The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Kym Caffrey – Senior Reviewer

I think this week sets a record for the fastest time for someone to want to hurt Sheldon with his spoiler on book six of the Harry Potter series that Leonard has finally gotten around to reading. Add to that his theory that Leonard’s soy milk is turning him into a “hysterical woman” and Leonard has every reason to be angry.

He even throws the roommate agreement in the trash!

Even more – he tells Sheldon he doesn’t want to live with him anymore and is going to go live with Penny. I wonder how Penny will feel about that. (And warning – Sheldon retaliated with a spoiler for book seven too.) We’ll find out soon enough when Leonard rants to her about how insufferable he is – and she compares them to Bert and Ernie. She’s clearly surprised, and uncomfortable with the idea, but tries not to give it away. Instead she talks about being worried about Sheldon being able to manage without him. Oops, another Harry Potter spoiler as Penny tries to explain why Amy’s not a substitute for him in Sheldon’s life. It doesn’t work and Leonard puts her on the spot to come up with one good reason they shouldn’t. She can’t – at least not without admitting she’s clearly terrified by the idea – and Leonard goes to get his stuff. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s packing up Leonard’s things, with Amy as scribe noting down each item as he packs it – although not in as much detail. She’s just referring to them as “children’s toys”. Amy asks what he plans to do now. I think she’s fishing for them to take a similar step, but Sheldon doesn’t notice and talks about how he’s going to have to find and “cultivate” a new roommate. Leonard was apparently very “uncivilized” when he “took him in”. Finally she comes right out and offers herself as someone already accustomed to his ways. He also is clearly uncomfortable with the idea – but doesn’t seem to be able to say no and she heads off to see if Leonard’s room is big enough for her water bed while he runs across the hall to see Leonard. First he tries to blow off their argument as “much ado about nothing”, but Leonard doesn’t buy it and he’s forced to essentially ask Leonard to come back and save him from Amy. Penny walks into the conversation and sees it as her opening to get out of living with Leonard. Of course, neither of the guys can tell she’s actually speaking for herself about relationships moving faster than you’re comfortable with and not knowing how to say so without hurting someone’s feelings. Sadly, both Penny and Sheldon have been trapped by logic. How long will this last? Not too long – Penny and Sheldon meet up in the hallway and decide that they both just need to be honest – in spite of how it might hurt Leonard and Amy. First, Sheldon and Amy. He’s having a hard time because she’s doing everything perfectly, until she shows him her new voicemail message for them. Then he bursts right out with “You can’t live here”. Nope, can’t expect subtly from Sheldon. When Amy explodes – he cowers and blames Penny. It’s her fault – she’s the “snake in their garden” and the reason they can’t be happy. Coward. Amy, of course, heads across the hall, where Leonard overhears when she confronts Penny and they all end up in the hallway hashing it out. The girls finally storm off to Penny’s apartment – with the scary exclamation from Amy that she should just move in with Penny – and the guys head sheepishly into their apartment to catch up on some Walking Dead. And another spoiler, but at least Sheldon sort of apologizes this time.

Also this week, Howard and Bernadette are going to Vegas with some of the company bigwigs – part of a bonus she got for rebranding a bad dandruff medication with horrible side effects as a treatment for constipation. He asks Raj to check on his mother while he’s gone. Raj tries to say he’s too busy – single man on Saturday night and all – until Howard reminds him what that really means. Cut to dinner with Raj and Howard’s mom the following night – where he’s being fed like royalty – and we actually get a couple of quick glimpses of her crossing the kitchen doorway. Raj is trying desperately to extricate himself, but she starts crying in the kitchen – but it’s okay – it’s just something she does when she lonely and “has nothing to live for”. The guilt works – Raj is staying for dessert – which will be a while. I know how long it takes to make chocolate chip cheesecake. The following morning finds Raj asleep in Howard’s bed. Apparently she even tucked him in, after having him wear Howard’s silk pajamas. By the way, I’ve had the same problem with silk pajamas and satin sheets. One or the other is fine, but both together is just a problem. Howard warns him he needs to leave right away or she’ll use guilt and food to keep him there forever. She’s already stolen his clothes. Probably to wash them. In fact, Raj calls Howard (who’s icing himself after he and Bernadette tried something they saw at Cirque de Soleil in bed) later to say he was right. Raj still hasn’t managed to escape. Bernadette asks if they should go rescue him, but Howard says it’s too late – they’ll see him at his Bar Mitzvah. He can’t even manage to sneak out the window.

So, yeah. This week set an interesting backdrop for next week’s Valentine’s Day episode with both Amy and Penny angry with their men. And I fully agree that it’s the guys that screwed this up. Leonard didn’t even ask Penny what she thought before deciding to move in, putting her on the spot to either agree or hurt his feelings. And Sheldon should have been honest with Amy, who did ask first, from the start – since clearly hurting her feelings wasn’t his concern. Or at least it wasn’t then. That may not be the case now. So what will happen next week? Will they have made up? Or will the guys still be in the doghouse? And will Amy try to move in with Penny? And how will Penny handle that one?

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2 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

  1. MrsDB says:

    Shamy isn’t going to last much longer. And I think if Leonard keeps pushing Penny they are going to split. I kinda like the idea of Penny and Sheldon as roomates though.

  2. ttckym says:

    Yeah, I don’t know how long Amy’s going to continue to wait for Sheldon to become more intimate. As for Penny and Leonard – I wouldn’t be against them splitting up. I’m glad they’re pushing things to a conclusion either way. The stasis that the relationship was in for so long was getting tedious. I still think Leonard and Alex has potential.

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