90210 – Recap & Review – Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

photo: cw

photo: cw

Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

After last week’s terrible dream sequence, Annie tells Dixon she might want to get serious with Riley and then learns some news about him from Dixon. Meanwhile, Naomi & Max go through couples counseling and have a breakthrough while Naomi’s directing a child pageant. Also, everyone is worried about Liam’s mental health after the shooting and we find out he’s been taking out his frustrations in a dangerous way.

Navid also returns for a useless storyline with a guy from Glee and Silver & Teddy struggle to come to an agreement over her pregnancy. Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– After Naomi found Max at his parent’s place last week, the struggling couple decide to do a last ditch effort to save their marriage and see a couple’s therapist. Max hid at his parents because he felt like Naomi was trying to run his life. The therapist says that Max should make his own decisions, while Naomi should focus on herself and give Max some space. She goes over to Silver’s and offers her a makeover as a distraction. After Silver talks about her pregnancy situation, Naomi says she got an e-mail from a beauty pageant asking her to direct, so she asks Silver to help her out. When the two get to the pageant, they find out that it’s, of course, a kid’s beauty pageant. Naomi runs into her old boss, Rachel, who’ there because a friend’s daughter is competing. Rachel tells Naomi that her replacement is doing so great; she’s sending her off to Tokyo to open their new offices there. Rachel envisioned Naomi at that job, but Naomi says she’s married to the love of her life and she couldn’t want more.

That is a bold faced lie, as we find out when Max comes to the pageant to tell Naomi he wants to go back to MIT. Naomi thinks that Max just wants to go back to his life before he married her, and says she’s acting like a child. She then blurts out that she doesn’t want to go to Massachusetts with him, she wants to go to Tokyo and be a princess. Later, Max apologizes and says he was acting like a child. He also says that he doesn’t know if love is enough to save their relationship, and he’s sorry for not being the adult she needs him to be. Naomi tells him that the therapist was right when she said she lost her identity, and adds that she’s not an adult because she never got to be a kid. Naomi comes home to a gift from Max. It’s a tiara, with a note telling her that she deserves to be a princess.

Silver/Teddy– Silver tries to tell Teddy that she was freaked out and trying to get the paternity test wavered back, but Teddy is having none of it. He tells her what she did was a felony and she could have gone to jail if he pressed charges. Teddy says that he’s having his lawyers draw up a petition to destroy the embryos. Silver tells Naomi that she’s not going to be a mom, since those embryos were her last chance. Like stated in the Naomi section, Silver helps Naomi run a child’s beauty pageant. When a kid comes up to her and calls her mommy, Silver says she’s fine but decides to leave. While she’s making corsages, Silver talks to Navid about her troubles with having a baby. Navid then goes over to Teddy’s and tells him about Silver’s last chance embryos. Later, Teddy tells Silver that he can’t take away her only chance to have a baby, but if he could find a way to go through with this without seeing her again, he would. He also says to be in his lawyer’s office tomorrow. When Silver shows up, she’s a little surprised to see it’s just her & the lawyer. She’s then very surprised when the lawyer goes over the contract and tells her it’s stipulated that a third party carry the child.

Liam/Navid– Liam has decided to emulate Ryan Atwood and takes up boxing. When a coach at the gym he’s training at teams him up with another fighter, Liam straight up knocks him out. Liam doesn’t let his pain show through and is chipper around everyone. Meanwhile, Navid is sad that he didn’t get into an honors business program. Teddy then introduces Navid to Campbell Price, a former classmate who is the head of an elite group named Cronus. Some might recognize the actor playing Campbell from his appearances on Glee as Sebastian. Anyway, Navid wants in on the Cronus society and learns from Campbell later that the way to get in is to show that he’s fun. Navid decides to throw a party at the Offshore to impress Campbell and the Cronus society. Meanwhile, Liam gets banned from training because of his issues. When Liam’s at the Offshore, he complains about the place being too full when it’s actually almost empty, then almost breaks a guy’s phone when he asks for a picture. When Campbell says there aren’t enough girls at the party, Liam takes the guys to the gym. Liam then fights some guys while Campbell and the Cronuses place bets, so basically Liam’s now underground fighting. Later, Campbell tells Navid that he got him into the honor’s program and the Cronus society.

Dixon/Adrianna– Dixon’s label is so far in debt that he has Adrianna changing lyrics on songs to hawk for fast food places. Megan comes by and tells Dixon that she can’t get a loan and might have to move back to San Diego. Dixon offers her a job at the label, but Megan declines. While Dixon’s heading out to San Jose with Annie, he has Megan “babysit” Ade. Ade got an offer to perform at Naomi’s pageant, so Megan not only helps her book it, but also helps her get fruits and cheeses for her dressing room. Best representative ever! While Dixon’s out of town, he calls the CU financial office and sets up an anonymous scholarship for Megan. After Ade performs, Megan hands her a check for $15,000. Now I suspend disbelief for this show on the regular, but how in the world does Ade get a $15,000 check for a performance at some random kid pageant? That is more unbelievable then Liam owning and running a bar at 19. Anyways, when Ade calls the label to tell them about her cash money, they tell her that’s still not enough and she finds out about Megan’s scholarship. When Dixon comes back, she tells him that she’ll do whatever she has to do to get out of her contract. Megan tells Dixon she’s turning down the scholarship and going home to San Diego.

Annie– Oh, Annie. After she tells Dixon that she might want to get serious with Riley, Dixon tells her that while Riley said he was on vacation with his family, he was actually at a clinic getting the experimental procedure done. Annie tries to buy time before Riley goes through with the surgery by calling the clinic and pretending to be from his insurance company. Annie drives over to San Jose and tells Riley that even though he’s obnoxious and rude, she loves him. Riley tells her he loves her, but he already went through with the surgery. Dixon apologizes to Riley for telling Annie about the clinic. Riley says Annie went insane for the right reasons, and the ends justified the means. Later, Annie calls Riley at the clinic and gets a nurse instead. It turns out a clot traveled to Riley’s lungs and he passed away. One week she’s getting shot by her ex-boyfriends crazy bodyguard/stalker, the next her boyfriend dies. Tough break, girl.

This week’s episode was a little bit better than last weeks, for the line Naomi said about pilgrim dinners alone. I really hope this is the end of Naomi/Max. They’ve stretched this storyline as much as they can, and I’d like to see a fun & single Naomi again. Speaking of stretched storylines, this story with Silver is just terrible. I wish they would just end this already. Also something that needs to end, Adrianna. Dixon should release her from her contract, and the show should release her as well. Ivy was more entertaining, and I didn’t even like her that much. What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: #realness

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7 Responses to 90210 – Recap & Review – Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

  1. 90210 says:

    youre just a hater

  2. Doreen says:

    Just so many accidents and deaths and stalkers. I find it hard to believe, lol. Yes, Dixon needs to let Ade go already. Glad Navid talked to Teddy and told her the facts on Silver. It’s kind of good the way Naomi and Max find out they aren’t right with each other, not that they are cheating on each other or something like that. Normal fighting. Sucks for Annie already, wouldn’t mind her and Liam together happy.

    • ttcdennis says:

      I’m past rooting for most of the relationships on the show, but it seems like the writers are setting up Lannie; which I think most of the fanbase would like, especially if this is the final season. Thanks for the comment!

      • Beany53 says:

        I’m with you Dennis. And I also think this version never did live up to the old 90210.

        • ttcdennis says:

          I’ve only seen around 5 or 6 episodes of the original, so I can’t give a good opinion on that. I feel like the best of this show was season 2/3, though.

          • Beany53 says:

            The original people were much more likable. In the new version they have flip flopped the characters. For a while Silver was ok, now she is annoying, same with Dixon. Ade has gone back and forth numerous times. And yes, Dennis, season 2/3 was the best.

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