White Collar – Recap & Review – Brass Tacks

photo: usa

photo: usa

White Collar
Brass Tacks

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2013

Jules – News Editor

Over the last four seasons, Peter and Neal have faced off against many foes, but none like the one we meet tonight. One with such great pull that it could again tear the two apart, especially if Elizabeth has her way.

So as we dig deeper into the corruption that surrounds the framing of Neal’s father and finding the evidence Ellen left behind, will our team be able to match up to their newest enemy? Read on to find out!

With Flynn dead, the team find out that it was Maryland Senator Pratt who had Flynn transferred and what would you know, he was a police captain in DC the same time James and Ellen were there. Peter thinks it’s possible that he has intel on the Flynns and had Flynn Junior murdered.

Now that Ellen’s case has been closed, Neal gets the few items Ellen held dear, including the necklace. Inside is what looks like a two piece key. What does it open? Unknown for now, but to figure out the key, Neal enlists his best man Mozzie for it, while Peter insists he can’t do it alone and brings in Jones. Moz might not play well with others, but I think a new pairing as emerged in Moz and Suit Jones. They got to meet with Moz’s keymaster (Peter Scolari) who in return gives him a riddle before he can help him.

Peter meets with Senator Pratt (Titus Welliver) to discuss the transfer, but he came prepared and Peter doesn’t get anything he wanted except that it’s clear Pratt’s on to them. Later, Neal manages to steal a look at Pratt’s itinerary and Peter gets a warrant to tag Pratt while he’s in town.

Peter has a late night visit from Hughes to talk about taking down Pratt. The mission will stay small and Hughes asks Peter to be careful. Because this talk happens in his backyard, El hears most of it and is worried about Peter on this case.

With Senator Pratt is only in Manhattan for 48 hours, the team has a small window to track and follow him. So Diana poses as an employee at a barbershop where Pratt’s going to get a shave, where the team’s able to switch out the SIM card in his phone and put in a briefcase cam.

The camera reveals Pratt making an off book stop with a real-estate developer named Edwards (Reed Diamond). Diana and Neal discover there must be something going behind the Pratt helping Edwards with his construction projects and Edwards donating to Pratt’s campaign, but can’t figure what’s under the connection. But have no fear, Peter says he’s got it. Unfortunately, he’s driving and his car doesn’t have breaks and gets into a gnarly accident.

Elizabeth now realizes the danger Peter’s in and urges Neal to track down the key on his own and to lie to Peter’s face to keep him safe. I feel for El and Neal. It’s a hard ask, but Neal trusts El.

Diana digs into what Peter’s found and it looks like Edwards is into having multiple change orders for his projects, which are supposed to have approval, but haven’t. To now get to Pratt, Neal will pose as an architect to get Edwards for fraud, subpoena all his docs and have him turn on Pratt.

Neal lets Moz in on the new plans (and how Mrs. Suit is behind it), while also solving the riddle mystery (the answer was Moses-Jones was right!). But in order to get any intel from keymaster, it means Moz has to give up his “son” Barty (AKA his Swiss army knife/fake baby). Moz will also need to copy the key, but alas, he did that the day Neal gave him the key.

Neal sneaks into Edwards’ loft to sell him as his new architect and purchasing high end materials for his project. And with Pratt on his way up, Diana stalls just long enough for Neal to get out without Pratt ever seeing him.

Moz and Jones meet again with the keymaster who gives them no real info. Jones leaves, while keymaster asks to see the real one (he totally caught Moz’s switcheroo) and they remove the “gunk” off the key. Moz leaves feeling a bit more satisfied, but alas, there’s Jones! None the wiser, he sneaks back in to ask about the key with FBI ID in hand. Can’t pull as fast one on Jones. With that, Jones tells Peter, who’s not happy about the news. When Neal goes to visit later, El reminds him of his promise and Neal lies to Peter about the key information. El watches Neal lie and poor Neal is caught between a rock and a hard place. Peter’s pretty upset about the lying.

When Edwards makes the call to purchase cheaper materials, they route the call to Peter so he can be on it, too and with that, he’s caught and questioned by Hughes. Hughes says he can make a deal if Edwards will turn on Pratt, but Edwards won’t budge and the team can tell he’s hoping that Pratt can pull some strings to get him out instead. Unluckily for Edwards, that’s not how Pratt roles. He cuts Edwards loose and then takes the credit for catching him. What a slime ball!

Later, Neal approaches Pratt to say they’re going to get him. Barely blinking, Pratt instead calls Neal out saying he knows who he is and that where he works, changes are coming. Cue Hughes being forced to retire! No! Darn Pratt and his pull.

And just as El suspected, Peter’s new mission is to find every cover up Pratt has ever been a part of. Peter will do everything t help Neal, but I hope he stays safe, too.

Later, as Jones and Peter and Neal and Moz look at the key, both duos realize they key isn’t what it seems. It’s a guide and the grooves really represent New York City’s city skyline. Now they just have to find out where the silhouette looks on from and for now, Pratt knows nothing of it.

Mozzism: I’m from PANEO—People of the awareness of near earth objects.

I thoroughly enjoyed where this episode ended. And man is Pratt a prickly one. I love that he’s played by Welliver, because I can only think of him as The Man in Black from Lost and he was slippery, too. So now that Pratt knows that they’re after him and with Hughes out, how will Peter and Neal get to the truth? And will El reveal what she asked Neal to do to Peter? I know she’s helping Peter, but she knows it drove Peter crazy when Neal lied. And where does Ellen’s “key” take them? There’s my TwoCents, share yours below.

Next week: Empire City

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4 Responses to White Collar – Recap & Review – Brass Tacks

  1. raybelle says:

    I hope El fesses up, especially when she realizes that Peter is pursuing this w/o Neal. It’s sad when your parents (surrogate) pit you against each other, even with the best of intentions. and I don’t think Neal will ever fess up to what El asked. If El doesn’t, I hope Peter catches it by something parallel that El/Neal says in the future.
    Really excited to see who makes it to the finish first. Peter/Jones have better resources, but they may be sidelined because of Pratt, and Neal/Mozzie have the more creative minds when it comes to getting around legalities…

    • jules says:

      I just hope Peter will understand once he finds out, because one way or another he will.

      And yes, I am really anxious to see which pair will find the answers first. Peter knows Neal and Mozzie are on it, but Neal and Moz don’t know (yet) that Peter and Jones are working on it, too. I think Neal and Moz have a slight edge since Neal knew Ellen, but who knows.

  2. Dora says:

    I think that El should really confess to Peter about what she asked Neal to do. Peter is so upset about the lying and Neal believes El. We all understand that El wants the best for Peter and only wants to protect him, but I don’t think keeping secrets is the right way. I’ve had enough of Peter and Neal keeping secrets from each other, and it’s got them into plenty of trouble in the past.

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