The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2013

Kym Caffrey – Senior Reviewer

Unlike Penny, I think personalized action figures sound cool, too, but then, I once bought my niece a doll customized to look like her – so there’s that. Sheldon, of course, would want kung-fu grip and Leonard apparently can’t have one, but will Raj and Howard get them? And what will Bernadette think?

Oh, and how much do they cost?

But first, OMG, the university is making Sheldon and his nemesis Kripke work together on a grant proposal. Kripke seems resigned to it, but Sheldon is obviously very upset. He doesn’t even want to share his drawing of a “cool train” with Kripke, let alone the greatness of his work. Later, when Leonard and Penny get back from the movies he’s playing Star Wars theme music that instantly tells Leonard he’s upset, but Penny apparently hasn’t learned enough about Sheldon in six years – she wants to go in and see what’s wrong. When they enter, he even looks like the Emperor. Leonard offers to make him tea – but he’s too upset for that. Outrage apparently requires cocoa. Despair needs hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Leonard’s on it. The next day, Sheldon and Kripke are supposed to exchange their work so far and Sheldon starts out by standing Kripke up and making him come to him, then tries to give him envelopes of blank paper instead of his actual papers. He’s afraid Kripke’s going to steal his work, but when Sheldon actually reads his research, he finds it to be “leaps and bounds” ahead – forcing him to face the idea that he’s not the smartest physicist at the university. Ouch. He even accepts a consoling hug from Amy – even though he feels like he’s being strangled by a boa constrictor. After all, he can’t come right out and admit to liking it. In the morning, he tries to play sick but in a shocking fit of temper, Leonard sets him straight. Agreed, he’ll have to remember how he did that. My money is on calling him “Sheldon Lee Cooper”. Middle names never came out in my house unless you were in trouble. Kripke gives him an out though by assuming that his work is suffering because he has a girlfriend and is “getting laid” so much. Poor Sheldon sounds so awkward trying to play along. When he tells Leonard and Penny about the whole thing later, Penny puts him on the spot by asking him if he’s ever actually going to sleep with Amy. Wow. He answers by saying he’s working on his lifelong aversion to the physical contact that comes naturally to others and that it’s “a possibility” that he and Amy may eventually have a physical relationship. Wow again. What till Penny tells Amy about this one. It may happen sooner rather than later or his going to run out of things to tell the very curious Kripke.

Getting back to Howard and Raj, apparently the action figures cost $500 each – doable only because Raj’s family is “loaded” and Bernadette has a great job. Still no word on her opinion of the action figure yet though, hmmm. When they arrive, they appear to be a waste of money – since they’re actually horrible likenesses of the guys. It does make Leonard feel a little smug about not getting one, but that’s really only because of Penny. Cool idea or not – I would have been against them too at that price point. Still, Raj tries to make the most of his anyway, then suggests that if they had a 3-D printer they could make their own action figures of themselves. Awesome – those 3-D printers are so cool. But how is Howard going to justify the price? By calling it “reclaiming the manufacturing process” and taking jobs away from the sweatshops in China – even though the machine itself was made in China. It’s in his lab too, so I wonder if he’s letting the university pay for it – and for the supplies for their new action figures – and the whistle it just took them three hours to make. No – he and Raj paid $5000 for it themselves. Just to make a couple of dolls that Bernadette actually thought were cute until she heard that part. And, as I suspected earlier, it didn’t even occur to him to talk to her before spending the money. She’s furious and tells him he can either return the machine or make himself a working set of lady parts to sleep with instead of her. He’s clearly in the wrong here – not necessarily because she’s the one that makes most of the money, but because when you’re a couple you just don’t go spending that kind of money without talking about it first. He ultimately sells his half of the printer to Raj, and gets taken off of the joint account until he “learns the value of money”. And already he’s blown his food allowance on Pokemon cards.

Even though he managed to “save face” by letting Kripke believe that sex with Amy was responsible for his work being inferior, it was still about time that one of Sheldon’s peers actually proved himself to be at least as smart as Sheldon, if not smarter. Leonard’s right though, even the most brilliant minds get off on unproductive tangents sometimes and this is not a reflection of his overall intelligence. He’s still a genius – just maybe finally realizing he’s not the only one. How long do you think it’ll last? And how long will Howard being in the doghouse with Bernadette? And finally, when will the big moment happen? Amy’s been waiting so long.

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2 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

  1. FK says:

    I love Kripke appearances, almost as much as Wil. I don’t think Sheldon and Amy will have coitus anytime soon, considering who Sheldon is. Howard is out of the doghouse quickly, considering he already got the money back and well, he’s Howard. Plus, he got her a doll of her own! Sweet, but stupid. LOL

  2. Maggie C says:

    Since they have that wonderful machine, why couldn’t they make dolls, um, action figures and sell them? They could set up at the Comic Book store and cut Stuart in. They can make them for the people who come in, or mail order. Maybe Bernadette wouldn’t have been so mad.

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