Nikita – Recap & Review – Brave New World

photo: cw

photo: cw

Brave New World

Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2013

Andrew – TwoCents Reviewer

Sometimes, no matter how well you plan, or even improvise, there are certain twists that you can’t expect. In this week’s episode, Nikita goes solo to chase down Heidecker, the tech (or scientist?) who is supposedly responsible for recreating a deputy prime minister’s lost leg. Along the episode, we get some Breaking Bad shout outs. Meanwhile, Ryan cleverly manages the political precautions of Nikita barging into Kosovo.

Nikita is losing sleep over Michael again, who still hasn’t returned home. She runs to Birkhoff, who has tracked down someone who may be able to regenerate a fully-functioning flesh hand for Michael. The man, Heidecker (John Billingsley, Star Trek), has apparently done it for the deputy prime minister of Kosovo. Without any second thoughts or consideration of Birkhoff’s uncertainty, Nikita flies solo to Europe in search of Heidecker.

She isn’t willing to tell Michael in fear of raising his hopes, but Michael and Alex extract the mission out of Birkhoff quickly, and soon fly over when Nikita is caught trying to rescue Heidecker from trouble. They have a conversation about the technology he has created, including the Division kill chips. She’s hostile about how they are used, but Heidecker calmly invokes ignorance, claiming the application of them is out of his hands.

Nikita can see why Percy originally hired Heidecker. As the amoral leader, Percy was only interested in maximum viciousness, and when used that way, technology and devices have an evil power of their own. But Nikita needs Heidecker to help Michael, and Heidecker obviously wants to escape from the cage they’re currently standing in.

The deputy prime minister’s leg is hurting due to injected drugs, courtesy of Nikita earlier. He instructs Heidecker to fix it, who responds with a list of items to create the painkiller. While they mix and stir liquids, we get a feel of Heidecker’s personality. He looks feeble on the outside, but he has strong convictions about what he does, and is on a mission to gather data to further his experiments. He asks her about Michael, and she retells the story, clearly hurt by it. We saw an unusually patient Nikita in this scene, especially when Heidecker talks about his scientific work. With Birkhoff, she’s normally very “get to the point already, nerd!”

Ryan is concerned about political fallout from Nikita barging into Kosovo. He and Birkhoff conference, and the man who left an everlasting presence on this show is brought up again. What would Percy do? Ryan decides to manipulate the truth and alerting the President’s aid, Evan Danforth, of the situation… without telling him that Division caused it. He calmly lies through the call, and asks for instructions, awaiting a call back.

Michael arrives in Kosovo, and the order comes in from the President: kill the deputy prime minster. Alex succeeds in this, making it look like internal betrayal, while Nikita, Michael, and Heidecker escape by blasting the cell gate (with an assist from chemistry – Walter White would be proud). When they run to Heidecker’s plane, we see that he has kids in his plane. Shocked, Nikita and Michael recoil and demand an explanation. The children are just additional data points to his experimentation, he says, demonstrating a further amorality (would it appropriate to say Walt would also be proud?) to Heidecker. Nikita and Michael won’t stand for it though, and kill him when he tries to get away. They do gather his files, and Michael is pleased that there’s hope for him after all – maybe someone in them can repair him.

The episode closes with the President’s administration being so impressed with how cleanly Ryan handled the Kosovo deputy prime minster that they assign Division four “Top Secret” files. Birkhoff and Nikita obviously aren’t pleased with this; their intention was to dispose of the Dirty Thirty and be finished with espionage. What will be in those four files?

Bullet points:

  • I didn’t like the sudden twist with the kids. Heidecker was a defined character toeing moral lines before that – one-shot scientists tend to be lazily portrayed as insane and/or genius in some way – and I liked his two scenes with Nikita where he defended his values in a human way. Guinea pig children might naturally flow from that wavering, but it was too Percy-like.
  • Speaking of Percy, I’m glad his command still has influence over the show, but he’s been dearly missed on the show. Amanda is certainly equally cruel, but we haven’t seen much of her and this Michael arc clearly isn’t over. And the international bad guys so far have been all the same: powerful and angry politicians (and not very smart – why would you give your prisoner a torch lighter?)
  • Great image of Michael blocking the knife with his own cybernetic hand. There’s one advantage of it!
  • Maggie Q looked fantastic in black and high boots. Nikita dresses well for her solo missions.
  • “Delicate situation” might be the most overused euphemism ever between government people ever.
  • “Yay, science!” But Nikita is sarcastic, not Jesse Pinkman-gleeful.
  • No episode next week.

On February 22nd: Black Badge

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