American Idol – Recap & Review – Hollywood Week I – Men

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Hollywood Week I – Men

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Hollywood started off with 277 contestants. Only half of those are performing this week in a new Idol Twist. This week the men perform, next week the women. The goal this week is to whittle down to 20 men (from about 138.5?). By the end of the show Wednesday, there were only 43 left.

Those are serious cuts.

Contestants came out in groups of 10, sang a short solo and found out immediately if their Hollywood stay would be longer than the time they’ll spend in the air coming and going.

Going through were Micah Johnson (speech impediment from tonsil removal gone bad), Mathenee Treco, Nick Boddington, Nate Tao (deaf parents), Gabe Brown (baker), Gurpreet Singh Sarin (AKA Turbanator), Cortez Shaw – Texas –Curtis Finch, Jr., Frankie Ford, Lazaro Arbos (stutterer), Sgrt. Trevor Blankney, Bryant Tadeo, Charles Allen, Mateus Fernandes (very short) Devan Jones, Devin Velez and more.

Getting a quick no were Karl Skinner (red haired chef), Dustin Watts (firefighter), Calvin Peter (singing doctor) and Brian Rittenberry (wife had cancer).

This year, the producers set up the groups, and contestants couldn’t change. They had one night to learn a song, choreograph it and perform it with the Idol band. Here’s how the few they show did (not all band names were announced):

The Mattheads: Nick Boddington, Mathenee Treco, Mateus Fernandes (short), Gabe Brown (curly haired rocker). They had good harmony and got along. Not surprisingly, they all went through.

Normal Hills: Johnny Keyser (forgets lyrics), Kareem Clark, and two other. They didn’t gel at all. Still, all but Kareem made it to the next round.

Curtis Finch, Jr., Charlie Askew (red headed awkward kid) and some guy in a red shirt. They were great, even though Charlie seemed to have anxiety attack the night before (hey, he’s only a kid!). They all through.

The Four Tones: Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell, Marvin Calderon and David Willis. They sounded great, good enough to actually start a group. Naturally, they all went through.

Zach Birnbaum, Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw and Elijah Liu. They also did well and moved on in the competition.

MONTAGE ALERT: Groups who forgot their lyrics.

B Side: Gurpreet Singh Sarin and three others were terrible but somehow they all made it through.

Last Minute: Jason Jones, Dan Wood, Jessie Lawrence and one other guy. So off key. All went home.

A Cappella: Brian Smith, Devan Jones, Devin Velez, and Adrian Somebody Keith thought they should have used the band. Brian was only one not to move forward.

Mo-Flo: Bernell Taylor, Tony Foster, Jr. Mario Jose and Darien Moses. They were fine, but didn’t really put an end on the song. Mario and Darien were let go.

Super 55: Lazaro Arbos, Josh Stevens, Scott Fleenor and Christian Lopez. Josh and Scott didn’t make it. Josh was really bitter because he felt they spent their time teaching Lazaro the song.

Country Queen: Lee Pritchard, JDA, Joel Wayman and Trevor Blankney (forgets words). It’s really rough. Trevor and Lee go home. The producers may have had fun combining two country guys with an androgynous pair of singers, but it back fired on the country guys.

DKSK: All teens. David Leathers, Jr. (from last season, last cut), Kayden Stephenson, Kevin Quinn and Sanni M’Mairura. David and Sanni went through (I thought Kevin was the best of all!) Kayden swears to come back next year — please do!

Saying goodbye to Ricky Peterson and Clifton Duffin (parents never heard him sing before).

Oz: Frankie Ford (odd man out – blaming it on his asthma), Papa Peachez, Adams Sanders, Charles Allen. They in the same key (at all) and so there’s no real harmony. It’s painful to listen to. Frankie is sent packing after he doesn’t remember even one word in his solo, even though he is a judge favorite. He leaves crying and swearing he’ll be back next year.

So 43 guys are left, which means that 23 will still have to go home. That happens Thursday after the solo performances.

Did any of your favorites get cut? Were there any surprises? Do you like the new way of doing the Group Round? Give us your TwoCents…

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