The Office – Recap & Review – Couples Discount

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Office
Couples Discount

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Well, we get no cold opening today. Is that a good sign or not? I guess we have a lot of ground to cover and I hope a bunch of it is Jim and Pam NOT getting divorced.

Jim and Pam are in the same town for Valentine’s Day but only because Jim finagled it out of his partners. Erin has plans to break up with Andy because he’s coming back from his boat trip the next day. She complains that he’s been a total jerk to her and she hardly heard from him while he was gone on his self-discovery mission. She for her last day of being Andy’s girlfriend wants to do something fun with Pete. Seems legit.

Everyone’s getting prepared for Andy’s return, but they wish he weren’t coming back. They’ve been happier and more productive since he’s been gone. They decide to pair off and go to the mini mall to to take advantage of the couples discounts offered for Valentine’s Day.

Pam set up a double date for she and Jim to have lunch with Brian and his wife, Alyssa. Jim talking heads about how they’ve become friends with Brian and his wife over the years. Jim says he’s a good guy. Uh huh, as far as you know, Halpert. Over lunch, Brian tells Jim and Pam that he and Alyssa are breaking up. Well, isn’t that just convenient. Brian lets it slip that Pam has been crying at work. Jim is surprised. Really, Jim? You’ve been a giant jerk lately. In another jerky move, Jim is angry at Pam for not telling him how upset she was that time they had the big fight and finding comfort in Brian. Jim cancels their Valentine’s Day plans and says he’s going to head to Philly. She tells him she should stay and they should fight because she’s not ready to give up on the relationship. Good for you, Beesley. He playfully tells her to put up her dukes. That’s right, hug it out, y’all.

Andy is back a day early. He looks like crap, by the way. Overgrown and shaggy is not a good look for him. Coincidentally, David Wallace is coming in to talk to Andy and that’s the reason for his early arrival. Apparently, David doesn’t know that Andy was gone for three months because Andy managed to keep in touch. He wants to know why Pam and Jim are taking a two-hour lunch. Uh, hi Pot, meet Kettle. Andy admonishes Dwight for not running stuff by him. Because that’s totally easy when your boss is on a boat for three months with no reasonable means of communication. Andy is completely incompetent and loses the Scranton White Pages account that Clark worked so hard for. Way to go, Andy. Everyone is pretty angry at him at the moment and Dwight suggests they rat him out to David. Andy is not really having a great day when Erin drops the breakup bomb. He talks her into keeping him around, saying that she could just pretend to like him until they get the spark back. She agrees, because she’s Erin and the writers like to make her as stupid as possible. She apologizes to Pete in the parking lot. He says it’s ok and he just wants her to be happy. She kisses him and rushes back into the building to tell Andy it’s seriously over. She tells him that she thought he was dead because he was gone for three months. What Erin doesn’t know is that Andy is on speakerphone with David Wallace and she’s accidentally told on him. Awesome.

I’m glad to see some things wrapped up in this episode. Pete and Erin are together (yay), Pam is hopefully going to rip Jim a new one for being such a jerk lately (double yay), and Andy is going to get what’s coming to him for bailing on his job for three months (high five). Think Andy’s going to get fired? Leave your thoughts in the commen


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