The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Love is a Many Splintered Thing

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Simpsons
Love is a Many Splintered Thing

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Tonight’s episode features the return of Mary Spuckler, arguably Bart’s true love. By way of refresher, Mary first appeared in the episode “Apocalypse Cow,” when Bart joined the 4-H club and raised a cow. She returned earlier this season in the episode “Moonshine River,” in which Bart and Mary shared their first kiss. Even though the Simpsons characters seem to never age, I enjoy it when they bring back characters from the past and it seems like some amount of time has passed.

Onto tonight’s episode. An older Bart is flashing back to when Mary returned to Springfield. Bart and Mary reunite and seem happy. Bart even has dinner at Mary’s family’s place. There, he learns that Mary will enter the Hillbilly Talent Contest. Her family seems to have some musical abilities. Mary plays a blade of grass like a harmonica, and she plays it pretty well.

At the Hillbilly Talent Contest, Mary loses, but she only cares what Bart thinks. Bart is unable to console her. Mary is disappointed but tells Bart that “everything is fine.”

High in the tops of one of Springfield’s mountain is Make-out Point. Next to it is “Let’s Just Talk” Point, where Mary hugs Bart and pats him on the back. He finally realizes that she’s breaking up with him. He begs her to reconsider (picture above) but fails.

Bart arrives home to find Homer and Marge arguing. Marge says everything is fine. Frustrated Bart complains that women shouldn’t say that everything is fine if they are angry. Marge gets angry and boots both Homer and Bart out of the house, throwing a red suitcase and a Krusty the Clown suitcase out the door as well. It turns out the Krusty suitcase belongs to Homer. Bart wants a Krusty suitcase too. Maybe Homer will get a Duffman suitcase one day and hand his Krusty suitcase down.

Homer and Bart stay at “Brokewood Apartments,” a place full of husbands who have been booted by their wives. Homer appears to be a frequent visitor.

Bart calls Mary, who sings a break-up song about Bart. Taylor Swift would’ve been proud.

Homer and the Brokewood gang watch a British romance called “Love, Indubitably.” They learn that winning their women’s hearts back will require a “grand gesture.” This grand gesture is the men dressed up in tuxedos and singing an apology to their women to a Beethoven song. Homer wins Marge back, but Bart fails to win Mary back. Future Bart says that he got over Mary by playing video games. But he soon checks a facebook-esque site and finds that Mary is married. The status soon turns to “single” and Bart posts a message on her wall.

What did you guys think? I felt that Moonshine River had a happier ending and maybe was a better episode for Valentine’s. If Bart and Mary had stayed together, what would be a cute couples name? Marty? Simpckler?

As Valentine present, a bonus image of the cute couple. Enjoy!

photo: fox

photo: fox


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2 Responses to The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Love is a Many Splintered Thing

  1. AManFromDeclan says:

    After reading this review, I can conclude a few things:

    1. Marge is a bitch for throwing not just Homer out, but Bart as well! Marge has lost all credibility. She’s highly irrational, nuts, Screwball Squirrel-nuts! And she has the nerve to justify these tenancies with any cheap excuse of the top of her head. But the real upset was the fact that she booted her own son out of his house for apparent reason. She doesn’t even bother to consider that Bart was going through anguish over the realization that Mary dumped him.

    2. It appears that Lisa and Prof. Frink (Future-Drama) ultimately condemned Bart to an entire life without a permanent love interest (and if “Holiday of Future Passed” were canon, this would add on to it). This of course is going back to the crap Lisa said: “Yeah, for about a week. But as soon as they get to know the real you, they departo de Barto”. Of course this is coming from someone who knows the “real” Bart less than anyone else, despite any good he’s done for anyone else – her included. And then there’s Mr. Science-Astrology-Machine: And you will, at the age of 83. You die one minute later. I wouldn’t be surprised if the execs at Fox were the ones who engineered that “amazing” machine of his.

    3. Since when did Bart have a previous existing romance before Season 24!? When Bart first met her at the 4H-Club, she merely helped him raise his cow, Lou, and Bart went to her house just to keep Lou safe. It was Cletus’ idea to have them get married, which neither of the two were initially thrilled about. The only reason Bart went to the 4H-Club at all is because they saw Martin show off his combined harvester around town, all because Marge was against TV and wanted Bart to take a drive with Homer to Shelbyville. This entire romance is an even bigger ass-pull than Ned and Edna never being formally introduced to each other until Season 22. For those who actually saw the episode that made Ned a widower in the first place, Edna (who was still dating Skinner at the time) is the second person he dates after his wife’s passing.

  2. vinchi2c says:

    Thanks for the comment! Agree that during the first episode when Bart and Mary met, there was no hint of either of them being romantically inclined toward the other. They seemed to be “just friends,” but perhaps that’s what the writers were going for when they created the coupling in the first episode of this season “Moonshine River.”

    Also agree that the Ned & Edna coupling seemed to come out of the blue. Not sure whether Bart & Mary were a bigger “out of the blue surprise” than Ned and Edna being married. Both surprised me. I thought Bart & Mary would have made a cute couple. Ned and Edna, I think will still take some time for me to get use to.

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