CSI:NY – Recap & Review – White Gold

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

White Gold
Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2013
Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Two animal rights activists are tagging their district with the word “murderer”. Well, the girl is. The boy anxiously looks on and is eager for any excuse to leave. They hear a car crash, but it doesn’t appear anybody was hurt so they return to their tagging… only to hear two shots and the next time they look, there’s a dead body left on the ground. “Murderer” indeed.

White trace is found on the body, and it turns out to be flour. Some detective work deduces that the body belongs to a young pizza maker called Paul Tortucci. Who would want to kill a pizza maker?

At first, our CSIs think it has something to do with the car accident and highjacking that the teenagers witnessed between the van and the expensive car, but the CSIs have to rethink their idea when they learn from visiting the victim’s uncle that Paul was driving the van and not the car.

Honestly, I suspected that the uncle, Ray Tortucci, was the murderer just from the hammy performance. I’m not used to seeing people that upset over the death of a relative unless they’re overcompensating. Perhaps I’m too cynical, but I didn’t buy it. My bad.

Another look at the van shows that it was weighed down, rather a lot. New theory is that Paul was killed for the contents of his van, so our CSIs search Paul’s apartment for a clue as to what that was. They find… mozzarella. Ray realizes that Paul must have been smuggling mozzarella to the Canadians, who were willing to pay the prices needed to put the company back in the black.

The new theory is that somebody must have routinely seen Paul loading those white bricks into the van and assumed it was drugs. One of the few businesses that could have had that vantage point was George’s the mechanics. George knows nothing about it, but an employee, Felipe hasn’t turned up at work since Paul’s murder.

Felipe’s body is found in an empty dumpster, empty apart from a matchbook which leads to them to a dive where they find Reno Martell. Martell’s apartment shows evidence of blood which is a match to Felipe’s. Martell tries to blame everything on Felipe, saying that the hijacking was Felipe’s idea and when he found out that it was mozzarella he turned on Martell and Martell had to kill Felipe in self defense.

Enter Jo and Mac who rip Martell’s story to shred. Blood was found on the ignition of the car, Martell’s blood which puts him in the driving seat. Witnesses near Martell’s apartment also heard shouting, but the shouting was mostly done in English whilst Felipe’s English wasn’t that strong. Martell is a cold blooded murderer. And he will pay for his crimes.

The episode ends with Mac sharing a slice of pizza with Ray and returning a photograph of young Paul with Ray. I’m still surprised Ray wasn’t the killer, because their bond is sickeningly sweet in my cold-hearted opinion.

So, there’s not much to CSI:NY this week apart from the case. There was a little Flack/Lovato banter, although I’m still not sure how I feel about their relationship. I do think the episode could have benefited from a plot b or something to make it feel a bit meatier. The plot summary is this: guy killed for smuggling drugs which turned out to be cheese. Seriously.

Did you suspect the uncle at all or was that just me? How do you feel about Flack and Lovato’s relationship? Did you get a craving for mozzarella this episode, or once again was that just me? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents about the show.


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