Modern Family – Recap & Review – A Slight at the Opera

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
A Slight at the Opera

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

There’s no substitute for “moments” – your child’s first steps, first words, first play. They’re all precious. My parents went to my first play – I was the narrator in a first grader PG version of the civil rights movement. By the way, I successfully pulled a Manny – initially, there were two narrators but I was the last narrator standing. Even as a first grader, I was cutthroat.

Jay is teaching Phil how to play golf – the non-sport “sport.” Jay’s trying a new technique – being gentle with his students. They bump into Mitchell and Pepper; not really. Mitchell’s been asking Pepper to tutor him on the skills of golf just so the son can slaughter the father.

During the match (is that what you call a golf game?), Jay learns Phil doesn’t like to be coddled, he needs to be yelled at to succeed. Also, Mitchell beat his dad!! I was really happy for him. It seems that Jay was happy for him too. The father wishes he was gentler on Mitchell so they could have played together for the past 20 years. Awww….

That’s when the men realize, through the gift of a song, that moments with sons/daughters are precious. The epiphany led Phil to ditch his client on the golf course and to see a play that Luke help make possible (set design or painting crappy scenery). Phil will be happily surprised.

Cam is directing “Phantom of the Opera” (a musical that was decent at best) and his lead is sick. Manny wants to take the lead but Cam hears Luke sing and knows who the star should be. Manny volunteers to convince Luke but sabotages. Left with no option, Cam lets Manny have the lead…until Manny hears Luke’s singing.

When Phil arrives at the play, he sees Luke performing and tears up. To tell you the truth, Luke can sing and with his magician background, he’s Hollywood bound. So that makes two of the three Dunphy children with career options – Haley, your turn.

Too bad Haley thinks being a mother is her calling. While babysitting Fulgencio and Lily with Dylan, the nanny from heaven, Haley thinks being a mother is easy…until she gets into a fight with Dylan. Real life – it’s a bitch.

That’s why some people go to “sidekicks” to escape life for a few minutes…wait, it’s Gloria’s accent, it’s “psychics”. Alex is running errands with Gloria when they have some time so they visit Gloria’s psychic.

Alex is a non-believer and messes around – creating fake stories so the sidekick/psychic can agree. Alex was going to burst Gloria’s bubble but realizes Gloria goes there for the comfort of believing her dead relatives are ok and watching her family. Well, Cynic-Alex lets Gloria continue to believe. That’s kind of sweet.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. It was nice to see Mitchell and Jay bond. It’s somewhat of a rarity – especially over a sport (actually, a pseudo-sport – I poo-poo golf on the basis it doesn’t involve running or exertion of massive energy for more than 2 minutes).

2. Luke has talent to become the next “American Idol”!! He can sing!! Color me impressed.

3. I’ve never heard of “Cat’s in the Cradle” – I wasn’t even born yet. It was cute how the men teared up after hearing the song. Sometimes music can do that. Adele makes me want to cry until no tears are left – also eat ice cream, lots of ice cream.

4. Do you think the tennis guy wearing the knight sweatshirt is the boy “sidekick” was referring to during Alex’s reading? Let’s gossip on the possibilities.

5. Manny, singing isn’t one of your talents. If you cannot sing, act…or direct.

6. Loved the cute sock monsters on Mitchell and Pepper’s golf clubs!! ADORABLE!!!

7. Did you feel bad for Mitchell when he missed the golf ball completely?!! That was funny but so sad!

8. Quote of the episode:
“I wasn’t the best athlete growing up but my dad never missed an opportunity to point that out. Nice throw Nancy…..Nancy was our neighbor. I can never throw as well as she could.”
~ Mitchell, reminding us childhoods are tough on the non-athletics (that’s me too).

9. Best exchange of the episode:
Picture this, California 2013, a Big Oaffy kid is taunting Luke for his slow painting…
Big Oaffy Kid: I once saw a monkey paint a wall.
Luke: Yeah, did you say good job mom?
~ Burn!! Yeah, I’m really a 12 year-old.

10. Family moment of the episode:
~ I’m a sucker but when Phil teared up seeing Luke sing as Phantom. He’s a proud papa and it was pretty special.

Were you surprised at Luke’s voice? (I was – nice job!!) Did you cheer when Mitchell beat Jay? (A little) Do you know that “Cat’s in the Cradle” song? Does it make grown men cry? I enjoyed this episode – slow but the musical was great. Did you enjoy yourself? Do you believe in sidekicks? Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – A Slight at the Opera

  1. Maggie C says:

    “Cats in the Cradle” was released in 1974. I was 11 at the time, so I guess that makes me old…

    Luke was wonderful as the Phantom. I hope he continues along this path.

    Alex was right. Many psychics are fake, ask leading questions that help them “see your future”, while others, like my Grandma, really sre spiritually sensitive. As for the boy in the knight T-shirt, he was cute :^)

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