Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Monster’s Legacy

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Monster’s Legacy

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

If you follow the news about SVU, you probably know of the controversy surrounding Mike Tyson’s guest appearance. Obviously, this episode did eventually make it to air, and for those not watching, here’s an opportunity to get caught up on what happened.

A gymnastic coach helps a boy warm up, massaging a leg strain a bit aggressively. He’s watched suspiciously by a custodian. That evening, the coach is attacked and stabbed with an ice pick in a couple very uncomfortable places.

The coach, Alexi, says that any accusations towards him are baseless, but there is some reason to doubt that, at least according to Johnny, the custodian and most likely suspect. Alexi’s own videos don’t give the detectives much to go off of, and Johnny is transported to Rikers. On the way there, he grabs a chain and tries to strangle another prisoner traveling with him. The guy is unconscious before anyone can intervene.

The other prisoner was a pedophile, and when Johnny’s mother explains that he may have been molested by a coach of his own as a child, the second attack makes sense. That coach puts up a good act as a friend to all the kids who came to the camp where he worked, but Olivia reads him as a sociopath. Many boys under his care went on to become violent felons themselves.

The problem with this is that felons don’t exactly have a good reputation and probably won’t want to come forward. But one, Reggie, is on death row for killing a man. His execution date is coming up, so Liv and Nick head over to ask him the real reason he committed the murder. He doesn’t deny the crime, but isn’t willing to talk, yelling at them angrily to leave him alone.

Olivia gets Bayard Ellis involved with Reggie’s case. The man he killed, Danford, was a sexual predator, and this could make a parole board sympathetic enough to get his execution overturned. Eventually, Liv gets Reggie to admit he was attacked by men throughout his life. Danford himself paid Reggie for sexual favors and brought in multiple men to rape him the night before his death.

Nick and Amanda go to talk to the coach again, and he reacts angrily when they imply knowledge of what he did. The original lawyer who worked against Reggie doesn’t offer much help, though his sister testifies on his behalf. Still, Reggie looses his appeal- largely because one of the board members is married to a man supervising that lawyer and has reason to be biased.

With time running out, the detectives start looking for videos the coach might have proving Reggie’s (and Johnny’s) attacks. There’s also evidence of photos taken the night Danford and his fellows attacked Reggie. When it turns out the prosecution intentionally hid those photos from the original case, Reggie gets a stay of execution immediately. Meanwhile, the coach is taken to prison under the watchful glare of Johnny. Hey, at least we didn’t forget about him completely.

Next Week: Secrets Exhumed

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2 Responses to Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Monster’s Legacy

  1. Colleen says:

    Even though I wasn’t thrilled that Mike Tyson was going to guest appear, I decided for the first time since SVU got rid of Christopher Meloni to tune in. It was actually pretty good and Mike Tyson did a good job as well.

  2. icywinter2 says:

    @Colleen- SVU didn’t get rid of Meloni. He left b/c he wanted to do other acting projects

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