American Idol – Recap & Review – San Antonio/Long Beach Auditions

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
San Antonio/Long Beach Auditions

Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

We’ve made it to the final week of auditions. Are you relieved or sad? This episode took us to two different areas of the country. The San Antonio auditions were held at the Alamo (really, is there really any other place in San Antonio? Well, yes…). The Long Beach auditions went nautical with the Queen Mary.

Luckily, it was one of the episodes where 90 percent of the contestants were good. In fact, I’m starting to worry there may be too many good people (don’t worry, I won’t feel that way after Hollywood Week).


Contestant: Vincent Powell, 29, praise leader/teacher
Backstory: Returning contestant, made it to the end of Hollywood Week
Song: “Rock Me Baby”
Impression: A really nice wail of a voice filled with plenty of gospel/soul.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestants: Brothers Derek and David Bacerott, 21 & 24
Song: “Let Me Love You”
Impression: They are tone deaf and can’t even keep in sync with each other. They argue — for a long time — with the judges. Insist that they are good to the bitter end. And they weren’t.
Verdict: 4 nos.

Contestant: Savannah Votion, 24, unemployed
Backstory: Single mom of a 4-year-old daughter.
Song: “At Last”
Impression: A nice rasp and a powerhouse wail combined with excellent pitch. She’s really, really good. Judges are quite impressed.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Ricky Jo Garcia, 16, student
Song: “I’m Not Going”
Impression: She over sings and changes keys.
Verdict: 4 nos.

Contestant: Cristabel Clack, 29, worship leader
Backstory: She’s a mother of three kids, married to a praise leader.
Song: “If I Ain’t Got You”
Impression: It’s not a great audition song as it’s too low in a few places, but she puts plenty of heart and soul into it. She also has awesome control.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Ann Difani, 23, graduate student
Backstory: She was nominated by her husband. Randy delivered the news on a football field.
Song: “Stronger”
Impression: She’s got a thin voice, but pretty tone. She wants to be a country singer.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Victoria Acosta, 20, mariachi singer
Backstory: She sings mariachi on a tour boat.
Song: “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” then a mariachi song
Impression: She sounds better with the second song, much less forced and rehearsed.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

MONTAGE ALERT: Bad singers with funny “Wanted” poster with singing related crimes. I almost giggled, twice.

Contestant: Papa Peachez, 19, unemployed
Backstory: Works with homeless people who claims he’s a big fat black woman trapped in a skinny white body.
Song: An original song
Impression: Swears during his song. There’s something there, but he needs lessons. Keith thought it was overly theatrical. He is SO Hollywood fodder.
Verdict: 2 yeses, 2 nos – Randy is the tie breaker—who puts him through (!).

Contestant: Sanni M’Mairura, 16, student
Backstory: He wants to be a singer/choreographer. Performers with a dance group at church and he can really dance.
Song: “Who’s Loving You”
Impression: He’s got personality to spare. OK voice, but cute. Randy liked that he didn’t try to sound like Michael Jackson.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Adam Sanders, 19, musician
Backstory: He cried before auditioning.
Song: “I’d Rather Go Blind”
Impression: He really does have a black woman inside him. Screechy when he gets too high, but he has quite a fine voice. Mariah and Keith give him a standing ovation.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

LONG BEACH: Queen Mary

Nicki is at the AMAs and Mariah is stuck in traffic. So Keith and Randy do it together.

Contestant: Shuba Vadula, 17, student
Song: “Something’s Got a Hold On Me”
Impression: She’s got serious chops. And tons of swings.
Verdict: 2 yeses.

Mariah finally arrives.

Contestant: Brian Martinez, 21, bank teller
Backstory: Some producer heard him singing in the bathroom and suggested he audition for Idol.
Song: “You’ll Be in My Heart”
Impression: He. Can’t. Sing. Judges were laughing (I wish they wouldn’t do that – it’s cruel).
Verdict: 3 nos.

Contestant: Matt Farmer, 26, musician
Backstory: He was injured in Iraq and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Medicine was supposed to make him sterile, but six months later his girlfriend got pregnant.
Song: “Change is Going to Come”
Impression: Sounds a bit like Phil Phillips. Judges said he had strong pipes. Keith mentioned he had some tone issues, but he could work to fix them.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Stephanie Sanson, 16, student
Song: “I Set Fire to the Rain”
Impression: Purple hair. She jumps up and down and screams. She’s not even singing. She uses the finger. Did she do this just to get on TV?
Verdict: She leaves before the judges vote, but they gave her 3 nos. Keith jokes that Nicki would have sent her to Hollywood.

Nicki joins the judges.

Contestant: Jesaiah Baer, 16, student
Backstory: She is wearing a captain’s hat.
Song: “Settle Down”
Impression: Fire alarm goes off in the middle of her audition, poor girl. She has a fun, retro voice and can scat. Randy said she was very talented for 16 and Nicki praised her confidence.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

MONTAGE ALERT: Bad contestants with computer generated Queen Mary ghosts. Not as clever as the wanted posters.

Contestant: Micah Johnson, 24, U.S. Navy
Backstory: Recently had tonsils removed and doctor damaged a nerve that left him with a speech impediment.
Song: “Chicken Fried”
Impression: There’s not speech issue when he sings. He has a beautiful, beautiful voice. Watch this one.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Rachel Hale, 21, student
Backstory: She comes from a small Southern town and has the accent to prove it.
Song: “People Get Ready”
Impression: She has a pretty tone with a slight rasp. Keith compared her to Wynonna Judd.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Briana Oakley, 16, student
Backstory: She was severely bullied after being on Maury Povich’s show featuring talented kids. When she returned to school, the kids picked on her and she eventually had to change schools. So she goes on TV again?
Song: “Up to the Mountain”
Impression: She has a major quiver to her voice, but a bright tone and nicely nuanced.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Matheus Fernandes, 21, computer sales
Backstory: He is very, very short. But he still wants to pursue music.
Song: “Change is Going to Come”
Impression: He obvious has a well trained voice. He puts his heart into it. I just worry that his backstory will take over.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

In Long Beach, 49 singers took home golden tickets (they didn’t announce how many they gave out in San Antonio). Thursday, the last audition show goes to Oklahoma.

Will you be watching? Do you think they found real talent? Were you moved to tears by any of the stories? Give us your TwoCents…

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One Response to American Idol – Recap & Review – San Antonio/Long Beach Auditions

  1. FK says:

    Matheus was on The Glee Project. He obviously didn’t win. There should be a rule – one reality show genre per lifetime. He used the same sob story there, too. I don’t watch Idol and turned on just as he came on. I was like, are you serious? COME ON.

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