Community – Recap & Review – History 101

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

History 101

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Troy and Abed back from Summer! Everyone’s wearing hipster glasses and the live studio audience freaks out. Also Pierce has been replaced by Fred Willard. Oh, it was just Abed’s happy place. Aw, I wish that was real. Welcome back to Greendale, folks!

That happy place was just Britta walking him through their last first day of school. The credits roll and the show is now called “Abed’s Happy Community College Place”. And we’re back to reality where Pierce is Pierce. Bummer.

The study group are all seniors this year and they need to make this year count. Jeff saves the study group seats in the History of Ice Cream class, which is the only history class available this semester. Turns out that there was a glitch in the scheduling system and the class is over-booked. Dean Pelton makes The Hunger Deans as a way figure out how to see who gets to take the class. It seems like Jeff has changed over the summer and become a nicer person, but what he really wants is the group to all take the class together because he needs just one history credit to graduate. He resolves to win 7 spots for the study group.

Cut to Abed’s happy place. Dean has lost the group’s records and they’ll all need to repeat the last three years. Abed believes they’ll all be in Greendale forever. We all know Abed does not cope well with change. In the present, Annie doesn’t actually want to graduate either because she thinks being an adult in the real world won’t be as fun as being in college.

Back to The Hunger Deans. Jeff wins the team their first ball. Abed cuts to his happy place where Jeff is totally against being a freshman until the hot freshman girls show up. Abed’s happy place starts to turn on him when Annie finds out how to retrieve the lost records. In his happy place, Britta advises him to go to his happy place. So his happy place within his happy place is filled with Greendale Babies, which is pretty much like Muppet Babies. I would watch that show.

Britta and Troy are apparently dating and fighting over wishes in the fountain. Apparently, there are lots of rules regarding penny wishes in fountains. Britta ain’t down with that, y’all.

Jeff gets all the balls he needs but one. For the next to last game, he has to do the tango with Dean Pelton. No, really, they dance a tango. Jeff accuses the Dean of not wanting Jeff to graduate. For the last game, Abed has totally zoned out and needs help getting back to reality.. Jeff decides to forfeit the last game and help Abed come back from his meta happy place with a touching Jeff Winger Speech™, that actually happened to be in Abed’s head anyway. Yay, Jeff.

Dean catches up with Jeff outside his condo and tells him that legally he’s obligated to offer a second history class and so he couldn’t keep Jeff behind anyway. Also, he bought the condo next door so they’re practically roomies now. Yay.

Hey, did you guys miss Chang? I didn’t but he shows up at the end of the episode, naked and wet. Barf. But he hands a mailman a note that says “I’m Kevin and I have Changnesia.” Yep.

Well, I don’t think this was the funniest Community I’ve ever watched, but it was enjoyable. I’m interested in seeing where the Chang storyline goes. I’d ask why he’s naked in the street but I’m not sure I really want to know. I predict that everyone will graduate at the end of this season and the series will end. Your thoughts? Leave em below.


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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