Dallas – Recap & Review – Sins of the Father

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Sins of the Father

Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

For an hour long show, Dallas really does seem to fly by in a matter of minutes. No scene is too long, no dialogue is lacking for camp. There were no major surprises tonight, but it was definitely an (almost entirely) enjoyable hour of television.

There’s a sense of foreboding with every minute, knowing that the delicious J.R. Ewing scenes won’t be around much longer. But it’s the joy in which lines such as “I can make a body appear in a church social without anybody knowing how it got there” that make us relish the time we do have left. And what’s also great… Josh Henderson is doing his damndest to carry on his television papa’s legacy.

Because was there anything for fun (and sleazy) this hour than John Ross and Pamela (no longer referred to as faux-Rebecca) trying to show their upper hand by declaring that they like being on top? The gruesome twosome spent the hour trying to manipulate everything around them, but are really quite enjoyable when they’re working off each other.

John Ross’s big power play this evening was to get his mother to call in the loan she gave Elena to drill oil on a neighboring property. He plays his “broken heart” to the hilt, using the puppy dog eyes he allegedly inherited from his father, to manipulate his mother to get back into the business game. Despite her self-proclaimed awareness to being played, Sue Ellen falls for her son’s machinations and goes all “bitch on wheels” on Elena, giving her a month to strike oil or pay up the loan.

Elena’s been sidetracked with Ewing Energies and now the reappearance of her brother Drew (played by Kuno Becker). He’s claiming to have gotten his previous wild ways under control and is determined to honor his father’s legacy by drilling for oil on some land that Bobby now owns. Elena instead gets him on board with the Henderson property, which John Ross immediately undercuts by bribing the rig guy to not find oil until he gives the say-so.

Pamela is having her own troubles trying to reign in Becky Sutter, who is now demanding one million dollars or she will help the police and Christopher take her down. She enlists Frank to dispose of the Becky problem, just as Christopher gets word from the police that they found Tommy’s blood in Pamela’s old condo. Frank (somehow) takes care of the Becky problem and she doesn’t show for court, but J.R. appeals to Frank’s insecurity about being a Barnes employee (not family) and plants the seed to nail Pamela for Tommy’s murder.

Elsewhere, in the non-campy portion of the hour, Ann is still trying to make headway with her estranged daughter Emma. She admits that she was a drugged out, depressed mess when Emma went missing, but that she never gave up hope on her. Emma isn’t interested in any meaningful reconciliation and Ann is devastated. Bobby is further chagrined when he gets news that it’s not considered kidnapping, but custodial interference, and the statute of limitations has expired. He goes to J.R, for help in making Ryland pay, but it might be a non-issue. Having overheard the legal dilemma, Ann pays Ryland a visit, where he taunts her about all of the moments in Emma’s life that he took from her. His whole motivation was to make her miserable for planning to leave him, and he clearly succeeded. So Ann pulls out her trusty gun (cause as she said in pilot, someone’s always packing in Texas) and blows a hole in Ryland’s chest. He lies there bleeding out as she walks out the door.

The whole Ann-Emma plot has the possibility to be as delicious as the others, but the problem is that it’s just been so weepy. It needs a few more one liners and a lot less Kleenex if it’s going to live up to the soapy good legacy of Dallas. Right now it’s definitely the Debbie-Downer of the landscape. And the whole oedipal between Ryland and his mother is just creepy, especially when you factor in that Judith Light is just three years older than Mitch Pileggi!

So what are you most enjoying here in season two? Is it the campy goodness, the fake back drop view from everyone’s offices? But I must say, I’m really anxious for a Cliff Barnes appearance… and soon!

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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5 Responses to Dallas – Recap & Review – Sins of the Father

  1. peter says:

    I was shocked what ann did i thought emma was going to come out after hearing him. loved tonights ep.

  2. I loved tonight’s episode. I loved it when Bobby went to JR for help, which is something he never did in the original series. Of course, JR is always willing to help his “little brother.” I miss JR, already!

    I knew when Ann overheard Bobby talking with the detective, and grabbed her purse — she was going to kill Ryland. She is emotionally unstable, and rightfully so, and it looks as if Bobby is going to be arrested for the murder, or will he take the blame?

    I hope JR is around long enough to help Bobby and Ann get out of this mess!

  3. Linda says:

    Pamela Rebecca and John Ross LOVE THEM AND WANT MORE like a real relationship were they are in Love,Trust each other and have Kids . They can be such a Great Story line for this show moving forward.
    JR, Sue Ellen and John Ross were Great
    Ann and Bobby were being a good Team Until Ann Shot Her EX but he was pushing her
    OH & Frank is going to get his you do not mess with Pamela Rebecca and just walk away

    • karenb says:

      Although I enjoy Pamela and John Ross together, I think what makes them so delicious is that neither is (currently) capable of love or trust! As for kids… I somehow sense (if she is even still pregnant, because that is seriously one not-showing body) that John Ross will somehow be entangled in the twins lives.

  4. samskara2012 says:

    I don’t know but I love the Ann/Emma story. Yes, we need the camp but we also need the tears. No show succeeds completely without the tears. If all this reboot is just contains the one liners than the show is not worth watching. Might as well keep to the stupid non-reality based crap on the top four networks than watch something that might have depth. AS for the whole Pileggi/Light age range, I do wish they’d made Light an older sister to Ryland, but I’m loving the dynamic. Doesn’t matter about the Oedipal aspect it’s still damn good acting from these two seasoned vets. TNT should be lucky to have them. Without Pileggi though I might not have tuned in. I am hoping for a scene between Hagman and Pileggi considering their antagonism as JR and Morrissey during the original series 13th & 14th season.

    I am loving Pambecca and John Ross. Perfection in bringing these two together. Please save me the barf factor of the do-gooders Christopher and Elena. Julie Gonsalo is just killing this role. A far cry from Maggie Dekker in “Eli Stone.”

    Cynthia Cidre has done well and I’m loving the new dynamics. Going to miss Hagman horribly though.

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