Happy Endings – Recap & Review – The Marry Prankster/Our Best Friend’s Wedding

photo: abc

photo: abc

Happy Endings
The Marry Prankster/Our Best Friend’s Wedding

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

ABC has decided to double up on episodes of Happy Endings for the rest of the season, and while I know it’s totally the network burning the show off, I’m happy that we get to see 2 episodes of this fantastic show every week. In this week’s first episode, which I would call a season best, the gang tricks Max into thinking he won the lottery. After Max finds out he didn’t win, he vows revenge on the gang.

In this week’s second episode, Penny & Pete celebrate their engagement. When it comes to how they’re getting married, Penny sees a big wedding, but Pete wants to get eloped. Jane plans on taking Pete down to a Valentine’s Day weekend wedding expo to change his mind. Read on for this week’s double recap!

“The Marry Prankster” kicks off with Dave telling the group that he plans on pranking Max by buying him a ticket with last week’s numbers and showing him a recording of the announcement. Dave thinks Max deserves this because he pranks the group all the time, like when he handed out “Gus 4 Subs” fliers for Dave’s food truck the day before. The prank goes off and Max freaks out, then Dave tells him he didn’t win. Max swears to them that he’ll get his revenge on all of them. The first one to get got is Brad, when Max switched his lotion and cream with stripper glitter. The next one is Jane, who takes waffles Dave was supposed to eat and watches them explode in her face before she takes a bite. Alex is freaking out and not sleeping and comes back to her apartment to find a muffin basket from her landlord for muffin month. The muffin basket was a trap. When Penny throws something on it, paint guns start shooting at the basket. Alex goes over to Max’s and cuts off some of her hair, asking if this counts as a prank because she can’t handle living in fear. After Max says no, Alex says if he promises not to prank her, she’ll help him prank everybody else.

The next to get pranked is Penny. She comes home to find a trail of roses leading to an engagement ring. When she goes to call her mom, she gets slimed. She goes over to Max’s in a wedding dress in an attempt to make him feel bad, but there’s one problem: Max only set up the slime, which means that Penny is really engaged. When Dave comes home, Alex tries to get him to sit on a couch and Dave accuses her of working with Max. When she sits on the couch to prove she’s not, she flies in the air and breaks a coffee table. Dave tells her they’ll team up and beat Max at his own game. Penny and Max go looking through the trash for her ring, which she threw out because of the prank, and Max reveals that Pete is part of the prankage and is glued to a toilet seat. While Max is helping Pete, Dave sets up the prank. He goes into Max’s limo and rigged hot plates & popcorn bags to the ignition so they’ll pop out of control when he turns on the car. The plan goes awry. When Max goes into the limo, the limo explodes. This was Max’s final prank. He snuck out of a hole in the bottom of his limo and blew up the car. When Pete gets unstuck, he comes out and proposes to Penny. They celebrate in a popcorn shower. At the end of the episode, it turns out that Max didn’t set up the gun flyer: it was Alex. When Alex leaves to lock up her store, she stops limping and takes out a fake hair piece.

There was another part of the episode as well. Brad goes on some job interviews and all of them were a disaster. Jane tells him to expand his horizons and try out consulting or CFO positions. Well, Brad finds a CFO position: Chief Fun Officer at a kid’s gym. When he tells Jane, she initially thinks he’s lying, and then tells him to call them up and say he made a mistake. Brad really likes the job, and Jane sees this first hand when she visits him the next day. She apologizes for acting like she knows what’s best, and says she was only trying to help.

“Our Best Friend’s Wedding” kicks off at Penny’s engagement party. Penny shows up late, and then realizes she forgot to invite Pete. Penny tries to reorganize and make it seem like it was a surprise party, but Pete sees right through the lie. When Penny says they’ll make every decision together except where the wedding is held, Pete reveals that he wants to elope. Pete saw what his brother went though getting married and just wants the 2 of them to get married on a beach. Jane tells everyone about the wedding expo that’s in town, and says she’ll take Pete down there and change his mind. Jane gets Pete to come to the expo by saying it’s a reggae fest. Jane asks him to let her show him what he & Penny’s wedding could be like before they decide to elope. Pete sees that this means a lot to her, so he agrees to view the expo.

Jane and Penny do a dazzling routine to show Pete what the wedding could look like, with a chicken wing cake, bleu cheese fountain, reggae band, and sushi dinner included. When a rival wedding planner tries to sneak Pete & Penny away, Jane gets into a fight with her and is removed from the expo. She tries to get back in, but is taken down by a security guard. Pete says that this is what he meant when he says weddings make people go crazy and asks why just them isn’t enough. After a talk with Dave, Penny tells Pete she’ll elope if he wants because all that matters is them. Pete says they can have a wedding, and the fact that she considered eloping was enough for him.

It turns out that Dave was a bridezilla during his & Alex’s wedding and Alex wishes she had more of a say. At the expo, Dave promises to be chill throughout the expo and asks Alex to show her what her dream wedding is. She throws a bunch of crazy stuff at him, but he remains chill. It’s not until Alex says that she wants beige napkins that he flips out. Alex calls him selfish. Dave tells Penny that he put too much thought into the wedding and that Alex should’ve been the only thing that mattered. Dave tells Alex that if they ever get married again, they’ll be in it together.

Since Jane wanted the VIP wedding planner pass, she got Max & Brad a couple’s pass. The duo head to the Gay Town part of the expo and pose as a couple to get free things. When they’re getting free bath stuff, Max gets a turn around from a guy and asks Brad to break up with him in public so he can see that guy. Max breaks them up himself and says Brad doesn’t want to get married because he only sees it as a piece of paper. Later, the guys from the bath expo tell Brad to take Max back or they’ll kick his ass. Brad apologizes to Max in front of everyone, and the duo don’t kiss, but make up.

“The Marry Prankster” is not only the best episode of the season; it’s one of the best episodes of any comedy this year. The physical comedy of the episode was particularly amazing. When Alex sat on the couch and flew into the air, the sound that left my mouth wasn’t human. It was a very well structured episode, with the movie style twist at the end sealing it as a classic. It was hard to follow up that episode, but “Our Best Friends Wedding”, while not as funny, was a good episode. Also, A-Ha’s “Take on Me” is one of my favorite songs and the video recap at the end of the episode showed me yet another reason why this is my favorite comedy on TV. What did you guys think? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

Brad: “Affirmative…action?”

Alex: “I should have known, muffin month isn’t until May”

Max: “No, we’re not even. And when it comes, my revenge will be served like the tennis serve of a 7th grade girl – slow, out of bounds, and I will pull balls out of my skirt”

Jane: “Really? What else is great? Syphilis? Men with bangs? Waking up with a dead dog in your damn bed?” Penny: “If I had known that dog was gonna climb in bed with me, I never would have had so much chocolate in there”

Alex: “Ow! My tiny leg!”

Dave: “I miss my dead gay friend!”

Penny: “Hello, Steve-who –couldn’t-commit-to-a-serious-relationship. Check out this rock. And, no, ya can’t smoke it. I never asked- how was rehab?”

Penny: “Wake up, you tiny whore”

Jane: “I’m gonna change his mind, or they don’t call me bitch behind my back”
Alex: (whispers)”She knows” Jane: (whispers)”I know”

Max: “It’s not like you never thought about it, Harvey chocolate Milk”

Jane: “Hey! Watch the sweater, Chiklis!”

Alex: “Well, you know what they say. It’s not a good gang hang until someone takes a major shot to the face”

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  1. jeffkeyz says:

    We, at thetwocents.com need to rally behind this show like we did for Chuck and save it from being canceled.

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