Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Perfect Storm

photo: cw

photo: cw

Emily Owens, M.D.
Emily and…the Perfect Storm

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Emily plans for happiness on the horizon by telling Will that she’s over him. Will Micah step up and make his feelings for Emily known? Meanwhile, the hospital treats the victims of a terrible bus accident that left 3 deceased and at least 35 injured.

One of the cases of the week deals with a soldier and pre-med student, while the other deals with a pregnant couple whose klutziness may be cause for concern. Read on for this week’s recap!

The first case we’ll deal with is with a couple named Nicole and Phillip. Nicole was a little klutzy and wanted to go to the hospital to make sure her baby’s okay. After Tyra does a sonogram, Nicole starts to feel a little tightness. Later, Nicole starts having contractions and needs an emergency C-Section. Because of a huge snowstorm, almost none of the doctors are at the hospital. Tyra and the Chief operate on Nicole and deliver the baby. When Nicole finds out the baby isn’t breathing, she starts to hemorrhage. The baby ends up in stable condition, but the hemorrhage Nicole suffered was too much for her. Later, Tyra informs the Chief that Phillip doesn’t want to keep the baby since it was his wife’s idea to have kids. Phillip doesn’t want the 24 hours to think over his decision, so the Chief asks Tyra to contact social services. The Chief talks to Phillip, who says he’s not ready to take care of her alone. He convinces him to see his baby one last time.

The other case deals with two people who become friends at the hospital. While Emily is running triage in the ER, a soldier named Dan leads her to a girl named Chloe. Chloe has a huge piece of metal in her arm from a bus that flipped and landed on her arm. After Emily gets the piece of out Chloe’s arm, Dan decides to stay with her. Dan’s been running around making sure everyone’s ok and ends up having a head wound himself. Emily runs a scan and finds blood collecting in Dan’s brain. After she tells Dan, he starts to stutter and then faints. The neurosurgeon isn’t in yet because of the storm, so Emily decides to improvise and drill a burr hole to release the pressure.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s x-rays confirm that she has fractures and suffered damage to the muscles in her arm, so she needs to have surgery. While Chloe tells Emily that she can’t reach her dad, Dan’s dad, Joe, comes to the hospital to see him. Later, Chloe’s lost a lot of blood and there is no doctor in the OR, so Emily asks a nurse to get Gina so they can improvise. During the surgery, Chloe starts to bleed out and Gina can’t find the location of the bleeding. The blood loss is too severe, so Gina has to use a bone saw to cut off Chloe’s arm. Before Dan goes into surgery, Joe tells him he knows Dan reenlisted for another tour. Dan says they’ll talk about it after his surgery. While Dan was in surgery, Joe went to talk with Chloe. After Dan’s surgery, Dan tells his dad he reenlisted because he feels like he still needs to help. Joe tells him to come back in one piece.

Now for the personal drama! While Micah’s helping Emily get things out of her car for her new office (which turns out to be a storage closet), Emily tells Micah that she’s over Will and feels free. Meanwhile, Will tries to reassure Cassandra that he & Emily are just friends, but she reminds him that Emily’s in love with and asks if he can understand how that makes her uncomfortable. While in her new “office”, Emily tells Will that something clicked and she’s now over him. Later, when Cassandra gets upset over Will and Emily being whispery around each other, Will tells her that Emily’s over him. After everyone gets through the day, Emily agrees to buy everyone a round at the bar. While they’re at the bar, Emily & Micah pretend to be other people named Tammy & Bob. The two flirt all night, which leads to Micah kissing Emily outside the bar. Back in the bar, Cassandra takes Emily’s phone to see a pic of the dog they took care of and finds the pic of Will sleeping on Emily’s couch. Cassandra tells Will he’s made her feel like 2nd best, and asks why he lied & went behind her back. Will has no answer, so Cassandra breaks up with him.

There were a couple other small storylines this episode. Tyra and her dad were fighting because she feels like he still treats her like a kid. Taking care of the premature baby together lead Tyra’s dad to have a breakthrough and realize he was treating her like a kid. Tyra also decided to grow up and move out of her dad’s place…so she asks to move in with Emily. Also, Dr. Aquino is still trying to get with Gina, and she keeps telling him she’s married and blah blah blah. Anyways, Micah finally asks if Aquino slept with Gina, and Aquino answers with a non answer.

Hey, this was another episode I didn’t absolutely hate! It’s sad that the show is sorta kinda finding itself towards the end of its short run, though. What did you guys think of the episode or the season so far? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: The series finale, Emily and…the Leap

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One Response to Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Perfect Storm

  1. Beany53 says:

    I like the show and will be sad next week when we see the last episode.

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