy and mom talk we learn that their last argument was about a boy and that Temp was an emotional teen…so much so that her mom told her she needed to use her brain and not be so emotional. Ahhh so this is why Bones is the way she is! She tucked her heart away and became the Bones we have learned to love over the past 8 years. Feeling guilty over the last argument with mom before she went away, she decided to take mom literally and live her life that way.

Bones breaks through the “door” and comes back to Booth. The look on his face when she said she was somewhere else is priceless! He almost looked jealous that she saw the light, but also tells her that it is real.

In another near death; mom tells her to flourish and live a full life, and to find some of that little girl with lots of emotions. I have a feeling we will be seeing some great changes in Bones over the rest of the season and into the next. Looks like the theory of heaven and a place “beyond” threw Tempy for a loop!
Fun moment for me was when Tempy tells dad that mom knew the first gift was stolen and he said NOBODY knew that but him. I could feel Booth gushing with belief!

No bullet is found in Bones or the security guard and has the squints baffled. But when Bones tells them she had a cold sensation, Hodgins theory was the same as mine as he comes up with an ice bullet. But actually it turned out to be a blood bullet. Bloody brilliant!

Sweets is back working with Olivia Sparling, the agent he had a fling with in Gunk in the Garage. He is a bit awkward as he brings it up, but she is one cool cat and plays it very nonchalant. I hope to see more of these two.

Gross moment of the night goes to Edison gathering the puss…Yuk! Gross factor 9!
What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you like how they explained how Tempy became the way she was? Leave me your thoughts.

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4 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Shot In The Dark

  1. Donna says:

    I too, was happy to see Sparling come back. I like her & Sweets together. So they DID go out a few times & sleep together, that was an interesting fact…along with his no-so-good performance. Ha! I hear he is moving out soon.

  2. Kk says:

    I would love to see Bones grow but I don’t love this arc because Grey’s Anatomy did it before. Meredith ‘died’ and saw her mum as well and came back a different person.

    • karen says:

      I didn’t watch Greys: but I’m glad to see why she is the way she is, and the idea that she can let go a bit and become a bit more “emotional” will be a welcome.

  3. LaineyT says:

    I quite enjoyed the episode. I think the writers have done a great job this season. It can’t be easy to take what is essentially a case-of-the-week cop show and keeping it fresh, funny and though provoking. I don’t think Bones is going to go through any radical personality change after “seeing” her mother but I do expect that she will work on loosening up a bit. Learning to sometimes follow your heart after a lifetime of following your head is not something that comes easily nor will it happen overnight.

    My only complaint about this episode is regarding “The Case”. It was too bad whoever was responsible for casting gueststars this week let us down. They practically telegraphed who dunnit when they had just one familiar face among the Jeffersonian staff that Sparling and Sweets questioned…and a standout with Brit accent at that. He was the equivalent of a Red Shirt.

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