The Office – Recap & Review – Junior Salesman



The Office
Junior Salesman

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

The camera is sitting on the floor and we hear Pam and Brian talking about the incident from the other night. Apparently, he got in trouble for coming to Pam’s rescue since the rule is that the crew isn’t to talk to the documentary subjects. Meredith asks “Boom Guy” when he’s gonna boom her. He skedaddles and who could blame him?

David Wallace gave permission for Dwight to hire a Junior Salesman to fill Jim’s space while he’s in Philly. Clark tells Dwight he’s should get the job. Dwight doesn’t agree but grants Clark an interview anyway. The other candidates are all Dwight’s weird friends. During all these, we find out that Dwight used to go to X-Men school and he also dated his elderly babysitter for awhile.

Athlead lost a big contract and now the board wants Jim to ask David Wallace for an investment loan. I’m sure that’s going to go extremely well. And of course, it goes exactly as well as you can imagine. David doesn’t even let him get the entire sentence out before he cuts him off.

After all the interviews are over, Dwight decides that he can’t hire any of them. Even Dwight knows they’re all just too weird, so he brings Jim in to choose one. Jim chooses…none of them. He installs Clark in his place and heads off to his board meeting. Pam suggests to Dwight that they haze the new guy. Dwight tries to suffocate him with plastic wrap. Meanwhile, Jim talks about how he wanted to make sure the right person was Pam’s desk mate since he fell in love with her while he was hers. He muses that your desk mate is someone you spend most of your life with. Brian the boom guy looks on, adoringly, at Pam. Uh oh. They have spent 9 years together, after all.

Well, this episode was pretty pointless, if you ask me. Mostly just a parade of freaks with very little substance. I could have been spared more crumbling of the Jim/Pam dynamic. Yeah, I realize that Jim and Pam have always been way too perfect, but you know, I like that in my television shows. I don’t want to watch shows about marriages just like mine. Your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!


About Shannon

Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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