Arrow – Recap & Review – Betrayal




Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

This week’s episode had Ollie struggling with the notion that mommy might not be all that innocent in the scheme of things and Diggle is trying to help him see straight. We also have Det. Lance trying his darndest to catch the hooded vigilante at all cost…even if it involves his daughter.

When Ollie decides to tell Digs of the book of “Bad boys in Starling City”, that his mother had, he finds it hard to swallow that mom just might not be as sweet as we like to think our mothers to be. I almost jumped out of my seat when Moira threw the book into the fireplace, but little does she know that her little boy wonder has a copy of his own.

This little fireplace book burning convinces Digs even more and decides to be Moira’s chauffeur, and drive Miss Daisy around to see what she is up to. In doing so, he uses a listening device while she is talking to Malcolm and he learns that she knows about the Queen boat being sabotaged and says something about the Undertaking…hmm, curious about that.

Now, as for our so-called bad guy; I was a bit disappointed in Vanch. He was supposed to be a real bad-boy, but I just didn’t see it. I mean c’mon… he sends in 2 of his guys to get Laurel (that can’t weigh more than 120 soaking wet) and she beats the crap out of them…with an umbrella!

So with Laurel kidnapped, Lance realizes that there is a snitch in his department and has to swallow his pride and ask Arrow for help. The two of them – ok, mostly Arrow- take down all the guards, and just as Lance is about take out a scared Vanch, Arrow stops him. I sure hope this action makes Lance re-evaluate his theory on Arrow and realize that he is just out to take the scum off the street like he is trying to do. And now that Laurel knows he used her to get Arrow, he is really in the dog house! This guy really needs to turn his life around and figure out how to make things right with his daughter.

Back at the bat cave: Digs has Ollie listen to the recording of Moira and Malcolm and finally, he is more convinced at mom not being all sugar and sweet like we want to believe our mothers to be. He decides to pay her a visit…as Arrow, but we have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Now here is what I don’t understand: Why, when Ollie is listening to this bit of recording, is Malcolm’s voice cryptic? It sounded like Ollie’s voice, when he talks on the phone to Laurel.

So Laurel is not in a forgiving mood with her father and do you blame her?
Ok, yes Lance was wrong to want to kill Vanch, but can you really blame him for having his father instincts kick in?
Will Lance start backing off Arrow now that he saved his daughter?
How will mommy get out of the corner she is in with Ollie?
Poor Tommy is so out of the loop that you almost feel sorry for him. But I did laugh when he told Ollie that Laurel was talking to Arrow and Ollie got all concerned and said Arrow was dangerous.

As for the island flashback:
Ollie follows his map and it takes him to an old plane that crashed on the island and inside he meets Slade Wilson …God I love that name…and we learn that he has a mask like the guy that tortured Ollie. But this not the same man, we learn he is an Australian Intelligence agent. The other masked man is his partner and they were sent to get Yao off the island. I think it’s going to take a long while before we get this whole back-story. Good choice on Manu Bennett as Slade!

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