Suits – Recap & Review – He’s Back

photo: usa

photo: usa

He’s Back

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Remember actions have consequences? Well, it seems the cost may be higher than Pearson Hardman can afford. Remember the flashback episode? All the things we’ve learned comes back to play an important role – love this show.

Daniel is leading the deposition for Folsom Foods. His tactic? To wage a war against Pearson Hardman – he’s suing the firm on behalf of Monica Eton, his ex-mistress, for wrongful termination in the amount of $10M. If I was Folsom Foods, I’d be pissed – my case has just become an afterthought!! (Not really but we’ll get to that).

We learned from the flashback episode that Monica and Daniel were doing the horizontal mambo while Daniel’s wife was dying of cancer – Daniel, the ass that keeps on sh*tting. After Jessica found out about the affair and Hardman’s embezzling, Daniel left on the guise of attending to his sick wife and Monica was shown the front door. Jessica no longer trusted Monica. We also learned that Louis had a major crush on Monica and asked her out on a daily basis – in a Louis Litt, dorky, creepy, slightly stalker-ish but not menacing kind of way.

Present day, due to Jessica signing the confidentiality agreement to rid the firm of Daniel Hardman, the embezzling cannot be disclosed as the root cause of Monica’s termination. Daniel is a sneaky little bastard – Jessica should have known you can’t get rid of Herpes. Harvey isn’t too happy the confidentiality agreement was signed and he didn’t know of its existence but he keeps on fighting.

During a deposition, Hardman questions Jessica – he tries to get her to talk about the embezzlement which would mean $15M in Herpes’ pocket. Harvey stops an emotional Jessica from talking so she walks out. I would too – Hardman basically told Jessica she is a bitter barren old woman whose jealousy of any woman getting nooky (even with a married man) lead to Monica’s termination. Um, Jessica is fierce – she’s not jealous of Monica. Twiggy ain’t got nothin’ on her.

Mike feels guilty about the lawsuit because Hardman received the idea from Mike. What the little boy doesn’t know is: it was Jessica’s idea in the first place. The boy does all he can to rectify the wrong. He generates a line of questioning to get Monica to talk about the affair with Daniel. Jessica lets Mike do the questioning and he bombs. Not only did Monica sidestep the affair question – she blames her termination on sexual harassment…from Louis. Louis was a partner and due to her rebuffing him, she was fired. Poor Louis!!!

Later, Mike brings up a good point with Jessica – the confidentiality agreement prohibits them from spilling but not questioning Hardman. Jessica gets Herpes to say he was the man Twiggy was sleeping with but it changes nothing…until Mike goes to Monica with the Folsom Foods files.

There are real women that have been discriminated against – Monica isn’t one of them. If her case goes to trial it’ll hurt these women – Jessica will not be seen as a female lawyer fighting for women’s rights but a hypocrite. Also, resources are scarce and money is tight. Daniel is using Monica to win the Folsom Foods cases. That was the end-game. Sneaky, sneaky.

I guess Monica has a heart – she settles. We don’t know the amount but it’s obviously less than $10M. Jessica isn’t happy settling but Harvey convinces her – be calm, think straight: this is the right thing to do. It’s nice to see Harvey being the level-headed one while Jessica is acting on her emotions. Has the student become the teacher?

Jessica settles and in her Sunday-best makes a visit to Robert Zane – she wants a merger, she hates Daniel that much. Robert is going to wait it out – once Pearson Hardman falls he can pick up the pieces for free. Also, the Folsom Foods cases will be tried in seven different jurisdictions all at once – Daniel’s diabolical scheme to beat the living daylights out of his old firm. Um, we may have a problem – limited resources and depleting funds.

In other news, Rachel is applying to Harvard and Harvard only because all the other law schools in America have suddenly shut its doors. Whatever. She wants to work at Pearson Hardman when she graduates but cannot write her essay.

After a Mike pep talk she writes an essay on her kick-ass future lawyer ability because of her paralegal experience. She needed a pep talk to come up with that idea? Really? Now I know why she did so badly on her previous LSATs. Also, Mike and Rachel lament on Rachel’s impending departure (I celebrate and wish Harvard would just let her in NOW).

This episode sets up the approaching war with Hardman – the firm’s resources will be stretch but Mike and Harvey should prevail. If not, what about Season 3?! I expect fireworks, crazy schemes and sexy Harvey faces.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. I take offense to Daniel Hardman’s line of questioning and insinuation – women are jealous of other women because of physical attributes. If a man fired another man, the allegation of nooky-jealousy would never come up. You see the gender bias? Men would never accuse another man of jealousy over looks either. Women are seen as jealous creatures who are valued on their child-bearing skills and appearances. Jessica is more than that – she’s a woman in a man’s world and she’s on top. I feel insulted.

2. Louis. Oh, Louis. When he read Monica’s deposition, I felt so bad!! The way he read out loud “rebuff again and again,” “disgusted” and “common knowledge”. Poor Louis. His hands were shaking and I wish I could give him a hug. It was nice to see Harvey console him – gentle and with a drink; I think Louis was more embarrassed than pissed. It’s nice to see the Harvey/Louis relationship mending. Poor Louis. He was so nice to Monica too! His reasoning on asking her out again and again was so sweet. He knew she was out of his league but he thought if she got to know him, she’ll like him. Let’s say it together….awwww…..

3. Did you see poor Donna’s face when Harvey said “you beautiful” and realized it was for Jessica? At least she has her two bitch-slaps of Hardman to keep her happy.

4. Hardman plays the man too. He knew Jessica wanted him gone so he immediately got her to sign a confidentiality agreement – she made a decision while she was reeling. Hardman planted seeds of distrust between Jessica and Harvey and I think we’re seeing it start to bloom. Harvey is mad that his name isn’t on the wall and Jessica may not fully trust Harvey. The man is good. Wait until Harvey hears about Jessica’s proposal to merge with Zane. I’m thinking major fireworks?

5. Jessica keeps warning Robert Zane of Daniel. Do you think Daniel will eat Robert alive? I think Zane is smart enough but he may come out bloodied and bruised. Watch out and don’t say Jessica didn’t warn you.

6. “Revenge is the best revenge”
~ Louis Litt on Daniel Hardman. I agree with him – seeing your enemy bleeding does have its pleasures. Loved Louis threatening Hardman in the elevator. Which leads me to this gem:

7. “You ever so much as tell me the incorrect time, I’ll kill you. I will rip your smug face off your fat neck…and I’ll kill you”
~ Louis Litt to Daniel Hardman. Um, does it make me a bad person to want to see this happen? Also, I think I’m crushing on crazy-Louis (didn’t see that coming).

Do you think “Pearson Hardman” will become “Pearson” or “Pearson Specter”? Jessica did tell Harvey to take down “Hardman.” Did you feel sorry for Louis? Do you like crazy-Louis? I can’t wait for Rachel to leave, can you? Nice set-up episode – sets up for the big fight. Was Jessica wearing real fur? Didn’t she look awesome? Were you as offended as me at the insinuation women are jealous creatures? How will they win and when will Herpes go away?!! Discuss away!!!!

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