Bones – Recap & Review – The Doll In The Derby



The Doll in the Derby

Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2013

Karen – Sr. Staff Writer

This week on Bones we have a mysterious storyline for Booth that has everyone wondering why and what he is doing at the hospital. Angela has a much better day at the office as she gets to go under cover as a roller derby gal, and Wendell is approaching his 29th birthday and is questioning where he is in life…with the help of Jack, of course.

I first have to thank the writers for a fabulous slippery-slimy body in the beginning segment. I give it a 9 on my gross-meter. It was also fun to watch the other security guard run scared!

Poor Wendell has Hodgins picking on him because it is his 29th birthday and he is questioning his achievements in life. Jack proposes he make a bucket list but it seems as though Wendell has done many of the things Jack is proposing…including the posing nude for sexy art student. I like the way that shut Jack up as he realized it was Angela as the sexy artist.

We learn Wendell had a bet with his brother that he wouldn’t be a loser at 29. He feels his brother is jealous, and won’t bring up the old bet because the brother is barely getting by as a night watchman and can’t get the satisfaction of getting the money off of him. What a good guy! But it is Jack that tells him he is good at what he does and they are glad to work with him. Jack also points out that his brother makes more than him and so he should pay up on the bet.

Wendell takes Jack and Angela out for a beer and celebrates his birthday. I have to wonder; has Wendell ever done anything to have us NOT like him? He always seems like such a nice guy that I wonder why he is still single. But I do like that he and Jack are friends…being they have Angela in common.

Booth spends a good part of the show under the mystery of what he is doing at the hospital and why won’t he & Bones say what is going on? Now here is what I had a problem with; Cam going to the hospital and expecting to find out what Booth is up to. I had a problem with this action and her being too much of a nibby-nose. I was happy to hear the other doctor refuse to tell her, but Cam’s worries just multiplied when she learned the doctor’s specialty- NF, Neurofibromatosis. NF is a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow wherever nerves are in the body. There is no treatment or cure.
For more information on Childrens Tumor Foundation go here.

We learn that our hero Booth, who is a good Catholic, is giving back to a charity he chose and doesn’t want all the glory that could come with it. He is thankful for all that he has and wanted to give the kids a carnival. Secretly, Bones shows Cam what Booth has done because she knows that Cam will keep trying to find out what is going on. Booth is such a good guy, all the guys on this show are really good guys with big hearts. I love that!

Angela had all the fun in this episode. As she goes undercover as a Derby girl, Smackie Kennedy, and she really held her own on the track, even though she got knocked around a couple of times. But the fun part of the episode is when she goes out and has a few beers with a fellow derby gal and gets drunk and calls Booth. Booth arrives and she says he is her boyfriend and kisses him. She then tells him what she has learned , and then asks if she can kiss him again…just for fun. It was good to see her happy at her job again. Ha ha

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your twocents.

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