Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – The Face Of Change

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
The Face Of Change

Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Tonight’s voice over is brought to us by Alex Karev. He’s apparently not a big fan of change, but who really is? But what’s ironic is that, although steeped in change, this hour was definitely reminiscent of years past. Specifically, season two’s Denny-LVAD Wire plot. But you know what, I love a good team effort.

Near everyone, sans Arizona and Bailey, were front and center this week as we moved forward with the hospital-for-sale story line. It was truly an ensemble hour, as I don’t think I could pinpoint the standouts, except for maybe Mr. and Mrs. Plantain. Did you enjoy this hour as much as I did, despite the we-all-saw-it-coming ending?

Patient of the week#1: Alex and Jackson are in the running to be the hospital ambassador, or “face of Seattle Grace Mercy West.” They’re shadowed by photographers (played by Rob Brownstein and Nazanin Boniadi) who are there to capture all of their “natural” daily interactions with colleagues and patients. The two are also operating on a transgender teen, Brian (played by Rachel Brosnahan) who is getting his breasts removed as part of his sexual reassignment process. Brian is supported by his girlfriend, Jess (played by Matt Pascua), who is also transgendered. Brian’s father (played by Brett Rickaby) arrives and is against the surgery, feeling that Brian (formerly Brianna) doesn’t know what “she” wants yet. It’s a tense situation, which Jess tries to diffuse, only to be blamed by Brian’s father for being the reason “his daughter is mutilating herself.” Brian goes ahead with the surgery, and Jess shares a tender moment with Brian’s father, explaining how hard it is to try and fit into a mold where you don’t fit and that they both just want to be loved. Brian’s father is moved enough to give some rent money to the couple, but not able to be there to see his child after surgery. It was well done story, with minimal sensationalism.

Patient of the week#2: April is having a morning date with Matthew (played by Justin Bruening) in the ambulance bay, when he invites the trauma deprived doctor along for a ride along. She calls into Jackson while treating a boy who was in a hit-and-run accident. Knowing that the trip to the closest trauma center will be fatal, she asks Jackson to help her get him into SGMW, despite the closed E/R. He asks Owen, but a nearby Alana shoots the request down. And that’s when the magic happens.

Jackson recruits Alex, Jo, and Stephanie to assist and play look-out. Jo tries to keep Meredith out of the E/R (which is desolate), but Jackson called her as well. All of the interns (except Leah) are helping out and Cristina is soon there as well. They have to jam the doors open to get the patient in, and go to work as a unit to save his life. They find themselves without proper supplies and medications, so Derek becomes part of the equation to use his code to access the narcotics. It is touch and go, compounded by the need to move the patient before they are discovered by Alana and her potential buyer tour group. Derek tries to distract the group as long as possible, to the dismay of an exasperated Alana, but they all eventually make their way to the E/R, moments after the army of doctors have finally gotten the patient to the E/R. It seems they’re in the clear, until Alana notices a solitary drop of fresh blood on the floor… and I’m left to wonder how they moved the patient and cleaned up so quickly.

Alana and Owen go into the O/R to finger point, and Meredith tries to pretend she accidentally deletes the patient file from her tablet. Nobody’s buying it, so everyone is called on the carpet. Alex and Jackson both take responsibility, but Owen sends them away without any disciplinary measures, to Alana’s chagrin. Derek is singled out for his med access, with Alana lecturing him that he needs to stop undermining the sale and get on board.

Callie/Richard: The two take it upon themselves to visit a nearby hospital (Portland General) that has also been purchased by Pegasus (the touring buyers). They assume fake names of Calliope and Julio Plantain, saying that Julio/Richard has chest pains. They’re disgusted by the impersonal, scripted intake they receive, and shocked to learn that doctor is allotted fifteen minutes to spend with each patient. They snoop further, eventually revealing their real names, but telling doctors they’re part of the Pegasus group and looking for doctor feedback. Their fears are confirmed when the doctors vent about the lack of physician advocacy and innovation under the new owners. It’s so bad the hospital ambassador, who recognizes Callie’s name, asks her about job openings at SGMW. Dejected, they return to their own hospital, with Richard contemplating taking an early retirement.

But Callie does exactly what we all saw coming, she gathers the other plane crash millionaires, except Cristina who is getting busy with Owen, on the hospital roof. And then she suggests that they buy the hospital. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Oh, and everyone totally thinks that Alex and Jo are going to do it. They both deny and deny, but Alex finally starts to see it when Meredith makes mention of the possibility. As the twosome share a powdered donut toast at the end of the hour, it’s obvious that Alex is starting to change his “just friends” stance towards his beer buddy. Raise your other hand if your surprised.

But despite the obvious ending, I really enjoyed this hour. Seeing the doctors work together was inspired and immensely enjoyable. It may not have been a comically charged hour, but it was a sense of community that really showed how strong our leads have become as physicians.

So you’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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3 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – The Face Of Change

  1. Julia says:

    Wouldn’t you need more than that money to buy a whole hospital?

    • karenb says:

      You’d think, but if the $75 million was enough to bankrupt it, maybe it’s enough to save it?

      I still wonder why Sloan and Thatcher didn’t get a cut…

  2. Giselle B. says:

    Not sure, but i believe Callies part is actually sloan`s (is money for sofia)
    What i really liked and linked to the idea of being reminded of the Denny Duquette, This time Alex have changed in the denny`s case, he denied his interaction every time even into the next season (i wasnt even here), but these times he doesnt wait to come forward, and try not to get anyone else in trouble.

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