American Idol – Recap & Review – Hollywood Week – Men Part 2

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Hollywood Week – Men Part 2

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Tonight, the men didn’t have anyone to blame if their performance went back. They had 12 hours to pick a song from a list and work with vocal coach, then they hit the stage accompanied by band and back up singers. They could also play an instrument.

But that’s OK, those that failed to meet the judges’ expectations usually had someone or something to blame as the group of 43 whittled down to 28.

Contestant: Paul Jolley
Impression: He’s so-so. Nerves really get to him and Nicki told him this wasn’t professional.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Lazaro Arbos
Backstory: Stutterer
Song: “Edge of Glory”
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Curtis Finch Jr.
Song: “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Impression: Very nice with plenty of soul and a touch of falsetto
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Devin Velez
Song: “What a Wonderful World”
Impression: He kills it with a sweet falsetto ending.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Gurpreet Singh Sarin (AKA Turbinator)
Backstory: Plays the guitar
Song: “Georgia on My Mind”
Impression: Very nice
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Cortez Shaw
Backstory: Was given a second chance after a weak round one
Song: “Sunny”
Impression: He makes it so smooth.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Mateus Fernandes
Backstory: He’s the super short guy
Song: “Stronger”
Impression: It’s a little low for him. He goes for a rock sound that isn’t flattering. Mariah said he wasn’t connected.
Verdict: No

Also through – Adam Sanders.

Contestant: Nicholas Mathis
Song: “Locked Out of Heaven”
Impression: His voice sounds thin and strained. His nerves are getting to him.
Verdict: No

Contestant: Papa Peachez
Song: “Baby You and I”
Impression: It’s a little low for him – he sounds better in his lower register. Nicki was disappointed in him and his song choice. He later said all Idol contestants were “puppets” and that he has trouble singing other people’s songs.
Verdict: No

Contestant: Jimmy Smith
Song: “Landslide”
Impression: Nice, nothing memorable. But Mariah liked him.
Verdict: Yes

Johnny Keyser and Vincent Powell also made it through.

Contestant: Nick Boddington
Backstory: Plays keyboard
Song: Original
Impression: Song is smart choice because it really shows off his range and pretty tone. It proved that his making the Las Vegas round last year was no fluke.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Charlie Askew
Song: “Somebody I Used to Know”
Impression: He has such a beautiful voice. He provides a great intro as well. He is still my favorite. Nicki said she’s obsessed with him and thought with this performance made him an artist.
Verdict: Yes (yay!)

JDA and Mathenee Treco also went through.

Contestant: Burnell Taylor
Backstory: Almost didn’t make it this far
Impression: He goes way off key.
Verdict: Yes (surprising, but the judges did say their vote would be based on everything they’ve heard over Hollywood Week)

Contestant: Marvin Calderon
Song: “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Impression: Wobbly, but Mariah and Keith loved his voice.
Verdict: Yes

Contestant: Micah Johnson
Backstory: Can barely speak because of botched tonsils surgery
Song: “I Told You So”
Impression: What a beautiful tone. But judges weren’t that impressed.
Verdict: No

We also said good-bye to Gabe Brown, Sanni M’Mairura, and Nate Tao (my daughter’s favorite). Nate was such a huge frontrunner, I wish they had shown his performance because he must have really tanked.

Total of 28 remain, so next Thursday eight more will be cut. Next week, it’s all about the woman. I guarantee there will be a lot more fighting, tears and tantrums. Just what makes the producers happy.

Did you lose a favorite tonight? Did you find someone new to cheer for? Any guesses on which eight won’t make it past next week? Give us your TwoCents…

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One Response to American Idol – Recap & Review – Hollywood Week – Men Part 2

  1. FK says:

    I’m not watching, but have been waiting to read about Mateus’ fate. He’s now been vote off on two singing shows. Waiting to see if he shows up on AGT or X Factor next year. SIGH.

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