NCIS – Recap & Review – Hit and Run

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Hit and Run

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

We open with two old guys driving on their way to see their gal pals, bickering like an old married couple, before the passenger tells the driver to stop. The driver does and the passenger drags him back to what he saw: a crash site, where a marine and a blond woman lay dead.

Abby is processing the case of Marine Chad Dunn and the blonde woman, Lyla Cutwright, but it brings back memories of her first case which she undertook as a child.

The Dunn family and the Cutwright family clearly have some history, as Mr. Cutwright barely says two words before Mr. Dunn punches him out. It turns out that Mr. Cutwright is in love with Mrs. Dunn, but could this have anything to do with why their children died?

Ducky is able to determine that Lyla was killed before the car was crashed, but blood splatter would indicate that she was struck by someone outside the vehicle and not Chad Dunn. Abby tells Gibbs that the murder weapon was probably made of chestnut wood, but she is slightly distracted.

Abby is remembering her first case, caught whilst playing in the junk yard with her brother Luca. They are the cutest children. Abby saw a car which had been damaged in a crash, finding a teddy bear inside. She became determined to give that bear back to its owner.

McGee tracks down Lyla and Chad’s phone records. Lyla called the cops but hung up before the call was answered. Chad also made contact several times to a single burn phone, those are always suspicious. Although when McGee and Gibbs track down the owner it turns out to be Chad’s cousin, Brandon Singer, who has been branching out in some kind of green energy business and claims he just lost his phone. Hmmm.

Abby made a mistake, in the present case. She got her slides mixed up and the weapon used to strike Lyla was actually aluminum. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help her determine who could have wielded it. Then, she takes a sick day.

The team is lost without Abby, she is a crime lab unto herself. Tony is scared of screwing up her evidence system and McGee suspects Mass Spec hates him. In the end, he begs Gibbs to let him track down Abby. Gibbs agrees.

McGee finds her acting as a bingo caller for the elderly, but he doesn’t know what to say to her. Abby’s still coping with how to handle the memories of her first case. It started out so well. Young Abby was able to use a plastic soda bottle and some water as a magnifying glass, allowing her to read the name on the label, Ricki Evans. She asked around until she found someone who knew Ricki. Young Abby turned up at the funeral of Ricki’s mother, but Ricki couldn’t accept her teddy.

The teddy was a gift from Ricki’s grandfather, but her father didn’t like him so Ricki was only allowed the teddy when with her mother. With her mother dead from the crash, Ricki would no longer be able to see her grandfather. Nothing Abby tried to do could fix that. So, young Abby kept the teddy bear and gave Ricki her rabbit soft toy instead.

Abby tells McGee that she’s worried because it was a bad outcome so she filed it away and forgot about it until now. She manages to be such a cheery and helpful person because she blocks out the times when good didn’t win and the truth didn’t help but now she remembers. She remembers that Ricki would never see her Grandpa again and Abby panics that nothing she does helps. She runs out before McGee can reassure her otherwise.

Back to the case and it’s following the money that finally gets some answers. Chad and Lyla were running away together, a regular Romeo and Juliet, but they were denied a loan because they had already invested some money elsewhere. An investment that never came to fruition, because the investor was corrupt. That investor was Brandon Singer.

Lyla realized that Brandon’s energy company was a fraud and contemplated calling the cops. Brandon had to shut her up, and so he did so with an aluminum bat which is found in his yard. Such a shame, and I doubt Brandon being arrested will do anything to stop the family feud, but we can hope, much like Abby does.

Abby is still struggling with her memories by the end of the episode, but young Luca told her at the time that Abby did make a difference. She gave Ricki her soft toy. That’s a touching gesture. Another touching gesture was something Gibbs points out when he sees her. On the day they first met, Abby had Chinese food and she gave Gibbs the fortune from her cookie. Gibbs gives her the fortune back, he kept it all those years. It reads: “Today’s new friend is tomorrow’s family.”

To be honest, I was a little more interested in Abby’s first case than I was the current case, but it was interesting to see how one affected the other. I love this side of Abby, which is unusual for me because often I find kids/do-gooders annoying but I genuinely believed it and I felt for her when she couldn’t fix everything. I felt the pain that caused her.

What are your TwoCents on young Abby? Did you guess that the cousin was the killer? Did you prefer the past case or the present or do you think it was a good balance of the two? What do you think of the NCIS family? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents on the episode or the show.


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2 Responses to NCIS – Recap & Review – Hit and Run

  1. Jim-Steve says:

    I didn’t get the point of Abby’s childhood story. I was really excited for it, but it didn’t make sense. They didn’t finish the story. I wanted to know why was the girl’s not allowed to see her grandfather??? Anyway, I liked the rest of the episode. I thought the resolution of the actual case was very interesting.

    • mariatv101 says:

      Real life doesn’t always have the answers, so I like the fact that not everything was spelled out. If Abby found why the girl’s father didn’t like her grandfather, I still doubt she could fix it and she might get into more trouble for interfering.

      Thanks for commenting.

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