Arrow – Recap & Review – Vertigo




Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Oli is on the hunt for the drug dealer that is making Vertigo, the up and coming drug of choice, and the drug that Thea took when she crashed her car. We also get a little more insight as to Oli’s life on the island with our mysterious kung-fu man while being held captive.

Thea shows up for court and is lucky enough to find the one judge on earth that is willing to make an example out of her by throwing the book at her. He wants to show the community that they are not putting up with this plague that is taking over Gotham…I mean the city.

Oli goes to the police station and finds an old friend in McKenna Hall and tries to see if they know anything about the Count. I am hold back all urges to call him Count Chocula. She knows nothing about the guy, unfortunately.

Oli then asks Laurel for help in getting Thea a lesser sentence and if her dad could help too. Laurel pleads her case to dad and finally stands up for the Queens. She tells dad that her sister was no angel and he only saw what he wanted. Thea is young and needs a chance.
So when she is offered 500 hrs of community service and 2 years probation, Thea the punk-a$$ snob turns it down. All to teach mom a lesson…well guess what little missy…you’re the one that is getting a lesson learned.

Meanwhile, Oli and Digs meet up with Count (Seth Gabel) and he is one crazy dude. Nothing like his character on Fringe, Lincoln Lee was so quiet and an all around good guy. We learn that he is called the Count because he tested the drug on homeless people and prostitutes and left puncture marks on their necks. Killed 56 people to perfect the drug, but the cops come and bust the deal before Oli can do his magic. Oli chases Count thru the parking garage but ends up with a syringe in his chest and an overdose being pumped in his system.

Digs does his boy-wonder job of getting Oli clean of the drug and does a bloody good job if I may say so. But when he wakes up and wants to go after the Count, Digs gives him a little “can you snatch the pebble from my hand” test and Oli fails, but says he doesn’t need the arrows any ways.

Felicity, our girl-Friday that really needs to find her way into the bat cave permanently so she can work with these two, is left to find out exactly where the ingredients came from that made this…um…sports drink. I liked the way she said she noticed he took care of himself.
But it was in the end when Felicity tells Oli that she trusts him and tells him of the book that Walter gave her. She tells him that she thought there was something Moira was hiding and now Walter is missing. The look on poor Oliver’s face is like he was going to have a stroke.

Thea makes good with mommy, takes the judges offer and works under Laurel’s watchful eye.

On the island; Oli is held captive and is mad that the guy he came to save is the guy that is keeping him in the cage. As if that is not bad enough, he learns that he now has to enter the circle of friends and get his butt kicked. But as soon has our Asian friend has Oli in the choke hold, I know what is going to happen. He makes Oli pass out and look as though he is dead and then, when he is about to roll him off a cliff, he stuffs a map in Oli’s pocket and brings him back to life as he wakes up in the river and dead to all the other guys. I guess our buddy is looking after Oli after all.

What did you think of our episode? Tired of Thea being a brat? Where is our Archer?

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