The Good Wife – Recap & Review – The Seven Day Rule

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
The Seven Day Rule

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a great day and slowly that day crumbles leaving you a horrible, deflated mess? That’s what happens to Alicia in this week’s episode.

Alicia is offered the Holy Gail — Will and Diane want to make her a partner. She’s on cloud nine. After all, she’s a mere fourth-year associate. What a huge honor. The shine on the prize dims slightly when she’s told she has to chip in $600,000 (she looks totally shocked – what part of EQUITY partner didn’t she get?), but Peter comes to the rescue and offers to pay the price. Didn’t you just love that he looked so proud of her. It is moments like that you realize that he really is in love with her.

More on the partnership later…

The Case: Neil Gross, the owner of the Chum Hum search engine and ninth richest man in America, is back. And he still despises Will. Well, his soon-to-be wife Deena has a pre-nup and her dad wants to be sure she can’t do better. Diane sees this as a way to get Deena’s considerable business in the future.

So David Lee, Alicia and Cary get to work, trying every which way to get Deena a bigger slice of the Chum Hum pie. Some of their tactics are rather devious and nasty. Not the best view of the firm’s strategies, but what do you know – they work. Deena gets a better prenup and the wedding is still on.

The Bankruptcy: Will and Diane appear in court to ask for a five-month extension on their outstanding debt. Clarke is against it and so is Louis Canning, who owns the debt. Once again, there’s sneaky, underhanded plays on both sides. Louis sort of offers Clarke a job if they join forces, while it comes out that Alicia isn’t the only one offered a partnership. Five others are offered a golden ticket. That’s about $3,600,000 in debt erased. So it had nothing to do with Alicia’s value to the firm.

Louis, who plays up the whole disabled angle as he has in the past, loses because of his offer to Clarke. And now the firm has five more months to break even. Whew!

The Election: Jordan is still trying to needle Eli and finds a video where Maddie didn’t pray during a church service. They decide to make her lack of religion an issue, but nee assurances from Alicia, also an agnostic, that she’ll play the good churchgoer. After her day crumbles away, she decides to have a few glasses of wine and tell the truth.

Later, the firm is having a party to celebrate the prenup victory and Alicia is sulking in her office. Diane comes in and says that it doesn’t matter why she was asked to be a partner, only that she takes this amazing opportunity. So Alicia joins the party, albeit with a fake smile on her face.

Did you think Diane was a bit too harsh to Alicia? Were you shocked that everyone played the sleezy card this episode? Will Jordan ever get more than five sentences of dialogue per episode? Give us your TwoCents…

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