Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Tiny

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Humans can be such vile creatures. Our short history is full of war and murder – weapons created to maximize death. That’s one way to view our history – another is the love, the compassion and kindness individuals show when it’s to their detriment – the true heroes. Humans aren’t perfect but there’s good in us – it’s hard to see sometimes but I like to believe when it counts the most, it’s the kindheartedness that will persevere. In that, I’m an optimist.

In Fairytale (pre-curse), James (the real prince, not The Shepard) is a little player and kinda an asshole. We’ve never seen the real James and his personality – for a reason, dude is a douche. He’s cavorting with a pretty chick when King George tells him of a giant sighting in the countryside. It’s weird how the father just busts into his son’s bedroom when he’s bedding a woman – icky. James and lady-love goes giant hunting.

The giant is named Anton, the poor Goliath that Emma will encounter in the future. He’s nicknamed Tiny by his brothers and takes a bit of ribbing from his siblings. The giants have lived secretly and stopped trading magic beans with humans – they’ve destroyed and pillage the lands they visit via the beans. The behemoths continue to grow magic beans even though they don’t trade with humans – it’s what they do; the work makes them who they are (sweet gentle beings that are totally misunderstood).

Tiny is fascinated with humans – he thinks THEY are misunderstood; humans cannot be all bad. After some taunting by his brothers, he ventures to the land of the humans. He meets James and his lady friend, Jacqueline or Jack for short. Jack gives him a magic mushroom that will shrink him for a short period of time. I’m seeing a backstory between Cora and Jack.

Anton feels he finally belongs – James and Jack are his friends, they’re nice to him. He learns of the kingdom’s debt and volunteers treasures to help – hey, what are friends for? He tells his new pals, he’s going up the beanstalk to get the gold.

Tiny is taking treasures when his brother, Arlo, finds him. They argue about human’s virtues or lack thereof. This is when they realize there are intruders. Tiny and Arlo confront James and Jack. They’re here for the beans but the giants are willing to fight to keep them safe.

James, Jack, and an army storm the place and use poison swords to kill all the giants. Tiny is instructed by Arlo to salt the land and destroy the beans – humans should not be allowed to gain access to other lands. Jack pokes Arlo but the giant is able to lift her up and stab her with her own sword. The whole time James is stealing the treasures – not helping Jack. When Jack asks for help, James flees.

Before Arlo dies, Anton is given a cut of the beanstalk to grow more beans – he’ll know where and when. Now we know why Anton hates humans – totally understandable. Giants were minding their own beeswax when humans decide to commit genocide for beans. Poor Anton – betrayed and due to his actions, his family perishes.

In Storybrooke, Emma, Gold, and Henry are taking a field trip. They’re heading to Logan Airport to fly to New York. Henry is joining the trip because Cora is in Storybrooke and Emma isn’t letting her boy stay when crazy evil witch is loose – smart girl.

Gold isn’t use to the new TSA rules – who is? The anti-shoes through the metal detectors are deemed “barbaric” by Rumpel (I agree). Gold is going through major anxiety and realizes he’s magicless outside of Storybrooke. Last we see of the trio – Henry is happy on a sugar high thanks to Cinnabons, Emma is worried about Gold, and Gold is about to have a Jetblue moment as the plane takes off.

While the trio is away, David, Snow, and Grumpy take Hook to his ship where they find a captured mini-Anton. He’s released but upon seeing Charming, he goes homicidal. Hook and Anton escape. Hook sends a signal out to Cora but Regina shows up. Now Regina knows the plan can proceed. What plan?

Regina finds Anton; tells him she hates James too; gives him a mushroom (looks like an eraser) to eat; Anton becomes a giant temporarily. He terrorizes the town. David finds him and tells him it was his twin brother that wronged Tiny; Anton has also met Charming’s daughter, Emma. Anton seems to believe him but when asked to see if Emma can vouch for them, they say she’s on a vacation…oops.

Tiny goes all cray-cray. After trying to stomp Charming to death, he’s stuck clutching to a pipe for dear life – he shrunk at the most inopportune time. Charming and the townspeople all aid to help Tiny. Anton feels thankful and less homicidal – he finally sees the good in human. He asks them if they want to go back home. They say they cannot but Tiny produces his beanstalk cutting – he’ll plant it and they can go home.

The dwarves volunteer to help tend the land – miners or farmers, work is work. Anton is warming up to them when Grumpy asks Happy to give Anton an axe. Once Anton holds it, the name “Tiny” appears on it – he’s now accepted into the dwarf family. The dwarves will help protect the beans from Cora – even naïve Anton knows, growing the magic beans is Cora’s ultimate plan.

In other Storybrooke news, Belle is freaking out because she was magically healed by Gold and his hands are able to produce fireballs. Greg, the outsider, tells Belle she’s not crazy – he saw the fireball too. This isn’t going to end well. This may be the reason why Storybrooke will have to go back to Fairytale.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Nice twist on “Jack and the Beanstalk”. I’ve always thought that story was mean – Jack essentially commits breaking and entering and then murders the owner of the house. This Jack story doesn’t make Jacqueline more likeable. Humans say giants are evil creature but the big-ones are docile beings who just want to tend the land. The victors write history but the truth is: humans are the destroyers.

2. Anton has to stop eating what strangers give him. It could be poison!! He’s so naive.

3. Charming and Snow tell Regina she’s cleared of Archie’s non-murder. It seems Regina has crossed over to the dark side with her aiding Cora. She was doing so well!!

4. Snow wants to stay in Storybrooke – home is where family is. It’s true. She doesn’t know if Emma wants to leave Storybrooke. Good point.

What will Greg do with Belle’s information? Will Gold find his son? Will he have a Jetblue moment? Nice to see Anton being accepted, no? Will Cora steal Anton’s beans? Discuss away!!!!

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Tiny

  1. raybelle says:

    I feel like the Greg/Her storyline has got to be connected to magic somehow– like maybe Her is Alice or Dorothy, or some other story that has someone from our world going to a magical one. My logic lies within a very wise Joss Whedon show when it comes to magic/supernatural: “People tend to rationalize what they can, and forget what they can’t”. To me, this means that Greg must know that magic exists before coming to town and has finally found it. And now he’s going to use poor Belle to expose it for Her…

    I felt so bad for Anton the whole story. Family treats you badly, so you make new friends, who turn out to be backstabbing nasties that kill your family and steal your stuff. Super suck. Although it was interesting to finally see a little bit of the real James– I hope to see more truthfully. Also excited to see Emma come back and see Anton again! Loved seeing her compassionate side (for Henry and Gold both).

    Poor Regina too– girl is being pulled around on all sides. That dig from Snow (“Emma doesn’t have to run things by you”) was particularly harsh. Hard to be trying your best and be loved by none for the right reasons.

    They’re on their way to NY, and I really really want Bae to be Neal. Crossing fingers!

  2. Maggie C says:

    Anton and the seven Dwarve will be a good fit. They will be better brothers than the ones he grew up with.
    I hope Belle remembers Rumple, and I agree that Bae should be Neal.

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