Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Leap

photo: cw

photo: cw

Emily Owens, M.D.
Emily and…the Leap

Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

That’s a wrap! Tonight was the series finale of Emily Owens, M.D. and the show went out on an…okay note. The last cases of the week dealt with a woman whose heart palpitations lead to something serious, a man who has come back to the hospital a year after his son died, and a crazy woman whose problems can be sourced back to her home.

We also see the conclusion of the Emily/Will/Micah love triangle. After Micah’s kiss with Emily, Emily starts debating whether or not she should be going out with her boss. Meanwhile, Cassandra is unfazed by her breakup with Will, which leaves him confused and has him rethinking his feelings for Emily. So which guy did Emily choose? Read on for the series finale recap!

The first case deals with a woman named Bednevik. She’s a truly unruly woman who fights with the hospital staff to leave, even though she’s dealing with a fever and an infection in her hand. Bednevik just wants some pills so she can leave, but Emily keeps her on a drip. Emily later comes back to her room and finds Bednevik missing. Fearing Bednevik getting an infection, and the hospital getting sued, the hospital tries to find her. Her daughter brings her back and the doctors see that her infection is so bad that they have to drain it. The daughter mentions that her mom is a hoarder and the health department basically called her home unlivable. Bednevik screams for her cats and causes Emily to call her a code gray, which keeps her at the hospital for 14 days until she can find a place. The daughter mentions to Emily that her moms hoarding started after she got her a cat 7 years ago. Emily diagnoses Bednevik with toxoplasmosis, an infection that spreads from cat feces that can cause schizophrenic symptoms.

The second case deals with a woman named Maggie. Her partner, Julia, brought her to the hospital after she had a cough so bad that it made her faint. After an EKG/X-ray, Will tells Maggie that she has pneumonia, but it’s nothing to be worried about. During their talks with Will, Maggie & Julia ask him about his love life and try to set him up with their daughter. After they leave the hospital, Julia comes back and tells Will that Maggie passed out. Maggie doesn’t have a pulse, so Will tries CPR. After Maggie’s down for 25 minutes, Will pronounces her dead. Later, Cassandra tells Will that she remembers Maggie telling her that she was on anti-depressants. Will looks and finds out the pills he prescribed caused an arrhythmia in her heart. Cassandra tells Will not to tell anyone, since it will be on his record and follow him through his medical career. Will decides to tell Julia. He tearfully tells her that he didn’t realize she had it, and he should have seen it.

The last case of the show deals with a man named George Morga. George felt numbness and nausea before passing out at work. His ex-wife, Ashley, shows up and says he works a lot. This is the second time he’s been in this hospital. He was also there last year, when his 2 year old son choked on a toy and died. He blames Ashley for their son’s death, because she was doing laundry and wasn’t looking at him for just a second. The docs look at George’s chart and say he can be discharged. When he gets out of bed, he suffers a stroke and collapses. The docs find a tumor the size of a golf ball on his right temporal lobe. The tumor has caused bleeds in his brain, which may have caused the stroke. After George gets through with surgery to remove the tumor, he tells Ashley that they’re getting married in 3 months. The surgery caused George to lose the last 4 years of his memory. Ashley struggles with the decision to tell George about not only their divorce, but their son’s death. After she tells George about their son’s death, he asks her if she’s ok living with that. Ashley’s taken aback, as he’s never asked her about this before. We leave with George telling her how much he loves her.

Before we get to the love triangle, lets talks about Micah, Joyce, and his sister, Liz. Micah finally told Liz that she’s sick, and informs Micah that she’s coming over to see her today. While Emily & Joyce are looking through pictures of Micah Mouse, Micah tells his mom that she got into a clinical trial that starts in 2 weeks. Joyce isn’t excited about going through more chemo, and tells Micah that she’s ready to go. Later, Liz comes by the hospital and is pissed Micah didn’t tell her about their mom being sick. Micah tells her about Joyce not wanting to do the trial, and suggests that they try to convince her to do them together. After Joyce tells Liz she wants to leave the hospital, Liz says she’s 11 weeks pregnant. Later, Micah catches Liz smoking. Liz lied about being pregnant so their mom would have something to live for. Liz decides not to tell her mom that she’s not pregnant. Joyce tells Micah & Liz that she’s changed her mind and has decided to do the trial.

Emily tells Tyra that her love for Will isn’t gone, it’s just squished down so she can focus on other things. Over at the hospital, Emily apologizes to Micah for just saying “Thank You” when he kissed her, because she was so surprised. Micah takes the conversation to Emily’s office, where they see Will waiting for Emily. After Micah gets beeped, Emily tells Will that she likes Micah & he likes her. Micah asks Emily how she didn’t know that he liked her, and she says she never went there because he’s her boss. Micah asks Emily to lunch at the records room, and makes sure to say that it’s not a real date. After she tells Will that she & Micah are working out their relationship, Will tells her to be careful.

Later, Will apologizes to Emily for being weird about her & Micah. He also tells her that the idea of her dating is weird, and he doesn’t want things between them to change. During Emily & Micah’s lunch not-date, they talk about each of their families and discuss worst case scenarios if they decide to go out. Micah tells Emily that a lot could go wrong, but a lot could go right, and asks her to take a leap and go out with him. Emily says yes.

Emily finds Will crying about Maggie’s death & goes to the bar to talk with him. Emily tells him it was brave to tell Julia about his mistake, and Will tells her that she makes him brave. Will finally asks Emily to make a decision between him & Micah, noting that the timing is not at all perfect. He asks her about the moment that she realized she was over him. Emily tells him it was the moment he ran off to Cassandra after she got the research position, because it made her realize she wanted to be chosen. Will tells her that that moment was why Cassandra broke up with him. After Emily heads home, she hears a knock on the door. Could it be Micah or Will? It turns out to be….WILL! Will and Emily kiss, then head to the bedroom to have sex.

The finale seemed a little bit darker overall, particularly the cases of the week. I liked that they went in that direction. Overall, I thought the finale was…okay. Emily choosing Will was a huge setback, though, but I get why Emily chose him. She’s been in love with him for years and all their emotions were on the floor in front of them, and it was up to him to make a move. I just think that the writers set up a perfect ending for Micah and Emily to get together. Even though the ending was less than satisfactory, the progression of the series was pretty good. Emily Owens, M.D. was never a great show, but it was a nice, little medical drama that somehow got lost on the network. What did you think of think of the show? Are you happy with Emily’s choice? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below! Thanks for reading my recaps this year!

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5 Responses to Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Leap

  1. I agree. It wasn’t great tv, but I cared enough about Emily to want to tune in each week. Myself, I’m glad she chose Will. If she hadn’t, I think she would always have wondered ‘what if.’

    • ttcdennis says:

      Yeah. After reading the showrunner’s tweets about what would have happened the rest of the season, it makes total sense for her to pick him. She had to choose him to get over him. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Beany53 says:

    I enjoyed the show and am sad it won’t be back on. I was rooting for Micah. But I have been in the same position as Emily and I never quite got the chance she did, but think I would have done what she did in the end. And years later I am still friends with my “crush”, and we are both married to other people.

  3. jesha cunanan says:

    it sad why did she choose will what about micah..really sad for him…

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