American Idol – Recap & Review – Oklahoma City Auditions

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Oklahoma City Auditions

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Here we are at the very last audition of 2013. After three weeks, I’m thankful it’s only an hour. At this point, audition fatigue has really set in.

I was surprised at how many mercy Golden Tickets the judges gave out. Several of the contestants had more personality than talent and that seems to be why the judges sent them through. That doesn’t help anyone. The contestants get their hopes up and then we barely see them again.

It’s a harsh business and Hollywood Week really shows who can handle the pressure – separating the slightly talented from the very talented and professional. But first, we have a few more contestants to see…

Contestant: Karl Skinner, 26, pizza chef
Backstory: He originally auditioned on the Idol Bus. Wants to prove gingers have soul.
Song: “I Feel Good” and an original song on the guitar.
Impression: Over-the-top energy and not that good. He is so Hollywood Fodder.
Verdict: 4 yeses because they like his personality.

MONTAGE ALERT: Not only are these singers bad, but they’re also weird.

Contestant: Nate Tao, 24, Sign Language Teacher
Backstory: He’s an American Sign Language teacher. Both of his parents are deaf.
Song: “For Once in My Life”
Impression: It’s a really good song choice for him. He has a really pleasing, spot-on voice that seems effortless.
Verdict: 4 yeses. Loved watching him tell his dad.

Contestant: Hali Hilburn, 27, horse trainer and Oscar, 17, talking dog
Backstory: Girl with a puppet – Oscar the dog. Rather pretty for a nut that does a duet with a dog puppet.
Song: “I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart”
Impression: She yodels! She has a good voice, but probably not good enough. Keith says that Oscar is holding her back. Mariah thinks they should sever ties for her to be able to have a career.
Verdict: 3 yeses, 1 no (Randy), so she’s heading west. Another Hollywood fodder (she promises not to bring Oscar with her).

Contestant: Zoanette Johnson, 19, health specialist
Song: “National Anthem”
Impression: Wow – could she over sing it any more. Don’t think so. She is a MAJOR drama queen. Then she forgets the words! By the end she’s practically screaming. Keith falls from his chair. Is she high or ADHD?
Verdict: 4 yeses????????????? How can they put this train wreck through?

Loved the guy who cried after singing, and then when they sent him through. Too funny.

Contestant: Anastacia Freeman, 25, stay at home mom
Backstory: Practically broke her leg coming in wearing ultra-high heels.
Song: “Unbreak My Heart”
Impression: She’s so bad this stay at home mom should have stayed at home. She can’t carry a tune. At. All. Was told by God to audition. (Very funny cheap dramatization with look-alike actor who asks God if she meant “The Voice” OR “The X Factor.”)
Verdict: All nos.

Contestant: Kayden Stephenson, 16, student
Backstory: Very cute blond kid who has Cystic Fibrosis that makes him look younger. His life expectancy is 35 so he wants to live life now.
Song: “I Wish”
Impression: He has a small voice, but sweet. Very Michael Jackson as a kid. He’s a charmer too. I don’t think he’ll go past Hollywood Week, but it will be fun watching him.
Verdict: 4 yeses. Family silly strings Ryan.

Last contestant through is Steven Tyler in drag, who moons the judges one more time. He still is a hoot! Glad there are no bad feelings that he didn’t sign up again.

All in all, 44 contestants are going to face the pressures of Hollywood Week.

Do you think they found some good talent? Were you bamboozled by Steven’s “Pepper” costume? Are you ready for Hollywood Week? Give us your TwoCents…

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