Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Ann’s Decision

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation
Ann’s Decision

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Leslie and Ben’s wedding is still in the midst of planning, and Ben takes it upon himself to figure out the caterer. He enlists the help of Ron, Chris, and Tom (who’s a big fan of Instagram-ing food), but things go awry when the gang falls victim to some sneaky-and ill-prepared- calzones.

Ann’s still having fun dating herself, but she spills a big secret to Leslie: she’s ready for motherhood. But wait, where is she going to get the guy?

With Leslie having so much on her plate, April tries to take on her persona and hold public forums for the Pawnee Commons. Soon, she learns there’s nothing better than being yourself.

Leslie is completely against Ann’s idea of having a baby on her own, but supports her anyway by tagging along to the sperm bank. They end up immediately leaving after running into Sewage Joe, the city hall pervert, and now Ann is back to square one. However, she has another idea up her sleeve. She’ll draw up a list of guys she knows to interview, one-by-one, and tell them it’s for a men’s health blog. Leslie still isn’t feeling this whole thing, but cautiously lets Ann go along with it.

While Leslie is wrapped up in Ann’s decision, April isn’t faring well with the public forum. She’s wearing Leslie’s old pantsuits and adopts Leslie’s cheerful personality, which is not a good look for April. Soon, she loses control of the forum and local perverts start pitching ideas for a topless park.

The morning after taste-testing the food, the gang (minus Tom) are experiencing weird symptoms. Ben finds Chris laying on the floor of his office and soon joins him, while Ron stifles his vomit. Tom is fresh as a daisy though, because he didn’t eat the calzones. That’s right- Ben’s precious calzones did this to them. He vows to never eat them again, which I’m sure is a big deal coming from Ben. Remember the “Low-Cal Calzone Zone” from last season?

In her attempt to find a donor, Ann has whittled the list down to three potential candidates. First is the city hall physician, Dr. Harris, who has a real superiority complex. Next is former high school basketball legend, Pete, who catches onto Ann’s scheme pretty quick. Lastly, it’s Howard Tuttleman, or better known as the “Douche” (Nick Kroll) from Pawnee’s shock-jock morning show “Ira and the Douche.” Turns out, he’s pretty well-educated and kind of a nice guy despite his “douchiness,” and Ann settles on him. Leslie wants to shut this down ASAP, so she finds the Douche in the parking lot and explains Ann’s plan, telling him it’s a bad idea. Wrong move, Leslie, because soon it becomes a topic of discussion all over the airwaves.

The next day, Leslie tries to right her wrong while April is in charge of the public forums yet again. Andy purposely forgets her Leslie costume, forcing April to be herself. Suddenly, she’s her usual no-BS self and shuts down all idiocy to the crowd’s applause. She also manages to snag a high number of signatures, so score one for April. While April is busy succeeding, Leslie makes an appearance on the morning show to ask the Douche to lay off Ann. They agree, but only if Leslie gets into a pool filled with jello and imitates Bill Cosby.

The guys are over the food poisoning and faring much better than Leslie is at the moment as they gather at JJ’s for some food. We learn that Jean-Ralphio started his own catering business, but he’s currently on trial for counterfeiting Euros, so it might be awhile (he’s definitely guilty, Tom adds). When JJ promises Ben some waffles to take home to Leslie, a lightbulb goes off in his head. Leslie’s favourite restaurant is JJ’s Diner, so why not have JJ cater the wedding?

All’s well between Leslie and Ann, especially when Ann realizes she needs to take more time with this decision. Of course, Leslie is always by her side with her colour-coded binders.

What did you think of this episode? Will Ann continue to have baby fever? Is April shaping up to be the next Leslie Knope? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Emergency Response

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