Justified – Recap & Review – The Bird Has Flown

photo: fx

photo: fx

The Bird Has Flown

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to another exhilarating week of Justified. This is going to be interesting to see what happens in Harlan now with the fact that Billy has been poisoned because of Boyd. There is still the issue of what is going to happen to Boyd now that Johnny has betrayed him to Wynn Duffy. A lot needs to be sorted out still.

Raylan also is not doing to well at the moment. At the end of the last week he finds out that his girlfriend is still in cahoots with her ex husband. She goes into Raylan’s room and trashes it while looking for the money that was in his room. She takes everything and then runs off. What will happen? We really have no idea.

Raylan: He is trying figure out what Lindsey is attempting to do with the money that she took. They seem to have taken it so that he can get back into the fighting game. She seems to be the only one with half a brain when they are attempting to make a deal with Raylan’s money. Raylan comes to talk to the fighting guy Joey. He is just looking to find out where Randall and Lindsey are headed. He finds out that they are heading to find out about some fighting chickens. He is talking to the shopping mart guy that was selling Lindsey some film after Randall beat him up. Lindsey called Raylan and kind of tipped him off that there is something going on because she is upset about the fact Randall was beating that guy up. When he catches up to them he shoots Randall in the chest and is talking to them both about his money and why she did not just make it a clean break.

Boyd: Ellen May comes into their bar. They are talking about what happened in the church. She knows that she does not have anywhere to go now that Billy is dead because of the snake bite. He wants to have a chat with the sister and find out what she and Billy knew about Ellen May and her sins. Ava and Boyd are talking about what to do with Ellen May they decide to send her out to a different family member of his. He seems to want to do anything that Ava wants now, especially since he was willing to send Colton with her and have him try to kill her.

Ava: She seems to be trying to find a way to let Ellen May escape the fate of being in the whore house. She knows that Ellen has been trying to escape everything for a while. Ava knows that she is not going to be able to trust her anymore especially after her dropping everything for that church. Colton takes her off to Alabama and as they are driving he gets a call. He actually starts tearing up he really does not want to have to kill her. He stops for gas, goes to the bathroom, does some kind of drug, walks back out of a bathroom and then she is gone.

Johnny: He seems to think that they are back in business just because of what happened with Billy. Now that he is dead, the church will stop taking away their customers. We still do not know what is going to happen with the deal that he made last week with Wynn Duffy, there was no information given about that this week.

Rachel: She seems to be trying to find out what is going on with Raylan, is even tagging along to help him. She also has some issues of her own since she is having no problem tagging along with Raylan on his personal endeavor that he is on. She even hands him a shotgun with sandbag rounds.

Cassie St. Cyr: She is mourning over her brother. She is brought into the sheriff’s office. He seems to be working for Boyd still as well. She tells him that she knows about the things that Boyd has been into. She knows about the whores and the drugs as well as the fact that he sent thugs into the church the night before her brother had died. She says to the Sheriff that if what she had told him was not enough to arrest him than there is nothing that will be. That he will just have to wait to meet his maker.

Another week gone and I still have no idea where this is all going. There was nothing related to the story that they have been building in the last few episodes. Still love this show but I cannot help but wonder where they are attempting to take this. What did you think about this week?

Next Week: Kin

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