Elementary – Recap & Review – The Red Team

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Red Team

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2013

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

After so cruelly teasing us with an awesome last episode, Elementary is finally back! So are Joan Watson’s super cute outfits, so it’s a win-win all around. This week’s episode finds Joan still serving as a sober companion albeit without pay as Sherlock is suspended from consulting; apparently she just can’t not hang out with Sherlock. Then again, could you? Sherlock amuses himself by bringing Watson along to see about an internet conspiracy theorist he is acquainted with—who does of course turn out to be dead. Being a supporting character on this show is kind of like being a redshirt, you’re really not going to last too long. Follow me unto the breach after the jump for more!

The conspiracy theorist left behind a totally adorable tortoise, Clyde, who looks eerily like my former tortoise, Shelly Turtleton. (RIP Shelly, may you munch on dandelions in heaven.) This could have become the most boring episode of television possible and I still would’ve been thrilled, because OMG a tortoise! It wasn’t, but still. Tortoise. I’ll try to process this. Anyway, someone put a bug (the electronic kind, natch) in Clyde’s terrarium, maybe because someone else is a total Clyde superfan. Or because our dead conspiracy theorist was into something big…as someone who owns two sets of X Files DVD’s—I am weird—I’m betting on the latter. Sherlock destroys the bug and takes Clyde with him. The autoerotically-asphyxiated victim was studying something called the red team, or a hole in national security exposed by war games. Since he was apparently murdered after looking into this, Sherlock assumes it’s worth investigating and while Watson goes to ask Gregson to bring Holmes back on, Holmes goes to a retirement home to meet the member of the Red Team that the dead man learned about.

The man apparently has Alzheimer’s, but Sherlock thinks he was poisoned on purpose so he couldn’t talk about the Red Team. The police don’t think Sherlock’s lead should be followed because they think they’ve caught the killer, a guy the dead man argued with in a chat room. Gregson doesn’t take Sherlock showing up at the station well so Sherlock and Joan sit in the car, waiting for someone to come into the man’s apartment. A man comes out to meet Sherlock and Joan and says he works for a market research company. Sherlock starts naming members of the “Red Team” and the man’s reaction tells them if he’s right. The man also asks Sherlock why any of the men would not already have been killed if the government wanted them dead, and I am getting such X Files vibes, you guys, I expected the Lone Gunmen to pop up from around a corner. (RIP, Lone Gunmen.)

Bell tells Sherlock the man he visited in the home was indeed poisoned. Sherlock gets the Red Team members together and tells them what’s happening. None of them talk about it, really, since it would be treason, but one leaves a note for Sherlock that leads him to Todd Clark—the thing is, Todd Clark was killed that day. On Sherlock’s recommendation the cops go to get the rest of the team to safety and they get everyone except Walter, the man Holmes brought in earlier. Another red team member tells Sherlock he thinks Walter is trying to sell the secrets of their shared past himself by murdering the other men involved, but this turns out to be a dead end when they learn that Walter has been killed. Dresden, the man who tried to pin the crimes on Walter, was really behind it and was trying to keep his secrets safe. Sherlock gets Dresden taken in by the police and goes to meet Gregson. Gregson allows him back but tells him he’ll never be trusted again after what he did in M.

I really liked The Red Team, though it did lag a bit in parts. It was good once it got going, and the added bonus of Clyde made me happy. I like when the show focuses on Holmes and Watson rather than adding in a bunch of ancillary characters like exes/former coworkers, because the heart of the show is their relationship. Well, that and my new favorite character Clyde, hopefully we’ll see him again soon. What did you think? Are you as ready for an epic X Files marathon as I am? Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments and as always, I’ll see you next week!

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