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Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to this weeks episode of Justified. There is a lot of different things that are up in the air. Raylan is still attempting to figure out where his place is now especially without either one of his women around anymore and the fact that he has a son or daughter on the way. Boyd and Ava are having a problem too, they decided to kill off Ellen May and then she managed to escape.

There is also another issue that we still have to figure out. The Marshals are still attempting to figure out where the guy is that faked his own death back in the 80’s. Another problem that we still do not know where it is going between Johnny and Wynn Duffy too. Lets see what happens this week.

Raylan: Starts out with him in the doctor’s office with Winona. He is waiting for her to see the doctor. They talk about the future with her and with the baby. He gets called into the office. Arlo is there and attempting to make a deal for Drew Thompson. He heads down to Harlan to try and find him. He ends up meeting up with Bob, one of the cops down in Harlan. They manage to find someone who knows where Drew might be. He sends him to the Hills to try and find him. When he is leaving he grabs a picture out of the back of Bobs gar and heads up to the Hills. When he gets there he is taken in ropes and they try to kill him, he attempts to save himself because he has Hills in his blood. They did not believe him when he said it. After he breaks out of the cell that they have him in, he manages to get his hands on a gun, but then they get ropes on him again and were planning on taking him out and killing him. As they are almost down to where they want to kill them, this woman Mary comes with the picture that Raylan brought and holds it up next to him. She tells him that he looks like his mom and then agrees to let him and Boyd go. When Raylan goes to see the man who told him that Drew was in the Hills, he finds out that the man’s foot had been chopped off, his ankle bracelet has been taken off, and he is missing.

Boyd: He knows that something is wrong with what happened with Ellen May. He is giving Colton a lot of crap for not answering his phone the night before. He is waiting for Wynn to come into the bar. When he does they talk about trying to find Drew and Wynn gives him $20,000 to try and find him. He goes up to the hills and is there with Raylan. He made a deal with Arlo’s lawyer that he is going to pay her to try and kill the deal that she managed to get for him so that he has a chance to find Drew.

Ava: She is over at Audrey’s. She is packing up all of Ellen May’s stuff so that she can keep up appearances and that she is able to keep to her word. She seems to know that something is going on with Johnny because she is not sure that he can be trusted anymore.

Johnny: He is shaking as Wynn is coming to the door. He cannot keep his hands off of the shot gun that is under the bar. He is on edge because Wynn has given him the permission to kill him. He even seems strange with Ava as well. Obviously after his meeting with Wynn it is clear that he no longer sees any loyalty in his family.

Wynn Duffy: He is attempting to work with Boyd to try and find Drew Thompson. He gets money from Theo Tonin to try and bring him back alive.  He was sitting next to the FBI guy as one of Theo’s guys decided that his value was no more and shot him in the head. He decided to bring Boyd in to try and find him. He makes a deal with Boyd that he is going to give him half of the heroin business, then tells Johnny that he can kill him after he finds Drew.

Art: He managed to take away the Drew Thompson cast from the FBI and took away all of their files. He then tells Raylan that they are going to let his father make a deal if it means getting Drew Thompson. He is in the office sitting there when Raylan asks them to drag their feet so that he can try and find Drew on his own.

This was the first episode in a long time that made me feel like I was back in the heart of what the show Justified started out as. There were a lot of things that were explained a bit more which was greatly appreciated. There is a lot that was finally brought to light. Hopefully they will keep revealing more as we go. Also another part that I enjoyed was seeing Christopher Reed, Filthy Phil from Sons of Anarchy, singing as one of the hill people. What did you think about this week?

Next Week: Foot Chase

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